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Chromatism by JonasDeRo Chromatism :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 20,605 1,088 Urban Jungle by JonasDeRo Urban Jungle :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 13,821 842 Alleyway by JonasDeRo Alleyway :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 3,934 159 The Lotus's order [Warframe] by DarikaArt The Lotus's order [Warframe] :icondarikaart:DarikaArt 978 81 Nocrome, Desaturation Fakemon by Smiley-Fakemon Nocrome, Desaturation Fakemon :iconsmiley-fakemon:Smiley-Fakemon 460 90 Tutorial of Color and Light by vandervals Tutorial of Color and Light :iconvandervals:vandervals 5,612 525 Tutorial painting a dragon by vandervals Tutorial painting a dragon :iconvandervals:vandervals 4,118 693 Chroma sculpting2 by Tahyon Chroma sculpting2 :icontahyon:Tahyon 346 117 CHROMA - Market Sector by Minyi CHROMA - Market Sector :iconminyi:Minyi 273 31 Steps by the beach by SandroRybak Steps by the beach :iconsandrorybak:SandroRybak 215 10 ___20 by sinix ___20 :iconsinix:sinix 344 27 Pyromancers by Organic-Mechanic Pyromancers :iconorganic-mechanic:Organic-Mechanic 220 30 chroma by edta chroma :iconedta:edta 118 34 Cryomancers by Organic-Mechanic Cryomancers :iconorganic-mechanic:Organic-Mechanic 181 12 Warframe Shenanigans: Tenno Ingenuity (Part 4) by BrianDeragon Warframe Shenanigans: Tenno Ingenuity (Part 4) :iconbrianderagon:BrianDeragon 138 55 Chroma Flash by tsurime Chroma Flash :icontsurime:tsurime 320 23 Chroma Conclave lineup by bluepenciladventures Chroma Conclave lineup :iconbluepenciladventures:bluepenciladventures 59 3 Fruitful Holiday by kelch12 Fruitful Holiday :iconkelch12:kelch12 408 133 The floating castle by DreadJim The floating castle :icondreadjim:DreadJim 58 3 Maka And Chrona WallPaper by Skywolf2244 Maka And Chrona WallPaper :iconskywolf2244:Skywolf2244 258 19 CD Sketch - Gecko by kirbygod CD Sketch - Gecko :iconkirbygod:kirbygod 151 9 Rainbow Wolf Howl by Apoca7ypse Rainbow Wolf Howl :iconapoca7ypse:Apoca7ypse 217 37 Popstar Pearl ver. by MidoriNemurase Popstar Pearl ver. :iconmidorinemurase:MidoriNemurase 188 9 Double Trouble by Pepperoonie Double Trouble :iconpepperoonie:Pepperoonie 253 12 CHROMA - Syndicate Heavy Trooper by Minyi CHROMA - Syndicate Heavy Trooper :iconminyi:Minyi 96 7 And so the snoop is enlisted by brayburnman And so the snoop is enlisted :iconbrayburnman:brayburnman 288 953 3rd week (not really a 365 days challenge) by Inkary 3rd week (not really a 365 days challenge) :iconinkary:Inkary 85 8 Doodle by N-A-R-I Doodle :iconn-a-r-i:N-A-R-I 85 7 Chromatics by ViaEstelar Chromatics :iconviaestelar:ViaEstelar 163 19 Papyrus Chroma 4 by peggymintun Papyrus Chroma 4 :iconpeggymintun:peggymintun 116 23 Spy VS Spy by SuperBondageBros Spy VS Spy :iconsuperbondagebros:SuperBondageBros 432 7 Chroma Shfit: Queen Althea by AkuOreo Chroma Shfit: Queen Althea :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 201 34 Awakening by AndrewBrubakerArt Awakening :iconandrewbrubakerart:AndrewBrubakerArt 120 38 Chroma - Refsheet by Pepperoonie Chroma - Refsheet :iconpepperoonie:Pepperoonie 264 57 [Day 9] Pumpkaboo and Drifloon by PinkGermy [Day 9] Pumpkaboo and Drifloon :iconpinkgermy:PinkGermy 364 24 Companion Synergy (Warframe Art 3.0 Entry) by Filtered-Suliva Companion Synergy (Warframe Art 3.0 Entry) :iconfiltered-suliva:Filtered-Suliva 70 7 Popstar Ruby ver. by MidoriNemurase Popstar Ruby ver. :iconmidorinemurase:MidoriNemurase 163 5
We were merely children when the stars came.
They rained down from the sky in a burst of light, like shards of glass pouring down from the heavens. Supernovas blooming in the night sky, petals raining down onto the barren earth - angels, falling with their wings sheathed, glowing, as they glided down. We watched, starstruck, as the glow overtook us - we were mesmerized. We waited with bated breath as the meteors landed, the celestial light subsiding as dark forms started to pick themselves up from the dust.
They moved towards us with an otherworldly grace, their steps leaving no marks on the earth as they descended upon us. Frozen to our spots as they approached, our bodies simply unresponsive in their wake. We were paralyzed. They stretched out their wings, embracing us in a softness unimaginable - a polymerization of silky feathers made of pure light, like a soft touch of a rose petal - and suddenly, our eyes were opened. The world was the same, yet so new, as it was washed with a gl
:iconsolarumnyx:SolarumNyx 256 149
Popstar Amethyst ver. by MidoriNemurase Popstar Amethyst ver. :iconmidorinemurase:MidoriNemurase 189 5 Chroma by agiaco Chroma :iconagiaco:agiaco 100 38 Sylveons by PinkGermy Sylveons :iconpinkgermy:PinkGermy 173 22 The Chroma Titan by Nocluse The Chroma Titan :iconnocluse:Nocluse 116 12 Chroma - Liberation by Minyi Chroma - Liberation :iconminyi:Minyi 181 6 NicoB's Channel Banner Art by EeveeVSHo-Oh NicoB's Channel Banner Art :iconeeveevsho-oh:EeveeVSHo-Oh 79 16 Phantasia by QaysA Phantasia :iconqaysa:QaysA 154 22 Changeable Lights Pack PSD by Agamemmnon Changeable Lights Pack PSD :iconagamemmnon:Agamemmnon 290 25 CHROMA - Street by Minyi CHROMA - Street :iconminyi:Minyi 114 2 Value Scale (VII.IV.I) by theThirdCartel Value Scale (VII.IV.I) :iconthethirdcartel:theThirdCartel 158 19 CHROMA - Metropolis (Surfaced) by Minyi CHROMA - Metropolis (Surfaced) :iconminyi:Minyi 153 8 deviantID by MajesticChicken deviantID :iconmajesticchicken:MajesticChicken 220 24