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Idol Days Sim Date by Pacthesis Idol Days Sim Date :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 3,033 1,530 Td cast kids by Kikaigaku Td cast kids :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 2,347 240 WIP - total drama island by Fukari WIP - total drama island :iconfukari:Fukari 3,465 158 Toy Store by Kikaigaku Toy Store :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 1,771 336 Kingdom-Idol Days outfit swap by Pacthesis Kingdom-Idol Days outfit swap :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 2,016 851 Aww Dude...Ep 40 [Misunderstanding] by AmukaUroy Aww Dude...Ep 40 [Misunderstanding] :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 1,550 319 Idol Days 4 panel comics by Pacthesis Idol Days 4 panel comics :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 1,945 598 Lego Star Wars Collection II by franklando Lego Star Wars Collection II :iconfranklando:franklando 1,111 1,255 Poison - Street Fighter/Final Fight by Its-Raining-Neon Poison - Street Fighter/Final Fight :iconits-raining-neon:Its-Raining-Neon 855 32 Digimon Adventure 02! by finni Digimon Adventure 02! :iconfinni:finni 3,017 162 Poison -Street Fighter by Its-Raining-Neon Poison -Street Fighter :iconits-raining-neon:Its-Raining-Neon 608 26 Td Couples Kids 2 by Kikaigaku Td Couples Kids 2 :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 1,129 88 Aww Dude... Ep 21 [Fear Factor] by AmukaUroy Aww Dude... Ep 21 [Fear Factor] :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 2,244 788 Begun This Clone War Has by franklando Begun This Clone War Has :iconfranklando:franklando 911 400 Gratuitous Christmas Pic, pal by zarla Gratuitous Christmas Pic, pal :iconzarla:zarla 1,156 254 Merry Christmas from TD Kids! by Kikaigaku Merry Christmas from TD Kids! :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 1,381 175
Hungry Zack?
"My god Cody so adorable with that smile on his face." Zack thought as he pretended to look for food. Zack had recently found out that he was gay, and in love with his twin brother. Zack would always be thinking of Cody. Zack had his face in the fridge because their mother was at work so she wasn't there to make food.
"Hungry?" Cody asked from behind him. He was wearing a blue sweater vest with a stripped dress shirt under and pretty tight black jeans.
"Well sorta." He answered.
"Want me to make you something?" he asked with a smile.
"He's always so cute,… How about your casserole?" Cody grinned
"Really? Okay…, hey wanna help me? With the casserole?" he asked with a slight tilt of his head. Zack wanted to say no but he couldn't say no to Cody, especially with that look in his face.
"Sure why not" he replied.
"Really! Great! First can you get me my apron." Cody said with a large smile on his face. Zack went to get Cody's apron when he remembered that he had spill
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Total drama kids comic pag 19 by Kikaigaku Total drama kids comic pag 19 :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 679 72 Balto Anime by EmberWolfsArt Balto Anime :iconemberwolfsart:EmberWolfsArt 1,222 245 Super Street Fighter IV by BenjaminAng Super Street Fighter IV :iconbenjaminang:BenjaminAng 719 70 Total Drama Cast Up To Date by SWSU-Master Total Drama Cast Up To Date :iconswsu-master:SWSU-Master 373 335 Idol Days Promo Poster by Pacthesis Idol Days Promo Poster :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 549 335 Kings Folly by whispwill Kings Folly :iconwhispwill:whispwill 2,031 98 cold by lucifersdream cold :iconlucifersdream:lucifersdream 855 75 Total drama kids comic pag 14 by Kikaigaku Total drama kids comic pag 14 :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 769 176 Collab: Snowed In by Tazihound Collab: Snowed In :icontazihound:Tazihound 707 23 TotalDrama - Love Letter by Fukari TotalDrama - Love Letter :iconfukari:Fukari 1,008 114 Idol Days + Digimon by Pacthesis Idol Days + Digimon :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 1,010 416 Aww Dude...Episode 42 [Rain] by AmukaUroy Aww Dude...Episode 42 [Rain] :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 1,630 356 Aww Dude... Ep 36 [T.M.I] by AmukaUroy Aww Dude... Ep 36 [T.M.I] :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 1,626 488 Street Fighter Medley 14-1-16 by Robaato Street Fighter Medley 14-1-16 :iconrobaato:Robaato 1,743 50 50 Chibis Disney : Rescuers 2 by princekido 50 Chibis Disney : Rescuers 2 :iconprincekido:princekido 1,588 54
He Won't Survive
Of course he won't survive.
I know of the order.
Order 66.
Every clone knows it.
In the back of our minds,
It festers away.
The Jedi we love,
We'll take their lives away.
Can't be helped.
We cry inside.
But we are mere robots
Of flesh design.
We obey the Sith Lord,
Against our will.
Hands cut off and tied,
While we'll take blood.
I'll one day kill my leader.
My friend,
My brother,
My Obi-Wan Kenobi.
I just pray it's not today.
Because if it is,
I'll pray he'll forgive me,
Plead innocence though bloody guilty.
Then I'll pray that somebody  kills me.
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Zack and Cody ILY
Crying he pushed open the door to the suite he, his brother, and mother shared at the Tipton Hotel. As the
young blond stumbled into the room he tossed his back pack at the couch and leaned back against the door in
order to close it. Once the heavy door clicked shut he ran and flung himself on the couch that doubled as his
mothers bed and 20 seconds passed before he heard heavy foot steps in the hall and the door flung open once
again, this time hitting the wall behind it. The blond on the couch cringed, fearing a dent in the wall but that did
nothing to slow his rapidly falling tears.
"Cody. Cody what happened?" Zack ran towards the couch and knelt down in front of his crying younger twin
brother who curled himself up in the corner of the couch with his knees up to his chest, his head on his knees
and his long shaggy natural blond highlighted hair created a curtain around his crying face. Zack tried to touch
his brothers knee but once his small hand came in contact with the jean clad
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Glen x Cody by LAS-T Glen x Cody :iconlas-t:LAS-T 1,030 70 ARC Trooper - Survivor by ChrispyDee ARC Trooper - Survivor :iconchrispydee:ChrispyDee 602 116 Commander Cody by FonteArt Commander Cody :iconfonteart:FonteArt 354 57 Undertale Junk and Doodles by WHATiFGirl Undertale Junk and Doodles :iconwhatifgirl:WHATiFGirl 1,546 53 Cracked After Hours by humon Cracked After Hours :iconhumon:humon 1,292 109 Clone Troopers Wallpaper by Volkrex Clone Troopers Wallpaper :iconvolkrex:Volkrex 549 79 Furry Basket Wallpaper by FurryBasket Furry Basket Wallpaper :iconfurrybasket:FurryBasket 864 104
Oh no he didn't..
Rex stared at the wall. Cody had gone drinking with the others, leaving Rex alone with Denal. Rolling over, Rex watched his most trusted trooper stretch and take off his armored boots.
“Going to bed already Denal?” Rex chuckled.
Denal turned and grinned at his captain,” Well sir, we got training tomorrow don’t we? With your drills, I’ll need my rest.” he snorted.
“What?” Rex grinned.
“Oh it’s just the rest going off like that. Boy, their gonna have a hangover and go through drills. Sucks for them.” Denal smirked.
Rex put his arms behind his head. He hadn’t bothered to remove his armor yet. He wasn’t even tired. After counting all of the scratches on his helmet, Rex glanced over to Denal who dozed with his arms crossed over his chest.
Loud barks of laughter and a hard thud directed Rex’s attention to the door. Denal had awaken, annoyed at the interruption.
“Sir are ok?” someone’s slurred speech asked.
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