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Everyone knows Gregory is a neat freak. Perhaps close to germaphobe, really. He meticulously cleans the house, keeps everything organized, and pretty much throws a hissy fit whenever Christophe comes home from his missions.
Yeah, Christophe had become Gregory's latest adversary in grime... despite being his boyfriend as well.
It was a love-hate relationship, per se. The British teen loved him with all his heart, but all the same, he absolutely loathed the mud he tracked onto the floor (which he had previously spent hours mopping, vacuuming, and wiping), despised the blood and other various substances DRIED into his clothing (which would take maybe days to wash out completely), and the smell... the smell of smoke and gunpowder and death...
No freshener was prepared to kill that.
And no nose was prepared to take whatever combination of fresheners he tried to use anyways.
'A Mole is a mole,' he had thought to himself once. But it still didn't make the daily dirt combat any better. In any
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