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with the help of NiGHTS... by ElectricMaren with the help of NiGHTS... :iconelectricmaren:ElectricMaren 32 5 Christmas NiGHTS by Sefeiren Christmas NiGHTS :iconsefeiren:Sefeiren 134 19 Don't waste no time by NotNights Don't waste no time :iconnotnights:NotNights 34 2 Christmas Night by Nl-Rad Christmas Night :iconnl-rad:Nl-Rad 27 3 Sonic Into Dreams... by Nl-Rad Sonic Into Dreams... :iconnl-rad:Nl-Rad 39 6 Merry Christmas! 2015 by Nl-Rad Merry Christmas! 2015 :iconnl-rad:Nl-Rad 34 3 Christmas Gillwing by sonicgirl11 Christmas Gillwing :iconsonicgirl11:sonicgirl11 14 14 Christmas Card ~ NiGHTS OC Group by Anthro7 Christmas Card ~ NiGHTS OC Group :iconanthro7:Anthro7 12 7 Merry Christmas From TwinSeeds by MC-Gemstone Merry Christmas From TwinSeeds :iconmc-gemstone:MC-Gemstone 9 16 Collection NiGHTS into dreams... -10- More more... by 121311CBO Collection NiGHTS into dreams... -10- More more... :icon121311cbo:121311CBO 5 2 TNBCxNiD:NiGHTmare Into Dreams by ZootyCutie TNBCxNiD:NiGHTmare Into Dreams :iconzootycutie:ZootyCutie 3 0 Christmas NiGHTS by Daiz0 Christmas NiGHTS :icondaiz0:Daiz0 4 4
Tales of Halloween Town Re boot part 3
The Evil laughter had stopped as soon as we had gotten near nightmare castle. I didn't want to admit it to Pikachu or Nights, I was a little scared. Okay Nights, where is this secret entrance that you had talked about.
It should be around here somewhere. Nights replied. Pikachu looked annoyed on how long the search was taking. I thought I heard some footsteps coming from behind us. The sound of some type of cat growling could be heard.
"I don't like this sound of that at all." Carol said. Out of nowhere, the cat nightmaren known only as claws jumped out of the bushes. He was the same size as a lion.
Normally I like cats but not ones this big. Carol had said as she shot fire at the beast.
It stopped claws for a moment, and then claws growled at Carol, Pikachu and Nights. “Maybe we should have brought a giant mouse huh?” Nights joked. ““No time for jokes now, we got to ditch this fur ball.” Carol said.
“Can't your pet just shock claws?” Nigh
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Salmir Aeon Plays... Christmas Nights Into Dreams by SalmirAeon Salmir Aeon Plays... Christmas Nights Into Dreams :iconsalmiraeon:SalmirAeon 2 0
Chocolate spiders anyone ?
One day Carol and Nights were watching TV in the living room. Pikachu and Zero were sitting in the basket next to the sofa. Carol was channel surfing much to Nights annoyance. "Can you just pick a channel already?" Nights complained.
"I can't help it, there isn't much on besides wheel of fortune." Carol replied. "Then see if
courage the cowardly dog is on." Nights suggested. Well courage the cowardly dog was only on once in a great while.
Pikachu loved the parts of the show where the farmer would get smacked with a rolling pin.
Just went it was getting to the best part of the episode, Lantern walked in with some candy.
"What do you got there?" "Is this like the trick gum that changes colors?" Carol asked.
"Come on just try it. You might like this candy." Lantern said. "I will only try one." Carol replied. She ate the piece of candy with out a thought of what might be in it. Nights wasn't as willing to try it. "Maybe I will try some of that another day, I just don't feel like it"
:iconprincesscarol:PrincessCarol 3 12
Tales of Halloween town re boot part 5
Reala came at me one more time. I took a deep breath and I used my ice breath on his feet.
Nights looked at me, how many powers do you even have ? He had asked. Carol replied that is for me to know and you to find out.
Reala took flight despite his frozen feet. Nights joked what is the matter Reala, did my new friend give you the cold shoulder. You, that girl and that annoying electric mouse are going to pay. Reala had complained
Nights sarcasticly replied oh we are shaking as he fought Reala. Reala tried to fly but it was tricky do to his frozen feet. He ended up crashing into the wall. There was one more thing left to worry about. Wizeman the Wicked.
I didn't think Wizeman was going to be that big. I was so wrong. Wizeman looked about as tall as a building. I screamed as soon I saw him.
Wizeman had laughed, Did you really think you could stop me Nights ? How dare you disobey me.
Nights glared at him, what you want to do is wrong. The ideya crystals belong to the visitor's. You have n
:iconprincesscarol:PrincessCarol 2 12
Tales of Halloween Town Re boot part 9
Lantern and Nights got out a game of Monopoly to play while Carol was sleeping. Lantern picked the little scotty dog, and Nights picked the top hat. Anyway, as they played it had reached the after noon. Zero was taking a nap in his basket, and pikachu played with a squeaky toy.
It was all quiet, until someone rang the door bell. It wasn't an ordinary door bell sound at all, cause door bells in Halloween town would scream instead. So you can imagine, it could make anyone wake up quickly. Carol, however didn't find this amusing at all.
Carol quickly opened her eyes, and screamed as well when she heard the door bell. She was so jumpy from how loud it was. Jack laughed, "just relax it's only the door bell." Jack  said. Lantern was giggling on one of the arm chairs, the look on your face was priceless. "You didn't know what to do, you were so funny." Lantern said.
Sally shook her head. Go easy on her alright, it's going to take her awhile to get used to it around here again. It wasn't
:iconprincesscarol:PrincessCarol 2 4
Like a memory long since past
Nights was sleeping next to Carol on the sofa. She didn't want to wake him, he even looked cute when he slept. She put a blanket on him, then went to her own room. It wasn't that late in the day. It was one of those boring rainy days. Everyone was doing some activity to keep busy as the rain fell to the ground.
Lantern was reading one of Carol's comic books. She asked if it was okay to barrow it earlier. It was the most recent issue of spider-man. Lantern was curious why her sister liked comic books so much.
Pikachu and Zero were taking a nap in a clothes basket. Pikachu snored a little, but it was hardly noticeable. Sally checked on Carol to see if she needed anything. "There is grilled cheese sandwich's in the kitchen if you want one." Sally said.
"I will eat it later, I'm going to explore the attic for a bit." Carol replied. "Be careful up there, and don't be making a big mess." Sally reminded Carol. She didn't want the pile of books knocked over like before.
Carol quietly went upst
:iconprincesscarol:PrincessCarol 2 9
Tales of Halloween town re boot part 6
Our next adventure starts a year after I met Nights. I am 13 years old at this point. Pardon my cheesy narration; I will try my best not to give spoilers. Anyway somethings have changed since our first adventure. Nights is now my boyfriend, I am very lucky to have someone as kind as him.
Anyway, I thought it was going to be a normal day but as usual I was wrong. I was having some bad nightmares lately. Sure I had nightmares before, but these one's were the worse. I kept dreaming of an evil figure but every time I didn't get a good enough look to see who or what it was.
I had other odd dreams in addition. I kept remembering a melody that felt familiar to me but
I was very unsure of the lyrics. I hummed that melody as I walked into the living room. Nights had heard me humming and he was able to copy every note on his flute.
"Where have you heard that tune before?" Nights asked. "This might sound crazy Nights, but I believe I heard it in a dream." "Is Miss Raven up yet?" "I think so, Nigh
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Tales of Halloween town reboot part 2
Pikachu and I were running as fast as we could while Reala was trying to capture us. I shot a bunch of fire balls at him. Pikachu covered his eyes as we ran. Cerberus was running after Nights, so Nights quickly took flight but Cerberus's heads could reach him. Nights now would be the good time for that plan of yours. I shouted to him. 
Nights saw a cliff, he got a sweet idea. "Hey Cerberus this way." Nights shouted to the dog.  He lead Cerberus to a cliff where he fell off of it. "Ha take that you dumb over-sized dog." He laughed. Reala didn't look amused by this, he came close to us. Pikachu use thunder bolt now. I said.
Pikachu shocked Reala, then we started to run. "You little brat, you won't get away with that at all." Reala said with an annoyed tone in his voice.
Hey mime go do the rope trick. Carol called out. I am not a mime Reala angrily shouted out as he chased us. Nights soon flew down and grabbed us.
"Hey Mime, go climb in an invisible box and leave us alone." Caro
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Tales of Halloween town reboot part 8
Pikachu saw something near the sofa. At first he was a little scared but calmed down when he noticed it was just a ghost dog with a jack o Lantern nose. The Ghost dog came near me and licked me, much to my annoyance.
Yuck, I hate dog drool. I had complained. Lantern laughed cause she thought my reaction was so funny. Zero can't help it Carol, he missed you too. I just don't like it when he licks me.
Come on, lets take a look around this house. Maybe we can find photo's or something around here. Nights replied.
Carol sighed, I guess it's worth a look. The rag doll lady from before had looked  at us. Lantern why don't you take them to the attic. I think the old photo albums are stored in there some where. Maybe if you found those that would help her remember. Sally had said.
That would be nice mom, but I have a feeling this is going to take some time. Lantern lead the way to a very dusty attic. The attic looked it had not been cleaned in a very long time.
There was even an old chalk
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Tales of Halloween town re boot part 26
The fight seemed like it was taking a long time. Carol was getting really annoyed. Doesn't this guy have a weak point ? She had complained. There should be some pipes that have gas leaking out of them. If one of us could use our fire while he was close enough to one of the pipes, it would knock him down for a bit. It's not that easy, the pipes are high up. Jack had explained.
Let Nights and I take care of that. Nights can give me a life to where the pipe's are. You keep him distracted. Carol had replied. Jack did not like Carol's idea very much, but maybe she needed to face her fear. Alright, you better be careful and I hope you know what your doing. Jack had said.
Nights flew down and gave carol a ride, while Jack kept Oogie distracted. Jack kept shooting fire at Oogie like crazy. You won't win this time Jack. Oogie had mocked.
I see the pipe's. shoot now quickly, Nights had shouted. Carol shot the pipes several times.
Oogie began to fall. Yes, we are getting him. Carol had called out
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Tales of Halloween town re boot part 20
Pikachu just laid on the bed while the others talked. "We believe your telling the truth."
Jack said. "Even if somethings do remind you of one of your bad dreams, just try not to think about it if you can." "If something is bothering you next time, at least try to tell us."
Sally said to Carol.
"I guess that isn't asking much." "I will be okay I promise." Carol replied. Pikachu was making silly faces at Jack. He wasn't amused by that. He gave pikachu an annoyed kind of look. Pikachu then hid behind Carol. "Glad that shut him up", he laughed.
"Pikachu likes to test everyone's patients sometimes." Carol explained. "We can see that", Sally replied. Later when it was close to bedtime, Lantern asked to sleep by Carol like the night before. Carol didn't seem to mind the company from Lantern,Pikachu and Zero.
Nights did stop by Carol's room just to check on her before bed. "Do you think you will have that bad dream again?" He asked. "Even if I do have it again, your near by if I need you."
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Reala's Return
Tales of Halloween town : Reala's Return
Hi it's Carol , and I'm back with another tale. This time is about when Nights idiot brother came back for Revenge on us.  I can't remember the exact year. I think it was at least a year after I found my way back to Halloween town. Oh right that means this next adventure was when I was 14, and Lantern was 13.
In the living room of Skellington manor
Lantern : this is so embarrassing, are you narrating again ?
Carol : but I am telling this story.
Lantern : rolls her eyes, you need to read less comic's.
Carol : comic books have the coolest narrations.
Lantern : okay fine, just try not to exaggerate the details.
Carol : Lantern when have I ever exaggerated ?
Lantern : well there was the time where you claimed you saw a slug the size of a bus when it was really just junk from holiday trash hill.
Carol : but it looked like a slug to me.
Nights : uhhhh can we get to the story yet ?
Carol : right, now where was I ?
Lantern : you lost your plac
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Tales of Halloween Town Re boot part 17
As they had finally reached the top floor. Nights had noticed a lot of strange things in the lab. The kind of things that would gross most people out. On the shelf's of the lab, there was an assortment of jars. Some jars contained hands, eye balls, brains, and jars of ooze.
I really don't want to know what that ooze is. Nights had thought to him self. Jack and Sally could be seen talking to a man who was in a wheel chair. Oddly the wheel chair had three wheels. For some reason he was wearing black tinted glasses. Why would anyone wear glasses like that in the day time. Carol had wondered.
Who are you ? Carol had asked the man in the wheel chair. I am Dr. Finklestien, I see you don't remember a thing like everyone else says. Dr. Finklestien did something rather gross, he could open his head and scratch his brain.
That is gross, you don't do that in public do you ? Carol had complained. Dr. Finklestien looked at her closely. You look like you have been staying up late many nights in a ro
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Tales of Halloween Town Re boot part 21
The next day seemed a lot easier then the first 2 days. Carol was not as thrilled about the town meeting that would occur later in the day. Carol hated big crowds, she didn't always like that kind of attention.
Even so, she promised she would attend cause she wasn't one to break promises. Even if it was the type of promise that made her want to say I rather not. Lantern however had a strong feeling that there was trouble coming their way, even though she wasn't sure what kind of trouble.
Anytime Lantern had predicted trouble, her friends would say that sounds like something your mother would say. Not always but there were sometimes when Lantern was right. Anyway, she kept a close watch on Carol, along with Nights, Pikachu and Zero. She didn't want to loose her sister once again.
The family went to the pumpkin patch just like they used to before Carol went missing. Carol had been sitting on one of the pumpkins when a small spider had crawled up to her. Get rid of it, I don't want that s
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Tales of Halloween town re boot part 15
Carol sat quietly in the kitchen. She had barley touched her cereal at all due to the fact she was distracted from the nightmare she had earlier. There was so much on her mind. It's not that she wasn't thrilled to find her home. She was so worried about what she would tell her mentor Raven. Raven did tell her if she ever found her home that it would be carol's choice about leaving titans tower or not.
It would be very hard to say good bye to Raven, and the rest of the titans. Ever since the day Raven found her, they treated her like their own. She was also worried what she would find out about the dark figure from her nightmares.
The silence was soon interrupted by the telephone ringing in the kitchen. Jack mumbled we really should get an answering machine. Sally nodded in agreement. Apparently the mayor was on the phone, he yet again had some questions.
I really wanted to wait a few more day before the town meeting. I will move it up to tomorrow since everyone has so many questions. L
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Christmas Card cover 2011 by Musashi-HUmar Christmas Card cover 2011 :iconmusashi-humar:Musashi-HUmar 0 0 Christmas NiGHTS by Arisaria Christmas NiGHTS :iconarisaria:Arisaria 3 5 Christmas Special by videogamehunter Christmas Special :iconvideogamehunter:videogamehunter 2 0 Jackle Prepares an Ambush by nightdragon Jackle Prepares an Ambush :iconnightdragon:nightdragon 0 5 Four Years of Let's Plays Wallpaper by MidniteAndBeyond Four Years of Let's Plays Wallpaper :iconmidniteandbeyond:MidniteAndBeyond 1 2 XMas NiGHTS sneak peek comic by nightdragon XMas NiGHTS sneak peek comic :iconnightdragon:nightdragon 3 15
Tales of Halloween town re boot part 13
Carol soon fell asleep with her sister Lantern next to her. Pikachu and Zero slept soundly close to them. After Nights had seen that carol was sleep, he went to the guest room to get some rest as well.
It had been a long time since Jack had seen Carol and Lantern sleep next to each other like this. They used to sleep next to each other when they were little. If Lantern was scared cause of a bad dream or some other thing, Carol would allow Lantern to sleep next to her.
Lantern always looked up to her older sister, even though she wasn't bright at times. She always looked up to her, even when Carol didn't believe she was that brave. Carol had been there a lot for Lantern before she went missing.
Perhaps the reason she allowed Lantern to sleep by her to night cause was a bit nervous about her first night back home. Jack was also very unsure about Carol being in this years Halloween festival. He didn't want to force her to be in it cause, he wanted to give her time to adapt to Halloween to
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Tales of Halloween Town Re Boot part 27
Lock, Shock and Barrel were not too happy at all about working in the pumpkin patch. Behemoth's pet looked like it was part lizard, part lion and part eagle. Make sure those three work hard, don't even loose track of them Behemoth. Jack had said. Behemoth had nodded in agreement.
Nights had guessed that behemoth wasn't much of a talker or maybe didn't like to talk much.
Pikachu was being lazy and got a ride on Carol's shoulder. Your prank earlier wasn't funny cause I wasn't laughing. Carol had complained to her father.
"Yes it was, the look on your face when I scared you was priceless." Jack snickered. "Well just you wait, I will get you back for that one, you'll see." Said Carol. "It will be a long time before you can play a trick on me." replied Jack.
Carol had teleported behind him. Jack had quickly caught her. "Nice try" he said. Nights thought that was so funny. "It's not funny at all Nights." Carol complained. "Come on Carol, have some humor." Nights replied. Carol had rolled her
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Christmas NiGHTS vs.Santa by NiebraWolf Christmas NiGHTS vs.Santa :iconniebrawolf:NiebraWolf 1 0 Christmas NiGHTS Ornament by Anthro7 Christmas NiGHTS Ornament :iconanthro7:Anthro7 7 5
Wizeman is loose part 6
"Come on Carol, if you do this you'll be no better than Reala. Lantern begged her sister.
Carol didn't want to listen. Nights took out his silver flute; he was playing one of Carol's favorite songs. It was a calm kind of melody.
Carol had gone back to her normal rag-doll form. She soon dropped Reala. ; "How did you know that would work Nights? Asked Carol. "Carol, I didn't know it would work, but I had to try. You were out of control," replied Nights.  
Reala, Lock, Shock and barrel tried to make a run for it.  Nights caught them. “Where do any of you think you’re going?” Asked Nights
Reala,Lock, Shock and Barrel tried to attack but something they didn't expect happened. Lantern picked up a mirror she had found lying on the ground. The mirror had be used to deflect there own attacks right back at them. "that was very lucky, but won't they try to follow us ?" Nights asked Lantern
"lets worry about that later, we have to go find mom and dad." Lantern reminded
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Tales of Halloween town re boot part 25
The hidden door in town hall had lead to holiday trash hill. There was discarded decorations from every holiday. Maybe we shouldn't be here. Nights had said. We have to find that creep for messing with my memories. Carol had replied.
Jack didn't want to miss this opportunity. He sneaked behind Carol, and did a very scary voice. Carol shouted meep, and hid behind Nights. Jack couldn't stop him self from laughing at Carol's re action. Carol had followed her fathers laughter and gave him a look.
That is what you get for sneaking out. I told you it was safer for you so stay at home. Jack had reminded her. I swear, you sound like my mentor when you say that. Replied Carol. Jack shook his head.
Some evil laughter came out of no where. Carol had given Jack an annoyed look. It wasn't me this time I swear. Replied Jack. If it wasn't you this time then who was it ? Carol had asked. Maybe we should get out of here now ? Nights had suggested.
Zero barked a lot, someone was coming. Pikachu had a ch
:iconprincesscarol:PrincessCarol 1 8
Wizeman is Loose part 5
“I am not amused by this Reala. Leave Lantern out of this. Nights, Pikachu and I are the ones you want to deal with,” Carol said.  
I will not take orders from you and my brother. Perhaps I will just drop Lantern in the water anyway,” sneered Reala.  
Lantern struggled to try to get loose. “Ha ha ha, looks like there is nothing you can do,” mocked Lock, Shock and Barrel.  Pikachu and Zero growled at Reala. Reala ignored that.
“Maybe now you will surrender,” Reala laughed.  
“We won't ever surrender to you,” yelled Carol.  
“Oh is that so? Remember,  as long as I have Lantern, you can't do a thing,” jeered Reala.  What happened  next was very surprising.
Carol's body became shadow like, and her eyes turned yellow. She teleported behind Reala. Reala turned around; he was scared by what he saw. He put Lantern by Lock,shock and barrel. Nights was shocked at Carol's new dark form. Even
:iconprincesscarol:PrincessCarol 1 6
Wizeman is loose part 7
Lock,Shock and Barrel were left in a cage in the back of town hall. Why was there a cage in the back of town hall in the first place ? It was a left over cage from one of Oogie's traps from a few years ago. The citizens thought it might come in handy one day, so that is why they saved that old cage.
Pikachu and Zero lead the way to the residential area as the group walked. Some of the citizens were hiding in some of the older buildings. " we still should tell mom and dad about that new power of yours." Lantern reminded her
" No we just can't tell them, what would they think ? " Carol replied. " don't tell us about what ? Sally asked. Jack was also curious what they were speaking of. " It's nothing to be concerned with. " She said.
" We got some bad news, Wizeman knew what we were up to. " Nights said.  " What if he is listening to us talking now ? "Lantern asked with a worried look on her face. " This is our fault Nights, it's our fault that everyone is in danger. " Carol said as
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Tales of Halloween town re boot part 12
Carol quieltly walked up the creaky step, she found a room that felt familiar. She wasn't sure why at all. She found dusty bed room that looked like no one had used it for quite some time. The wall paper was covered with bat's, Jack o lanterns and ghost. There were old sketch books that had scribbles all over them.
This room was your old room, Sally had said. We kept it nice for you in case you would one day return. Carol was still silent, she looked around till she had found a rather odd looking teddy bear. It was a vampire teddy that was originally from the night Jack had tried to take over Christmas. Instead of throwing it out it was later given to Carol as a toy.
You don't seem to remember trick do you ? He was always one of your favorite toys. Not sure if you still want him, but I kept him for you anyway. Jack had said. I think I will keep him around, he is kind of cute. Carol replied.
Lantern tugged on her sisters arm, does this mean you will stay ? Lantern had asked her sister.
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My December Desktop by Sutefanii-san My December Desktop :iconsutefanii-san:Sutefanii-san 0 6 Christmas NiGHTS plush by NiebraWolf Christmas NiGHTS plush :iconniebrawolf:NiebraWolf 9 9
Tales of Halloween town re boot part 7
The 12 year old girl then spoke. Excuse me, don't you even have a clue where you are ? She had said. No I am sick of this prank Carol had replied. The girl frowned, it's not a prank this is your home. You really don't remember this place or me ? Carol shook her head for no.
My name is Lantern, and I am your sister. Carol replied there must be some mistake, maybe you have the wrong 13 year old. No I don't said Lantern. Only my sister had a grey dress that had one strap, with black and white socks.
Carol looked at her clothes, they were different now as well. She had the same clothes that the girl that described. She also had a bat headband in her hair. Her shoes were black heals, not the tennis shoes she remembered wearing earlier that day.
Pikachu watched in confusion as Carol and Lantern talked. No, this has to be a joke. There is no way I am some living rag doll. Carol complained. Will you just calm down, why don't we check this out. She could be telling the truth. Nights said.
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Tales of Halloween town re boot part 11
What they didn't know is that Lock,shock and barrel were secretly watching them from behind some tomb stones. Darn it, that brat carol some how found her way back. Shock had complained.
"It's your fault Barrel, you didn't check if the ingredients to the potion that we used on her were fresh enough." Lock said. "I did check more then twice, maybe you didn't give her enough potion." complained Barrel back to the other two.
Lock,Shock and Barrel were not only Halloween towns finniest trick or treaters , they also worked for none other then the nefarious Oogie Boogie. Lock was dressed like a devil, Shock was dressed like a witch, Barrel was dressed like a skeleton.
They followed Oogie cause they were his minions. They would do whatever their master told them to do. Oogie was the one that ordered them to capture carol and give her the potion so she couldn't find her way back. He ordered that cause he wanted revenge on Jack for the times he had defeated him.
"The boss isn't going to like the
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