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Welcome To Lyoko by alexlyoko13 Welcome To Lyoko :iconalexlyoko13:alexlyoko13 20 2 Nepeta feet finished by CodeXANA Nepeta feet finished :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 69 49 [MMD] Stage - Lyoko Tower by moulinneufbeast [MMD] Stage - Lyoko Tower :iconmoulinneufbeast:moulinneufbeast 33 12 [MMD] Stage - Forest Sector by moulinneufbeast [MMD] Stage - Forest Sector :iconmoulinneufbeast:moulinneufbeast 32 8 [MMD] Stage - Desert Sector by moulinneufbeast [MMD] Stage - Desert Sector :iconmoulinneufbeast:moulinneufbeast 28 7 . Gentle Twilight . by FireofAnubis . Gentle Twilight . :iconfireofanubis:FireofAnubis 85 34 Request: CodeXANA by ChocolateLlama Request: CodeXANA :iconchocolatellama:ChocolateLlama 36 14 Sissi on Lyoko by Shadicles Sissi on Lyoko :iconshadicles:Shadicles 45 60 Welcome home, William by idris2000 Welcome home, William :iconidris2000:idris2000 14 5 why am i holding this? by CodeXANA why am i holding this? :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 27 12 Nepeta feet WIP by CodeXANA Nepeta feet WIP :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 36 23 You cannot escape X.A.N.A.'s grasp by idris2000 You cannot escape X.A.N.A.'s grasp :iconidris2000:idris2000 13 3 Gushers is like my family by CodeXANA Gushers is like my family :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 19 3 XANA-William is not amused by idris2000 XANA-William is not amused :iconidris2000:idris2000 9 3 Assuva gift art by CodeXANA Assuva gift art :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 16 6 What Jeremie Thinks About by cookiestealer01 What Jeremie Thinks About :iconcookiestealer01:cookiestealer01 10 2 Oh nep you silly kitten by CodeXANA Oh nep you silly kitten :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 17 31 Nepeta Cosplay -SugoiCon 2011- by CodeXANA Nepeta Cosplay -SugoiCon 2011- :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 27 28 Gift::CRUOR WIP CodeXana by VenomaShockwave Gift::CRUOR WIP CodeXana :iconvenomashockwave:VenomaShockwave 6 33 My birthday cake by CodeXANA My birthday cake :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 6 49 Collage for a Friend by amrcndt324 Collage for a Friend :iconamrcndt324:amrcndt324 22 10
Code: X.A.N.A.- Chapter 1
There he is going far,to save the girl he loves
Once he gives what he's got,he will make it through
There he is,like a star,crashing down on their lives
Won't let Xana control him
Code Xana,he'll defend them all
Code Xana, be there once you call
Code Xana, he will stand real strong
Code Xana, he's braver than you know

Chapter 1- Welcome To Kadic Matt!
"Transfer Matt"
"Scanner Matt"
Matt fell onto the ground of Lyoko,looking around to see which sector he was in. "Matt. Matt, can you hear me?!" He heard Jeremie's voice. Matt stood up,"Yeah I hear ya loud and clear Jeremie." He felt his sides and had a handgun in a pocket. He was really surprised to see the weapon he had received during his transfer onto Lyoko,"Now this is awesome. Alright Xana,bring it on!" Matt held the weapon up,ready to fight.
:iconmattxmilly4ever:MattxMilly4ever 6 7
??? WIP 2 by CodeXANA ??? WIP 2 :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 6 13 Are you even listening? by CodeXANA Are you even listening? :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 5 6 Me and Johnny Weir by CodeXANA Me and Johnny Weir :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 5 7 William shirt by CodeXANA William shirt :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 12 11 Odd group of nations by CodeXANA Odd group of nations :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 4 0 Kaori and Nevir by CodeXANA Kaori and Nevir :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 3 5 Un monde sans danger? tch... by CodeXANA Un monde sans danger? tch... :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 3 13 Collab w- VampressSezuruki by CodeXANA Collab w- VampressSezuruki :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 3 15 Code Mako by SmilexD06 Code Mako :iconsmilexd06:SmilexD06 3 0 All of her favorites by CodeXANA All of her favorites :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 1 5 NEW ID? by CodeXANA NEW ID? :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 2 10 EPIC CAKE by CodeXANA EPIC CAKE :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 1 6 Darling, I wish you were here. by CodeXANA Darling, I wish you were here. :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 2 2 Spam 3 by CodeXANA Spam 3 :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 1 8 Xana and the background ninja by CodeXANA Xana and the background ninja :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 1 6 Aelita Schaeffer by alexlyoko13 Aelita Schaeffer :iconalexlyoko13:alexlyoko13 2 0 Fall 2009 ID by CodeXANA Fall 2009 ID :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 4 22 Spam 2 by CodeXANA Spam 2 :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 0 2 MaimaimaiOhohohhh by CodeXANA MaimaimaiOhohohhh :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 0 5 Elhia Oaksoul wip by CodeXANA Elhia Oaksoul wip :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 4 4 For ALZ- Glass Pendents by CodeXANA For ALZ- Glass Pendents :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 2 7 Two Founders by CodeXANA Two Founders :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 1 3 Let me be your uke by cosmicwheels Let me be your uke :iconcosmicwheels:cosmicwheels 1 1 Keir for codeXANA by cosmicwheels Keir for codeXANA :iconcosmicwheels:cosmicwheels 1 1 Collab w-ChocolateLlama by CodeXANA Collab w-ChocolateLlama :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 4 2 Ulrich dog partial WIP by CodeXANA Ulrich dog partial WIP :iconcodexana:CodeXANA 2 9