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Gatecrasher Influenced Brushes :iconpaulw:PAULW 3,988 531 Base 5 :iconmirainohana:MiraiNoHana 1,663 75 Cybergoth - 'Kerosene' :iconquantumsuz:QuantumSuz 804 127 Queen of Clubs :icongorrem:Gorrem 667 13 M i a m i N i g h t s :iconaliwithaneye:AliWithAnEye 2,849 430 Gay Pride Emblem :iconillusiondevivre:illusiondevivre 635 78 Clubbing baby seal :iconhumon:humon 751 80 The ''Glitch'' Cyberpunk helmet :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 206 23 .:: R o c k O n ::. :iconhorus-goddess:Horus-Goddess 903 116 Heaven Sent Club Poster :iconelenasham:ElenaSham 283 97 Invader ZIM Raver Phat Pants 5 :iconredheadthepirate:RedheadThePirate 312 69 Freaks :iconrasumbrosus:RasUmbrosus 871 74 Twisted bubble skirt :iconthe-cute-storm:The-Cute-Storm 180 19 Clubbing baby seal 2 :iconhumon:humon 798 78 Pink Pussycat Outfit 1 :iconredheadthepirate:RedheadThePirate 427 69
The Overmind Grows
“Need to stop worrying about the things I can’t control…”
The sound of music wafted through the club, the occupants dancing as black and white images danced along the massive screen that took up one of the walls of the club. The club was packed, people lining up for hours to be a part of this grand event, one that had been many weeks coming.
The Hadron was re-opening, with a new manager and a new look.
The vibrant, round club was illuminating the area with neon lighting, lining the beautiful black floors, tiles, bars, and attire of many of the workers. The entire place buzzed with a new breed of activity, the past feeling of claustrophobic mayhem replace with a new, refined energy of a bee hive. The workers of the club moved with amazing efficiency, their simple black attire almost invisible as they swept past people in the way wind blows by: unseen, but their presence was known. The dance floor, with its new hexagonal design, was striking, reds and yellows and
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Autopsy_Huntress :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 323 86 Steampunk mask, goggles, and tank w/belt :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 205 17 Steampunk mask, goggles, and tank w/belt for sale! :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 127 31 Dance with me? - Speedpaint :iconquantumsuz:QuantumSuz 764 115 Emo-sezy-bun (wallpaper) :iconphation:phation 513 38 The ''Glitch'' light up Cyberpunk mask :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 160 14 Clothing Design 59 :iconredheadthepirate:RedheadThePirate 243 20 Let's Dance Into The Fall :iconp-h-o-e-n-y-x:p-h-o-e-n-y-x 425 82 Can't A Girl Rock Out? :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 509 206 Twilight's Little Black Dress :iconlordstormcaller:LordStormCaller 543 26 WILMA goes CLUBBING :iconkayzer:kayzer 1,266 72 The afterparty :iconwomanwithagun:womanwithagun 877 153 Thank you for birthday vodka! :iconsortimid:sortimid 612 28 Let's Go Clubbing :iconmattdixon:MattDixon 1,143 62 Commission: You are mine :iconblunt-katana:Blunt-Katana 640 63 Let Me Be Your Valentine :iconidaniphotography:idaniphotography 762 45 Steampunk mask, goggles, and tank w/belt for sale! :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 130 6 Mario Party - Princess Peach and Daisy :iconthe-pirate-fox:The-Pirate-Fox 447 11 The Cyberenhancer cyborg DJ laser eye + Face piece :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 119 16 Tokyo Yakuza: Nightlife :icontaho:taho 371 9 Disco Awards Party Flyer :iconparty-flyer:Party-Flyer 182 49 The Steampunk LED ocular apparatus :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 167 8 Girls want to have fun :iconbrokencreation:brokencreation 278 72 Clothing Design 22 :iconredheadthepirate:RedheadThePirate 383 53 The Glitch rogue reaper LIGHT UP cyberpunk costume :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 151 6 White and black vinyl :iconalisakiss:AlisaKiss 227 32 Alida and Kamaria :iconkaceym:KaceyM 349 29 TG Cap: Clubbing as Daisy :iconsephiroph44:Sephiroph44 171 12 046 We Are Young :icondecora-chan:Decora-Chan 193 42 Jack Skellington Bondage Pants :iconredheadthepirate:RedheadThePirate 113 12 Jain Gets Lucky With Miss Blou :iconenshohma:Enshohma 156 32
Night Out
In the night air
I watch a young man OD
two paramedics lift him
onto a stretcher
push him into the ambulance
and carry him away.
Near the half-empty hostel
on a cracked sidewalk,
a man has been glassed.
I watch the security guard
press a hand to his head
to stop the tendrils of blood
from flowing out
in gentle pools around his neck.
Under the flashing lights
of a heat-filled nightclub
under the valium drip
and soft effect of medication
I feel the slow, creeping onset
of a panic attack.
I cry and want to collapse
and my sister takes me away
through the maze of body heat
to the dimly lit green haze
of the exist signs,
onto the crowded, lonely street.
We curl into the hostel beds
at 3am
and I listen to the soft breaths
of the sleeping girls.
And the tears come silently by;
waves of horror in the night.
As the dawn light seeps through curtained windows
I promise myself
I'll never trust in me
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L4D2: Up to Par :iconsteveholtiscool:SteveHoltisCool 310 121