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Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven Intro (For Girls)
         "Hey Dude's we should totally play a game or something. Oh I know what we can do. It'll be awesome! We'll play that seven minutes in heaven game!" America Runs over to His Closet and grabs a large patriotic hat "Okay dudes, throw your stuff in here, then when a girl picks your item you get to go in the closet with her, but only for seven minutes. It'll be the bomb!"
"I don't know America, this sounds like a bad idea to me..." England lets out a deep sigh. "Some people don't know how to control themselves you know."
"Oh hush you, I think it's wonderful, who wouldn't want to be in a dark cramped closet with a beautiful girl? On hon hon hon!" France blows a kiss your way.
"You see what I'm saying, France already has something perverted on the brain. God only knows what he'll do to what every poor girl gets stuck with him." England shot a pissed off look at France.
America began collecting items from everyone. "Shut up England, no one has to control themselves, that's the point. I
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Dinotopia Tribute by MartaNael Dinotopia Tribute :iconmartanael:MartaNael 4,613 219 Geisha Dream by TitusBoy25 Geisha Dream :icontitusboy25:TitusBoy25 265 157
Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven Russia
        You pull a white flower petal from the hat. "Oh, this is beautiful, who's is this?"
"That would be mine" Everyone but you stiffens at the familiar sound of Russia's voice.
"Who the heck invited Him man? He creeps the mess outa me!" America backed away from you two dropping the hat in the process.
"Ahh, you did, I got your invitation in the mail." Russia smiled at you sweetly, taking your hand and led you to the closet. Ukraine locked the door for you because America wouldn't go near it.
"I am not liking the dark very much." Russia held you close to him as if looking for comfort.
"It's not so bad" You said digging in your pocket for your iPod. Finding it you turned it on and used it for light. "There, is that better?"
"Yes, thank you, "Russia let you go. "Oh you are so krasivaja, I never noticed before now. I knew you were sweet but…" Russia slowly touched your face, as if trying not to scare you. ""_______" are you afraid of me, like everyone else?" You had never been afraid of
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Sweden X Reader X Denmark
Pulling your books out of the locker, bored and sleepy all over. Looks like you shouldn't have played video games all night, but who could blame you? You were a gamer in all the ways possible. Then you heard laughing from behind you. Sighing you turned around, only to come face to face with blue eyes and a goffy grin.
"Hu\i there, [Name]! What's with the long face?" Matthias asked you, ruffling your hair. He annoyed every single day the hell out of you. Always asking you if you want to go out with him or to be his girlfriend. You loved him, but nothing more than a big brother and besides that, you knew he was kind of a player.
"I'm not in the mood Matthias, go away." You said in a bored and monotone voice, giving him a death glare. He pouted and snaked an arm around your shoulder.
"Come on, sweetcheeks~…..Give me a little chance to prove you that I'm gonna be the best boyfriend you ever had!!!~" you said with a flirty grin. You just rolled your eyes at his stupidity.
"No thanks an
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WW2 Sketch dump by Phobs WW2 Sketch dump :iconphobs:Phobs 2,786 332 Empire Falls by ErikShoemaker Empire Falls :iconerikshoemaker:ErikShoemaker 2,664 576 Downtown by logartis Downtown :iconlogartis:logartis 6,361 471
2p!America X Reader X 2P!Canada- Sports
Lame at baseball. That's how you were. You loved baseball, but when it comes to play it you just can't. Your mother told you to practice, that way you will learn and get better and thats' what you did. You played it every day after school, but nothing. The popular girls always laughed at you for playing boys sports. Like football, hockey. Yes, you were awesome at all sports, just not baseball and you hated that.
Right now, you were playing all alone baseball, trying to hit every ball that came towards you. You managed to hit some, but still not enough. Tomboy, that's what you were and the fact that you sucked at one sport made your blood boil in rage. After the final ball that you missed, you sighed in defeat and sat on the ground with a sad look on your face. You heard footsteps coming towards you and you turned your head to see Alfred, or Al how he liked to be called. He was the typical bad boy of the school along with his brother Mathew. When he saw you he just smirked.
"Why are you
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Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven America
         "Let's see dudes, who should I let go next?" America tapped his chin twice, then pulled you up to the center of the room. "You look like you're dying to play, why don't you go ahead and picks something out for yourself?"
Without a word, you pulled a piece of cheese from inside the hat. "Yeah, this is creative, who's is this?"
"Dude, that's totally mine!" America threw the hat at Ukraine, picked you up and locked the two of you inside of the dark closet. "Man, we totally lucked out getting each other huh?" He plopped down on the floor with you still in his arms.
"I guess so, I mean I really wasn't interested in playing, but getting you makes it a little better." You liked America, but there was no way you were just going to come out and tell him that.
"A little better? Come on now man, you've hurt my feelings… I'm the best player here by far. I'm the hero! I'm really glad you picked me, I wouldn't want to be stuck in a dark, cramped closet with a
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Monastery by logartis Monastery :iconlogartis:logartis 2,662 118
Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven Spain
    "What are you waiting for dude, it's your turn." Smiling a wide, excited smile, America waved you up to the front of the room. "Get up here."
"I was waiting for you to call my name, obviously." You stood from your seat, stepped up to the hat and pull out a churro. "I'd eat this, but who knows how long it's been stuffed in that hat. And who knows where that has has been."
"It's been in there a while now, I wouldn't recommend that you eat it. I'll buy you a fresh one later if you want." Spain gives you a warm smile and grabs your hand to lead you into the closet, America locked the door behind you. "So, what do we do in here hmm, tell ghost stories or something? I know this one that used to scare Romano pretty good." He chuckled at the thought.
"I guess we could do that." You let your voice trail off, you didn't want to tell him what you were really supposed to be doing in there, it would just make things awkward.
America began yelling from outside the door. "Dudes, I hear
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:APH: Happy V-day by Inupii :APH: Happy V-day :iconinupii:Inupii 1,119 326
Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven Italy
         America took his place in the center of the room and rubbed his chin. "Let me see here dudes, who should I pick to go next?" He narrowed his eyes as he fixed them on you. "You dude, you're definitely the one. Get up here."
"You got it." Hoping out of your seat, you made your way up front and reached into the hat, swirling your hand around to mix up the items. You then felt for the nearest thing to your hand, and pulled it out. It was a mushroom of all things. "Umm, a mushroom? Who would put that in here?"
"Oh, that's-a me-a!"  I have such good luck, getting such a pretty girl!" Italy jumped off of the couch and grabbed your hand, excitedly dragging you into the closet.
America followed you two over and began closing the door. "Have fun you two! Remember, only seven minutes now."  He smiled as he shut the door completely and locked it from the outside.
Italy gave you no time at all before wrapping his arms around your wais
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Asian Urban Flair by Hideyoshi Asian Urban Flair :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 2,423 217
Hetalia X Reader- High School Rulez Ch.1
New school, a new life. That's what your friend Daiana was talking about on your way to school, along with your other friend Andra. Moving in a other country, meant a new way to life, not like you cared. For you, every place meant new things to learn and new rules to break. The people from your natal town asked themselves how you three could be friends. I mean, Daiana was the shy and innocent girl, always worried and paranoid. She was your right hand, always there for you and you always there for her. Andra was the so called diva of your group. Even though she may look like one of this bitchy girls, she meant well and her heart is in the right place. She would always be there to help you if needed. Last, you were the tomboy of the group, the one that could care less for what others thought about you.
"Please, [Name]. Promise me that you will behave this time. I wanna people see us like normal students, not like some weird and insane ones. Is not like I don't like the way you act! I-Is.
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Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven Canada
         "Hey dude, I thought I told you it was your turn. What are you doing still sitting over there?" Grinning wide, America pulled you to your feet. "Go on, get your item and get in the closet."   
"Right, I'm going. I kind of forgot it was my turn." You reached your hand into the hat, and quickly pulled a small bit of stuffing from the hat. "Uh, who's is this?"
"That's actually my bears, whose name I forgot, but it's my item." Canada was standing behind you, blushing furiously.
"Well, you two had better get in the closet before that bear comes back looking for his fluff!"America walked you two to the closet. "I'll warn you if he shows up." With that you were locked inside the dark closet with Canada. You quickly found a spot in the corner and sat down, hoping to evade him for the seven minutes.
"You probably don't know who I am, so I'll introduce myself." He blushed awkwardly. "I'm Canada. "
"I know who you are, Canada. There's no need for introd
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2P!England x Reader- Mad in Love
Sighing and wondering why you were going to this party. Oh yes! Because your good friend Oliver begged you to come. It was a halloween party at school and everyone was coming, even you. At first you wanted to dress in something scary, but Oliver bought you a costume. It was an Alice in Wonderland dress. You wanted to refuse, but knowing your over happy friend, he was more likely to cry for refusing his gift. You loved him, more than a friend and the thought of you two together as a couple made your heart flutter.
“I don’t understand what you see in the, cupcake freak.” Al told you as you walked with him and his brother to the party. You sometimes asked yourself why, but never found the answer. Maybe it was his cheer-full attitude or the way he was dressing.
Al was dressed as Freddy from Nightmare on elm street and Matt, his brother as Jason from Friday the 13th. You couldn’t help, but to chuckle at the way they dressed. It was very ironically. As you three enter
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Hetalia: Olympics by Lizeth Hetalia: Olympics :iconlizeth:Lizeth 3,761 456
You were on your way to a town, who seemed to have problems with vampires. Nothing anormal for you, who were a vampire hunter. At the gates of the town you could feel that dark and cold aura, the town was almost death. It was almost sunset and you could see people running in their houses. Some stopped to look at you, the fear was visible in their eyes and on their faces. Waiting till dark in a bar, thinking about the story that followed in every town near.
It was a story about a vampire duo that would kill without mercy every human or living one. It didn't matter if it the victim is woman, man, animal. Just the blood matters in their opinion. You could tell that this vampire duo is of a very high rank, so it won't be easy to kill them. Outside it was dark, it was time.
Exiting the bar with your gun up your sleves, ready to stop this bloody creatures. A scream pierced your ears, a fearfull and painfull one. They were near, you could feel their dark aura. Running like hell, following the
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2P!America X Reader- Nails and Chains Ch. I
You sighed and groaned, trying to calm your nerves down. Your parents decided to send you outside more, how they would call it. It wasn't that you were anti-social or anything. You were just shy and nervous when talking to new people. Sometimes when new people came in town you tried to be friendly and nice, but they brushed you aside or send you dirty looks when you crossed their views.
Right now your parents were sending you to some little camp with some other teenagers, hoping you would open up more, but that was just impossible, even if you wanted. It was nighttime and you began to pack full month of stuff. You knew this following month was going to be crazy and boring. The other people who were coming are definitely going to be spoiled slutty girls teenagers or smartass jocks. You put on a pair of jeans, an over-sized T-shirts along with two tight ones, a pair of combat boots, a pair of red converses. Lets don't forget three baggy hoodies to make sure you'll not catch a cold.
You l
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Hetalia Seven Minutes in heaven Greece
       You pull a stuffed kitten out of the hat. "Oh my god, it's so cute, can I please keep it?" No one answered you. "I'll take that as a yes, but who's is this?" Romano threw a tomato at Greece, waking him up.
"Hmm, what I miss?" Greece rubbed his eyes and stretched. "Oh, you have my gift…I forgot what that means…" He stood there with a confused smile on his sleepy face.
"Oh come on man, really? Take the girl to the closet already." America pushed you two into the closet and locked the door. "Now don't fall asleep on her ok?"
"But it's so cozy in here, and dark too." Greece yawned and cuddled into your lap. "Would you like to take a nap with me?" He laid his head in your lap and wrapped his arms around your waist. "Your very comfortable "____", I could sleep on you easily."
You ran your fingers through his messy brown hair and smiled."I think you could sleep anywhere, but thank you."
He tugged at your shirt like a child. "Would you like to lay down with me?" He seemed to b
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Carry Me Home by Arkham-Insanity Carry Me Home :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 1,439 331 Valley Bay by logartis Valley Bay :iconlogartis:logartis 1,152 78
Police!Spain X Reader RED POLICE
Today, you finally had a day off, no more work and some time for you to relax and take a taste of the good life. You decided to pay a visit to some shops, but unlucky, nothing got your attention. Sure the clothes and shoes were cute, but not exaclly your style. After two hours of walking non-stop you took a break at a coffee shop. You took a seat at a table outside. It was very sunny and hot outside. Your favorite type of weather. What you didn't noticed was a mysterious guy stalking you. He was eyeing your purse and when you closed your eyes for some seconds, he run towards you and grabbed your purse in  fast move. You opened your eyes and you jumped up, trying to chase after him. Yelling for help, a police officer noticed him and in an instant he chased after him.
The thief run into an alley, the police officer after him. You run over there, cursing yourself for wearing heels today. When you took the corner of the alley, you saw the thief, on the ground and handcuffed.
"I think
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Hetalia Seven Minutes in heaven China
        You pull a doll from the hat. "Oh, how cute, can I keep it?" You snuggled the panda doll in your arms as China walked up to you.
"Of course you can aru." He gave you a happy smile and took your hand.
"Ok, into the closet with you two." America shooed you two into the closet. "Ok now china, try not to disappoint the lady. I heard Japan did a good job when he was in the closet, you can't let your little bro out do you." He snickered and shut and locked the door.
"Japan, actually played along?" China seemed dumbfounded by the idea. "Well then I must show you a good time in this dark, messy, not at all romantic closet." He took your hands into his and smiled at you. "How may I please you "_____"? Just say the word and I will do it."  Your face turned red.
"O-oh you don't have to do anything China, it's just nice to be here with you." You returned his smile, and gave his hands a squeeze.
"There must be something you want me to do. I won't be outdone be Japan…I just won't have i
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Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven Austria
         You pull a piece of ivory from the hat. "What's this? A piece of an elephant tusk…" You stare in wonder at the item before you.
"That is my item, and it is a piano key before it is refined." Austria stood before you with an indifferent look on his face. "I suppose we should go to the closet…" Austria seemed a bit reluctant, as he wasn't moving at all.
"Ok guys, really! Are you just gonna stand there or what?" America roughly shoved you both into the closet. "Do something besides stare at each other while you're in there, geez!" with that he slammed the door and locked it behind him, leaving you with Austria in the dark cramped closet.
"Well this is just delightful is it not? I am once again caught playing one of America's silly games, and he's drawn you in as well." You could be wrong, but Austria seemed more embarrassed than angry at this fact. "I do apologize; this won't be enjoyable for you at all."
"Why's that? You don't really intend to just sit h
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APH Mafia - Deal the Cards by Lo-wah APH Mafia - Deal the Cards :iconlo-wah:Lo-wah 1,370 198
Hetalia Seven Minutes in heaven Japan
       You reach in to the hat, and feel something silky on your fingertips. You pull it up to see a silky, red cloth. "Oh, this is pretty" Smiling you wrap the cloth around your neck. "So, would anyone like to claim it?"
"That wourd be mine." Japan shyly stood up from the corner he was occupying and gave you a sweet bow. "herro "____"  are you ready?"
"You don't have a choice man, now get in my closet!" America shoves you two in the closet and locks the door. "At least I don't have to worry about Japan getting frisky in there. America gave out a loud obnoxious laugh.
"He is most rude, are you ok?" Japan gently reached out to touch you.
"I'm okay, thanks" You give him a sweet smile, though he probably couldn't see it in this dark.
"That is good, he is most disrespectfur, so… what is the purpose of this game? I have never prayed before, but I overheard France saying some things about what you do in the closet that I wirr not repeat."
A blush boomed over your face, thank god it was
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Hetalia Police Heaven
Is time for the POLICE, but not any type of police.....The Hetalia Police Heaven~.....Just enjoy yourself with the handcuffs and whips in the jail~
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