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black snow by Fukari black snow :iconfukari:Fukari 3,992 28 Skull Headphones Cigarette by pleasenojunkthanks Skull Headphones Cigarette :iconpleasenojunkthanks:pleasenojunkthanks 2,182 182 pipe dream by rtil pipe dream :iconrtil:rtil 583 202 dawn by littleulvar dawn :iconlittleulvar:littleulvar 2,028 57 Jimmy - Bone Daddy by SirWendigo Jimmy - Bone Daddy :iconsirwendigo:SirWendigo 2,389 80 decadence smoking by brusnika-girl decadence smoking :iconbrusnika-girl:brusnika-girl 306 64 Marga Burlesque by PhantomOrchid Marga Burlesque :iconphantomorchid:PhantomOrchid 1,136 22 Marga Burlesque III by PhantomOrchid Marga Burlesque III :iconphantomorchid:PhantomOrchid 874 17 blue smoke by Izaskun blue smoke :iconizaskun:Izaskun 472 37 Lucian Smoking by MirageMari Lucian Smoking :iconmiragemari:MirageMari 349 7 . do you have a light . by Countess-Grotesque . do you have a light . :iconcountess-grotesque:Countess-Grotesque 503 183 Young Monsters by okchickadee Young Monsters :iconokchickadee:okchickadee 714 45 dream on. by musicandphotography dream on. :iconmusicandphotography:musicandphotography 629 30 Rabbit Day by Slugbox Rabbit Day :iconslugbox:Slugbox 1,754 60 Drawing Program by Kanthesis Drawing Program :iconkanthesis:Kanthesis 647 122 Cigarette by mtrutledge Cigarette :iconmtrutledge:mtrutledge 553 192 Act like Puppets by SteOS Act like Puppets :iconsteos:SteOS 408 224 Yulia Light by avivi Yulia Light :iconavivi:avivi 398 22 TF2 - GENTLEMEN by jiggly TF2 - GENTLEMEN :iconjiggly:jiggly 1,018 68 Symphony City Kitty by Petite-Emi Symphony City Kitty :iconpetite-emi:Petite-Emi 737 106 Carpates Express: Irma by Huguettepizzic Carpates Express: Irma :iconhuguettepizzic:Huguettepizzic 597 170 Smoke by Morwen1337 Smoke :iconmorwen1337:Morwen1337 258 22
Joel is Having a Bad Day
(And He Really Needs A Smoke)

JOEL, male, mid-twenties
BILLY, female, late teens to early twenties
Lights up on JOEL and BILLY, who are sitting outside on the back porch.  The three or four chairs are mismatched and seem to have been salvaged from the reject pile of a Salvation Army store.  A wooden coffee table hails from an indiscernible decade and holds a glass ashtray with dozens of cigarette butts sticking out of it. JOEL is smoking, trying to ignore BILLY.BILLY
You know, you really shouldn't; I heard somewhere that those things can make your teeth turn to mush and your fingers grow all bendy and twisted. One of my "friends"—she used to smoke a lot, too, and now her voice is so raspy and gritty we call her "Louie."  As in Armstrong.  The "Beautiful World" guy?  Hello, earth to Joel.  Come in, Joel.  Your lungs are…
Shove off!
Excuse me?
I said, shove off. 
:iconsame-side:Same-side 130 182
cigarette between his lips,
tar-induced lungs struggling to inflate –
a soldier
       (a man)
struggling to make sense
of a war
where men are only equal
when they're dead.
:iconimaginative-lioness:imaginative-lioness 290 129
2050 by darkmercy 2050 :icondarkmercy:darkmercy 498 86 Smoking Fetish by NicotineDesire Smoking Fetish :iconnicotinedesire:NicotineDesire 485 55 is this hell or reality. by HelenaRey is this hell or reality. :iconhelenarey:HelenaRey 503 41 rebel against fallen dreamers. by HelenaRey rebel against fallen dreamers. :iconhelenarey:HelenaRey 316 22 Break by simonovikis Break :iconsimonovikis:simonovikis 541 65 110814_Commission Sanrucha by Rejuch 110814_Commission Sanrucha :iconrejuch:Rejuch 561 60 smoke by caitlin-may smoke :iconcaitlin-may:caitlin-may 240 10 But this is a ghost town by girltripped But this is a ghost town :icongirltripped:girltripped 1,531 55 cigarette by bearscanbemean cigarette :iconbearscanbemean:bearscanbemean 393 40 I Should Have Kissed You by jazzylemonade I Should Have Kissed You :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 377 124 Sick Of loneliness by navidsanati Sick Of loneliness :iconnavidsanati:navidsanati 310 61
i've decided to breathe poison.
i don't like the way it tastes,
the bitter stain on my tongue
or the telling smell that sticks to my hair
i like the way it feels
lighting one cigarette with another,
ash falling to the damp earth,
melting in to nutrient-rich soil for the plants to eat
i control how deep
the smoke buries itself in my lungs
but not how long it settles there
and i enjoy the hazy
silhouette of euphoria
that comes with each grey exhale.
:iconwitwitch:witwitch 37 33
Cat Eyes by NatalieAddams Cat Eyes :iconnatalieaddams:NatalieAddams 330 48 Quitting Is A Struggle by FatherofGod Quitting Is A Struggle :iconfatherofgod:FatherofGod 197 55 Smoking Gun by idaniphotography Smoking Gun :iconidaniphotography:idaniphotography 458 50 i'm a hazard to myself. by HelenaRey i'm a hazard to myself. :iconhelenarey:HelenaRey 270 32 Smolder by MaryRopelatoArtDolls Smolder :iconmaryropelatoartdolls:MaryRopelatoArtDolls 269 52 Frank Iero by saramondo Frank Iero :iconsaramondo:saramondo 634 135 Angels Rock! by Pryate Angels Rock! :iconpryate:Pryate 436 128 Lady Smoke by aseptyczny Lady Smoke :iconaseptyczny:aseptyczny 241 16 He always leaves by vongue He always leaves :iconvongue:vongue 516 57 everything's not lost, yet by ntscha everything's not lost, yet :iconntscha:ntscha 300 73 Vivacity by jazzylemonade Vivacity :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 373 26 Fight Klub II - Brian Viveros by stuckwithpins Fight Klub II - Brian Viveros :iconstuckwithpins:stuckwithpins 227 16 cigarette by HannahCombs cigarette :iconhannahcombs:HannahCombs 293 22