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Tiny Killer (Child!Pastas x Reader)
Child!Pastas x Reader Prologue
(A/N: This may just be a few chapters-two maybe three-long guys and gals, okay? Don't worry they'll be plenty of cuteness to give you diabetes and stuff, just chill, alright?)
"Guys, I'm back  with the groceries!" You called into the mansion, shouldering the heavy wooden door and keeping it propped open with your foot. Plastic and paper bags weighed down your hands, causing them to droop to the floor. Your muscles ached from having to walk the entire way both to and from the closest store, which had to of been at least twelve miles away. You had been the faceless man's proxy for... about two years now, give or take a few months. But just because you were somewhat 'new' didn't mean that he'd give you any slack. You were charged with all of the 'mundane' work I.E. all of the cleaning and cooking. Basically you were like the housewife, excluding the married part. Usually you would have either Masky, Hoody or maybe even Toby to help you with the
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Christian Women
before me sit the Christian women, and I can see them
in my mind's eye upon their backs, husbands lunging on beds
between legs, for the primal craft of love lifted high and holy
toward something more than merely mortal
before me sit the Christian women
heads bowed, plump breasts bare and risen
for the lips of cradled infants
as prayer drips like lamb's blood from their mouths, saying
pass over us, for we have done well
before me sit the Christian women
and I am humbled, for I have
no equal aspiration
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