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Innocence Classes
Zack x Cloud
It was never going to be easy teaching teenagers that were the ages of fifteen and upwards, but then again Zack had always enjoyed a bit of a challenge, in fact he found it the best form of entertainment for a teacher to have.
In his classes, Zack had noticed that there was always the same type of child in each class that he taught, though he was firmly against stereotyping, he found himself doing it on a regular basis.
For example, whenever he was stepping in for the English teacher, who was constantly ill, he had divided the class up into their social groups so that he found it easier to deal with them if they annoyed him.
He knew that as soon as the loud and obnoxious kids would sit near the back in a corner, this was obviously to try and hide the fact that they were on their mobile phones, but moving to the back actually did the opposite, it made you look even more suspicious.
Zack had noticed that whenever the girls entered the classroom, they would just sit together
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Silently Thanks
Silently Thanks
*This is a fanfiction which contains a few pairings but still one ultimate one. This contains CloTi, a tiny mention of Zaerith and mainly Clack (the pairing the fiction is for) which means that this is ultimately a Yaoi fanfiction, if you do not like Yaoi then please leave the page.
*This fanfiction also crosses over with Kingdom Hearts with the mention of Xion and Namine being Tifa and Cloud's children.
* Usual Thing - I don't own the characters, nor the games of which they come from, just the plot of my fanfiction

It felt empty to be inside his bed without her there. Her soft skin pressed against his as he held her close to keep warm. The way she would playfully giggle whenever he kissed her shoulder had sounded like an angel singing and it would have been the perfect way to describe her. She had been there throughout everything in his life and he couldn't bare the fact that he would now have to go
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ZxC- Betting on Gil is trouble
"The whole floor's broken?" Cloud groaned, obviously aggrivated. Kunsel nodded, "Yeah- seems that way. So unless you plan on sleeping te whole night like your on a desert island- I'd bunk with someone else on a lower floor or a higher one." he explained. The blonde sighed, nodding as Kunsel went to spread the news. The whole floor's AC had broken and it wouldn't be fixed until the next morning. Cloud HATED THE HEAT- he couldn't stand it.
"This sucks."
"What sucks?"
Cloud turned to face a older man's figure. His name was Zack and he was Cloud's friend- raven colored hair and bright mako eyes since he had been infused with the subtsance. The blonde sighed again, "Well... the whole floor's AC has been screwed over and now its screwed up. "
Zack laughed, "That won't be cool~! Well- if you got a problem with one night in the heat- I'll let you bunk with me for tonight!"
Cloud jumped in suprise, "Wait... WHAT?!"
Zack ruffeled the younger's hair with his gloved hand, "Oh com'o
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Harsh Punishment- CloudXZack
"Cloud ,are you even listening?"
The raven haired elder rolled his eyes a little in utter disatisfaction, earning a lift to the younger's body motions to stay awake more. First Class SOILDER member, Zackary Fair, just sighed with a smile. Though he was older, he just couldn't help but smile at the little blond cadet. He was called Zack Fair instead of Zackary, though the yonger never quite understood the reason why; But he also needed to aquire some courage before ever actually asking.
"Cloud, seriously, try and stay with me, Okay?" Zack commanded softly, patting the other's spiky hair with his palm. Cloud's eyes squinted a little, slightly retreating from the hand like a kitten does, before setteling intot he rubbing sensation. Zack smiled at Cloud, how he liked this certain cadet was indescribeable, he was just too cute to be any rank of insignificent.
"Okay.. I'll try." Cloud muttered sheepishly, letting Zack take back his hand to a pile of notepads. Cloud followed him easil
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My Chemical Quotes
'If you keep believing in us,we'll never stop believing in you.'
-Gerard Way
'I love Jersey; There's pretty parts too. We just don't live in them.'
-Gerard Way
'We all have very humble backgrounds and very geeky intrests.'
-Mikey Way
'Me and Mikey couldn't really play where we grew up, which was pretty much the same story for everybody, because it was so fucking dangerous'
-Gerard Way
'[New Jersey]'s like New York's retarded brother ,you know? That they keeped locked up in the basement.'
-Frank Iero
'We had to consrtuct our own world we lived in constantly.'
-Gerard Way
'I wasn't bullied at school, I was just ignored'
-Gerard Way
'No one likes the new kid in school. Because he smells weird and has penchant for leather and the homoerotic.'
-Gerard Way
'Jersey is full of vampires. They get together and play those role playing games, and then they think they're really vampires so they sit around and drink each others' blood.'
-Gerard Way
'I didn't become popular until senior year when pun
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Sick Valentine- Zack x Cloud
"Is there something wrong with your head now?"
"I have a fever.. Does that count?"
Cloud glared down on the other SOILDER member of a higher class, he was sick and looking at the ceiling with his hands crossed behind his head as if he were pround of the fact he was sweating like a dog. Cloud continued his work on the room, picking up recently discarded pillows off the floor and placing them on Zack's bed.
"Stop messing up the room. Just stop it." Cloud demanded softly, looking at the tired Zack Fair from the other end of the bed. Zack laughed a little, lifting another pillow with his right hand and raising it high.
"Zack, I swear to Jenova... if you throw that pillow... I'm am going to kill you." Cloud growled, staring startelingly at Zack who grinned. "I'm sick, that wouldn't be right, Spiky."
"Right or not.." Cloud added, "Throw the pillow -and your as good as murdered."
Zack grinned wider, throwing the pillow at the exact second Cloud finished his sentence. Badly enough, it h
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