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How to Get Pregnant - Creepypasta x Reader
How to Get Pregnant – Creepypasta x Reader
How this all started was simple enough, you sat with Sally in her room having an imaginary tea party with the young killer. Happily she chatted with you before stopping mid-sentence as if remembering something. “[Your Name]” she said, looking at you with her bright green eyes.
“Hm” you hummed while sipping on your imaginary tea.
“How can a woman get pregnant?” she asked, causing you to choke on thin air as you pounded your chest and stared at her with wide eyes.
“W-why do you ask?” you asked, nervously sweating while playing with the pink plastic cup in your hands.
“Because Jane and Clockwork were talking about it and I was wondering, how can someone get pregnant” she said, looking up at you with wide hopeful eyes as she waited for the answer.
“Well…um…you see…I don’t know!” you blurted out, obviously lying as sweat fell from your forehead. Yo
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