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Feliz Navidad - Merry Christmas by lauraypablo Feliz Navidad - Merry Christmas :iconlauraypablo:lauraypablo 250 65 Bokeh Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock Bokeh Brushes :iconkuschelirmel-stock:kuschelirmel-stock 2,824 203 Mistletoe Ahri by Lighane Mistletoe Ahri :iconlighane:Lighane 810 121 Real snowflake macro photo - The shard by ChaoticMind75 Real snowflake macro photo - The shard :iconchaoticmind75:ChaoticMind75 564 29 Lackadaisy Wassail by tracyjb Lackadaisy Wassail :icontracyjb:tracyjb 7,251 842 Choo by TANblaque Choo :icontanblaque:TANblaque 749 24 waaaaa by Pacthesis waaaaa :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 3,000 563 Snowing texture by wchild Snowing texture :iconwchild:wchild 4,557 960 Memory by t1na Memory :icont1na:t1na 1,430 53 Christmas Lights PNGs by redheadstock Christmas Lights PNGs :iconredheadstock:redheadstock 2,111 368 Bestest Present Evar by JohnSu Bestest Present Evar :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 3,185 725 merry christmas :D by kuroneko3132 merry christmas :D :iconkuroneko3132:kuroneko3132 3,844 2,151 Use Mistletoe Responsibly by StressedJenny Use Mistletoe Responsibly :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 7,421 453 even more jack n sally by briannacherrygarcia even more jack n sally :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 12,839 1,232 Awakening by Lacza Awakening :iconlacza:Lacza 489 42
Hush (Weasley Twins x Reader)
It'd been forever and a day since you first made love with the twins. It had been...interesting, to say the least, establishing your relationship—or would it be relationships—out in the open, but in time the discomfited tensions settled down. No, the whole of the world wasn't on your side, but you had the support of family and friends.
So here you were, one graduation, two jobs, and many passionate nights later, laid up in bed, dying. Or at least it felt a lot like it.
"I know (y/n). I know. Trust me I had seven!"
"Aunt Molly you are not helping!"
"Well you're the one who wanted to do this naturally," Ginny teases as she brushes the sweaty hair clinging to your forehead.
"Ginny, I swear to Salazar I will bite you!"
Ginny chuckles playfully as she looks down at you with a smirk. You'd roll your eyes if you weren't so damn tired.
"You're almost ready, Mrs. Weasley," Hermione says gently with soft smile before she moves across the room to gather her tools and Merlin kno
:iconmikinataka:mikinataka 577 70
Visit by doubleWbrothers Visit :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 3,223 499 Lapis and Peridot Save Christmas by Neodusk Lapis and Peridot Save Christmas :iconneodusk:Neodusk 1,488 162 Stay With Me stage_ MMD stage DL by DiemDo-Shiruhane Stay With Me stage_ MMD stage DL :icondiemdo-shiruhane:DiemDo-Shiruhane 1,243 174 Poseable toy Commission Vulpix by MalinaToys Poseable toy Commission Vulpix :iconmalinatoys:MalinaToys 2,874 142 Cosfest Christmas by sandara Cosfest Christmas :iconsandara:sandara 8,647 368 Mistletoe Janna by Lighane Mistletoe Janna :iconlighane:Lighane 623 80
Levi x Reader- Christmas Game
Warning: You're about to read mature and explicit content
“Awww common!”
Shouted Connie obviously trying to convince Mikasa to play a stupid Christmas game. He and Sasha had been going around getting people to agree to play the silly little game to commemorate the day before Christmas.
Mikasa just frowned. She glared at him obviously pissed for all the begging he had been doing for the past ten minutes or so.
“Mikasa! Everybody is playing!”
He began debating with her once more. Tired of his presence she turned around determined to leave the room before she saw Eren coming in. Her eyes sparkled as he headed towards both of them. He smiled at them before asking.
“So are you playing Mikasa?”
She nodded before he could even finish the question. You giggled at this image. Mikasa was one of your closes friends and to anyone who even saw her knew that she had a humongous crush on Eren. Eren smiled brighter oblivious to her feelings. Co
:iconusagii-chaan:Usagii-chaan 1,097 152
Septiplier NutcrackerAU 2 by cartoonjunkie Septiplier NutcrackerAU 2 :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 2,726 632 Scootaloo's present by doubleWbrothers Scootaloo's present :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 6,765 1,303
You're Not Alone

“Sometimes we lay aside our own troubles when we wipe away another's tears.”
By techgnotic
Is no longer alone
his life is not easy; a winding, sometimes whimsical, sometimes tragic journey that ultimately finds terminus in the same common destination for each of us. No matter the brave, fierce constructs we build and serve that would have us believe we are each one of us all alone as we make this journey, we make our way toward the end of all things side-by-side in our community of the living each day defying death.  Our paths may be wildly divergent—the way of the hungry and impoverished traveling the same timeline with the grotesquely indulgent, the very best of us side-by-side with the most evil of us; but all headed for the same fate: dust. Ever
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 6,113 3,511
christmas hijackers by briannacherrygarcia christmas hijackers :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 20,471 1,803 Entire Disney Make-up Collection... So Far by KatieAlves Entire Disney Make-up Collection... So Far :iconkatiealves:KatieAlves 14,631 1,561 SNOW PS7 Brushes and IMG Pack by KeepWaiting SNOW PS7 Brushes and IMG Pack :iconkeepwaiting:KeepWaiting 3,643 756 and happiest new year by Fukari and happiest new year :iconfukari:Fukari 4,207 131 Snow Kingdom by naked-in-the-rain Snow Kingdom :iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 5,584 489 Winter in Helsinki by Pajunen Winter in Helsinki :iconpajunen:Pajunen 5,168 1,052 Through the Snow by cerona Through the Snow :iconcerona:cerona 2,142 382 Frozen Gold by cerona Frozen Gold :iconcerona:cerona 1,684 343 Lackadaisy Tannenbaum by tracyjb Lackadaisy Tannenbaum :icontracyjb:tracyjb 8,504 1,365 Family by lorna-ka Family :iconlorna-ka:lorna-ka 2,695 204 Gimmie that Cookie by Lady-Tori Gimmie that Cookie :iconlady-tori:Lady-Tori 31,030 2,249 Kuroshitsuji : Indecent by kuro-mai Kuroshitsuji : Indecent :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 11,218 1,326
Secret Santa (Levi x Artist!Reader)
Secret Santa
It was the beginning of the season of Advent and Christmas was a couple of weeks away. You were sitting with your friends Sasha, Mikasa and Krista in the cafeteria and eating dinner when Hange entered the room with an excited squeal.
“Guys, I have an important announcement to make!” she called out as she loudly clapped her hands to end the chattering around her. “Since Christmas is coming soon, I thought it would be a good idea to carry out secret Santa this year.”
“What’s that, Hange?” asked Eren who was sitting on the other side of the cafeteria with Jean, Armin and Connie.
“I’ve written the names of all of the members of our squad on bits of paper; they’ve been folded and they’re in this box.” Hange explained as she held up a rose - coloured wooden box above her head. “You all have to pick a piece of paper from here and
:iconinfinitelytangled:infinitelytangled 350 62
Apophysis Blooms Tutorial by lindelokse Apophysis Blooms Tutorial :iconlindelokse:lindelokse 953 382 12 Days of Dark Souls by karniz 12 Days of Dark Souls :iconkarniz:karniz 1,379 132 Smokey Castle by AreteEirene Smokey Castle :iconareteeirene:AreteEirene 295 103 Merry Christmas by DAV-19 Merry Christmas :icondav-19:DAV-19 3,703 445 Kuroshitsuji : Xmas 2011 by kuro-mai Kuroshitsuji : Xmas 2011 :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 6,657 758 Merry Christmas! by Rosuuri Merry Christmas! :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 2,895 65
Male!Sally/Reader - Something in the Wind
Male♂Sally/Reader - Something in the Wind
(Sally = Sal) (Jack = Jackie) (Zero = Same name but is now female ghost cat) 
(Dr. Finkelstein = stays the same but it now female)

(Just pretend you're some kind of Halloween Town creature in this fan fiction; like a vampire, witch ,etc.)
Your best friend Jackie Skeleton was obsessing over this strange brand new holiday called Christmas. The tall lithe skeletal woman dressed in a gothic black and thin white striped dress was currently wrapping objects in colorful paper, many in green and red. You didn't quite
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 549 43
Show Me (Akabane Karma x Reader)

For Karma's birthday (although it's late by around an hour)! Happy birthday, you Akashi Seijurou's brother! There's more 3-E friendship in this story than Karma's romance, but still, this is for your birthday! I don't own the picture as always, I found it on zerochan.

Warning: slightly mature theme. Just slightly. And maybe a little OOC.
'Coldest and Most Targeted' was your title throughout all Kunugigaoka Junior High School. You were, indeed, the coldest student in school. You never talk much and you had a terrifying glare for people who bothered you. Your eyes were cold and you rarely smiled. But almost all male students were held captive by your looks; your flowing (h/c) hair, your mesmerizing (e/c) eyes… Even though people said that your gaze was as cold as ice, they also said that you had the shiniest (e/c) orbs. Long eyelashes, hooded eyes, cool expression, how could they not take a glance every so often? It was impossible.
:iconaoririhito:AoriRihito 345 17
A Krampus In My Stylus by JeffLeeJohnson A Krampus In My Stylus :iconjeffleejohnson:JeffLeeJohnson 2,469 273 Queen Anne by JuleeMClark Queen Anne :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 381 30