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Frozen by TaylorKnetterArt Frozen :icontaylorknetterart:TaylorKnetterArt 3,513 251 Dinner by Morloth88 Dinner :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 1,293 389 Mizuno Aerynn and Sohui by MomoiroMacabre Mizuno Aerynn and Sohui :iconmomoiromacabre:MomoiroMacabre 617 48
AmericaXReader - Not So Cinderella
Chapter One
You wiped a few beads of sweat from your forehead using the back of your arm, and continued scrubbing the outside of the house you lived in. THE OUTSIDE. You honestly didn't understand the point of this, and you swore that it was just your step mother being a bitch again.
Or…she was being a bitch STILL.
Eight years ago, your mother had passed away, and for a while it had just been you and your father, and your younger brother. But as the years passed, your tiny family grew short on money; your brother went away to work, and every month he would send you his paycheck…but it still wasn't enough.
Your father had been desperate when he married your step-mother. But it was the only reason he married her, he promised you; it was because she was rich.
Later on, your Dad had gone off to work as well –the same place as your sibling-, so now you were all alone.
"_____!!!" The annoyed, nasally scream sounded from inside the building, and you quickly rushed to its
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Transgender By Starlight
In the mirror stands a beautiful
smiles and waves with
grace and poise.
A satin black dress
hugs every curve,
winding down
like a boa constrictor
wraps around its favourite meal.
gives a little show,
turning on a heal.
One smooth twirl.
But the fabric falls too quickly,
Arriving at the party
excited to mingle.
eyes follow the moving bodies.
longs to fit in
with the other curves.
hips begin to sway.
begging for the music
to take
A tap on
a fright.
turns to see
the eyes of fate.
is smiling,
"can it be at me?"
to the
in black.
The music still plays
begins to swoon.
has no clue.
Their bodies move as one
as the dance carries on.
The sun begins to set
and the
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Disney Princesses by ElanoreDarkholme Disney Princesses :iconelanoredarkholme:ElanoreDarkholme 438 224 NvsD Rosalina VS Cinderella by lamarce NvsD Rosalina VS Cinderella :iconlamarce:lamarce 381 284
AmericaXReader - Not So Cinderella 2
Chapter Two
"______!" Your stepmother screeched from her bedroom, and you could hear your two stepsisters snickering. You bounded up the stairs and barged through the door. "Yes Ma'am?!" You reported, and she pointed at the tie on her back.
"Tie it." She ordered, and you did.
Your three 'family' members were readying themselves for the ball that evening, and the dresses they were wearing were…over the top, in your mind. They had bows and ribbons and jewels galore, and you thought that they looked like walking chandeliers.
It was kind of funny.
Especially their hairdos.
"Good. Now, ______, while we are out, you need to clean the chimney; I look forward to having a clean fire when we three return home.
She cast a glance at her daughters. "That is…IF we get home….I have a strong feeling that Prince Alfred will be quite taken with these two." She gloated, and her daughters giggled and tittered.
Yeah right. Even a hungry bear wouldn't be taken with them. You th
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61. Fairy Tale by chococustard 61. Fairy Tale :iconchococustard:chococustard 197 124 Nalu: Happy's Fairy Tales by xmizuwaterx Nalu: Happy's Fairy Tales :iconxmizuwaterx:xmizuwaterx 162 28
My Sanctuary Can't Shut Up.
It was the dead of the night, the moonlight peaked through the window, the curtains slowly fluttered in the slight wind from the air conditioner. It was the attic, or rather Crystal's room, as a child she was left alone and feared robberies, and moved to the attic. There was only one window, it could open and was pretty high to where a normal ladder could not reach.
This was her safe place. Her little Sanctuary where nothing can hurt her. A barrier she lives in where no pain or loneliness existed.
Tap….! Tap….!!
"Grrrgghh…" The Arcanine slowly got to his paws and tried to locate the noise he was hearing. He looked over to his beloved trainer who was sleeping on her bed. Her pillow was stained with tears as well her cheeks. Though this was her Sanctuary, she feels nothing but pain and loneliness. The girl who was often recognized as Twin Tails cried herself to sleep every night until her sore eyes falls into a slumber.
Tap… Tap-tap…!
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And She Sat By the Fire, Gray with Ash by Yutaan And She Sat By the Fire, Gray with Ash :iconyutaan:Yutaan 92 9
AmericaXReader - Not So Cinderella 5 + 6
Chapter Five + Epilogue
According to the little map that Alfred had swiped from his brother, you were roughly a day away from Port Flagan. You were so excited and antsy about seeing your family, though you kept telling yourself not to get your hopes up. They could very well not be there. You kept telling yourself, but in the end your nerves got the best of you.
"So tell me about your family." The blond on the horse beside you said suddenly, after several minutes of comfortable silence. You were a little surprised that the question had not been asked earlier, but inhaled slowly to speak.
"Well….my Father…he's a good man. He works very hard, and even though he's crappy at saying his feelings out loud, you can always tell by his facial expression, or through his writing. When I was little, I'd often write notes and leave them around the house for him…" You chuckled at the fond memories of leaving letters with near ineligible writing, and finding the same notes
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MMD glass Slippers DL soon Contest by chatterHEAD MMD glass Slippers DL soon Contest :iconchatterhead:chatterHEAD 111 67 CINDELALLA CHAN by cilyconcar CINDELALLA CHAN :iconcilyconcar:cilyconcar 325 65 So this is love. by Medlilove So this is love. :iconmedlilove:Medlilove 175 16
Not So Cinderella - Iggy's Side - Part 1
Just so you know, this starts the morning after Alfred leaves with the previous reader.
England x Reader
--Arthur's POV--
Arthur stared at the empty bed before him. He'd gone to wake his younger brother up…that was ALL. And what did he find? No. Alfred.
He almost instantly recalled the nights' previous events: his brother falling ill to a stomachache. That was a dumb thing to believe, he realized, as his brother ate like a cow. It was impossible to make that bottomless-pit stomach sick.
The blond man waltzed into the hallway, irked, and looked around in every direction. His eyes befell a single human at the end of the way, a housemaid. One of the recently hired ones, if he remembered correctly…then again, he could have told by her face. All the younger ones were newer.
"Excuse me." He called to her, and she looked over, then smiled.
"What can I do you for, sir?" She asked, leaning casually on her broom. Said broom, however, had other plans. With a groan of complaint, t
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The Touch of A Mermaid by Forty-Fathoms The Touch of A Mermaid :iconforty-fathoms:Forty-Fathoms 63 25 Museum 4 by kimmy-k-stock Museum 4 :iconkimmy-k-stock:kimmy-k-stock 59 10 Envers des Contes by zimra-art Envers des Contes :iconzimra-art:zimra-art 169 20 Disney Stairs Mural Project by billywallwork525 Disney Stairs Mural Project :iconbillywallwork525:billywallwork525 41 18 WIP-Dont leave me.... by starSAlove-Doki-13 WIP-Dont leave me.... :iconstarsalove-doki-13:starSAlove-Doki-13 76 12 Disney Home Video stamp by rustyrayz Disney Home Video stamp :iconrustyrayz:rustyrayz 253 148
AmericaXReader - Not So Cinderella 4
Chapter Four
You and Alfred rode quietly down a small dirt road, your horses leaving small tracks in the dust behind you. Well….YOU were quiet. Sir Bigmouth was rather close to talking your ear off, and you kind of wished for nothing more than him shutting up.
He was a little irritating.
It may've had to do with the fact that you were very sleepy, and hungry, too.
"Hey you know what I realized?" The blond man blurted suddenly, and you turned your ehad slowly to face him, uninterest plain on your features: he ignored it though, and you grumbled out a 'what?' I reply to his question.
"We're running away together, and I don't even know your name!" The big grin remained on his face as you blushed a little, and sighed.
"It's _____. Now, would you do me a favour and SHHH for a little while?"
By noontime, you were absolutely exhausted, and were falling asleep in the saddle upon the back of your mare.
"Hey alright?" Your companion wondered, reaching over to halt your
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