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::AU:: Did I Make the Right Choice?
"Mommy, mommy, can we play in the play park?" Alicia tugged on Geety's arm, motioning to the inside-playground in the mall. Geety took a glance at Feliciano, who smiled and nodded. Though, she was still a bit wary about leaving her child at the playground.
"Um, let me think about it for a minute, Alicia. Just a minute, okay?" Geety immediately grabbed her husband's arm and motioned for everyone else to follow, who reluctantly followed, gripping their children's hands tightly. "What are we going to do?" Geety whispered to everyone else.
"What do you mean? They just want to play for a while; can't we let them do that?" Allison questioned. Marcus was currently laughing at his sister, who had sneezed and nearly fell over from the compact. Antonio looked over his shoulder and smiled at his children, ruffling Rosalinda's hair lightly.
"Well, I wanted to buy Alicia a couple presents, but I can't do that if she's right there and if she can see it…I'm sure you guys wanted to do the same, t
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Dreamer Christmas Funny Strip 2011 :iconcomic-chic:comic-chic 201 106 SxC - Christmas Shopping :iconfreya03:Freya03 36 11 Christmas Shopping 101 :iconocarinaplaya:Ocarinaplaya 42 17 Shopping Spree :iconcaramelkitt:CaramelKitt 32 3 Con: SwitzerlandXLiechtenstein :iconrojeru:rojeru 74 18
Poland x Reader - Christmas Shopping
"Like, you should totally get this for the Christmas party (Name)," said your Polish boyfriend as he held up the outfit and showed it to you.
"Seriously Feliks? You know I love you and all, but there is no way I'm wearing a santa outfit with a miniskirt," you told him, arms folded.
"But like, I'm wearing this too, so you could at least like, match with me," he pouted.
"You're…You're wearing this?!" you asked, sweatdropping.
"Yeah, it's like, totally cool," he told you, flipping his hair a little.
"Just wear it (Name). You would, like, look so totally cute in this," he said nonchalantly, making you blush at the word 'cute'.
"F-fine. I will. Y-you just go and pay for it first. I'll be waiting in the car," you replied as you walked to the parking lot with your head down, not wanting anyone to see your obvious blush.
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