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A Cheering Change -TG
“This is so stupid, but it will be so worth it” was the thought that kept asserting itself in Craig's mind. The 20-year-old man had just pushed open the door to the changing room marked Women and was beginning to peer inside. The room was apparently deserted. After a quick glance up and down the hallway behind him to make sure the coast was clear, Craig crept his way inside. The door closed behind him, and he began to look around for a suitable place. Craig had brought a tiny video camera with him. His plan was simple: He'd stash the camera somewhere in the cheerleader's locker room, leave it  recording, then come back on Friday after school and take the camera back. With any luck, he'd have hours and hours of footage of his school's sexy cheerleaders in various states of undress.
Craig soon found the perfect place for his camera on one of the high, narrow window ledges overlooking the locker room. He placed his camera carefully on it, hit Record (being sure to avoid f
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Cheer change tg
Tio was walking down to his dorm stairs, and headed out into the lobby. He heard a few laughs, and shrug them off. Today was the powderpuff game, and Tio's girlfriend, Emily, made him be a cheerleader for it. She decided to go full out on it, and Tio was currently wearing a cheerleader's outfit, including a bra and panties. "Geeze, the things I do for love," he complained, walking out.
He walks by the front desk, and sees two people talking to the R.A. One of them was standing, with long black hair, in a black coat, and jeans. He points at Tio, and starts to laugh. Tio got a strange feeling he knew the guy, but never seen him before. The other guy was talking to the R.A. Tio heard, "We're looking for our friend. His name is Tio. We don't know his last name." The R.A. points at Tio, "Is that him?" The man turns around. He was wearing a white t-shirt, and black jeans. He wore sunglasses, even though he was inside. An eyebrow raises, and he starts to laugh. The second guy asks, "Fraternit
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Cheer up!!! :iconuotapo:uotapo 3,823 871 The TG Harem 4 - Chase/Chelsea :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 985 46 Lollipop Chainsaw cosplay Juliet Starling :iconzyunkamukhina:ZyunkaMukhina 538 17 Cheerleading squad :iconcookiemagik:CookiemagiK 2,362 361
Just for Today Part 1
Just for Today Part 1
It was just another normal day for Jack. He just got up, brushed his teeth, and washed his face. After he changed into his usual clothing with his signature blue long coat, he headed down stairs for a quick breakfast. Beside his plate, Jack saw a metallic digital watch and a note. Curious, Jack took the note.
We’re very sorry, but we had to leave early for work and we’re probably going to arrive late tonight. To make up for this, I modified your skateboard to be remote controlled. Just press the side button, and the screen will become a touch pad for you to control the movement and speed of your board. I hope this fun feature this makes up for our constant absence. We love you son.
Jack gave a small smile. “Thanks, dad.”
Jack finished his breakfast and sped toward his school on his new board. He even tried a few stunts with the new feature.
“I think I’m doing pretty well,” Jack said to himself.
Just as Jack
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Lollipop Chainsaw :icondalincosplay:DalinCosplay 832 18 Lollipop Chainsaw Juliet Starling cosplay :iconzyunkamukhina:ZyunkaMukhina 328 7 GO PONYVILLE! :iconatryl:atryl 3,584 213 Lollipop Chainsaw Juliet Starling cosplay :iconzyunkamukhina:ZyunkaMukhina 267 8 Killing Zombies Gives Me Total Wood! :iconcaram3llo:Caram3llo 386 57 Juliet Starling :icondalincosplay:DalinCosplay 555 20
VeRONica the Cheeerleader
Kim Possible was worried for her friend...and a bit worried about her reputation. Ron Stoppable was told he needed an extracurricular activity so it could look good on college resumés, Ron wanted something that he could do good without it being too difficult, so he decided to Join Middleton's Cheerleading Squad with Kim. She was against the idea of course but the rules didn't discriminate the idea of a boy joining, there were boy cheerleaders. Still, She, along with Bonnie Rockwaller and several other members didn't approve, but they couldn't stop him from trying out.
At the day of Ron's tryout, Bonnie was upset that Kim was going to let him go through with it. Ron was waiting outside for the girls to get ready while Kim was about to explain how it would work, and maybe get Ron to have any doubts about doing it.  
"Having Stoppable on our team will bring our team to the bottom" Bonnie ranted "Not only in regionals but the bottom of the social Food chain!" Another cheerle
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juliet lollipop chainsaw :iconrykku-chan:rykku-chan 202 20
Just for Today Part 2
Just for Today Part 2
Nicole’s POV
Hi everyone. I’m so excited that I’m finally getting my chance to narrate this bit. So as of now, the team and I were going to practice our cheer routine for the big game. And guess what, Jack, I mean Jill, is going to help us. I almost feel sorry for pushing this on her, but she’s too cute to not have on the team. Well, this is just for today. Better get out there, the team’s waiting. So is Jill. *giggle*
Narrator POV
“Is there any chance I can change my mind,” Jill said, who is now clad in a blue cheerleader’s uniform.
“A man wouldn’t go back on his word, now would he?” giggled Nicole.
“That coming from the girl who changed me into a girl,” protested Jill. “This uniform is so embarrassing. How do you girls do it?”
“It’s just us,” Katie said. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be pumped up enough to forget that you’re e
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Sexy Rider Juliet :icongiuato:GiuAto 603 37 Sketch dump 5 - ALPHA SQUAD :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 2,118 77 How Not to Voltron. Part 1 :iconsvedverite:Svedverite 1,344 129 Sexy Rider Juliet :icongiuato:GiuAto 860 30 Achievement Unlocked ~ :iconcaram3llo:Caram3llo 503 81 Don't be a pervert, undead douchebag! :iconcaram3llo:Caram3llo 342 32 Cheerleader Felicia :icontailsrulz:tailsrulz 1,919 279 Lollipop Chainsaw cosplay Juliet Starling :iconzyunkamukhina:ZyunkaMukhina 310 9 Cmsn - Not a celebration :iconglockens:Glockens 821 48 Cheerleader Susan: Dream Edition :iconauctus177:Auctus177 1,068 78
Just for Today Part 3
Just for Today Part 3
Nicole’s POV
Hi, again. Nicole speaking. This mic is on, right? Good. So we’re just taking a break from practice. Jill is so amazing out there. It really makes me wish she was born a girl. But, I do have to respect that Jill is really Jack. He really has an open heart. I can see why Holly has a thing for him. But, just a little while ago, I saw Jill walking away. I wonder why. And I wonder if Sarah really is sick. Well Mr. Narrator, let’s all hear it.
Narrator’s POV
“It’s okay, I won’t tell,” Jill said. “Just let me ask you a question. Why aren’t you in bed getting your rest, Sarah?”
Sarah was a little hesitant at first. Then, she started to cry. Jill brought her close to her.
“Hey, it’s okay,” Jill said. “I just want to know if something’s bothering you.”
Sarah eventually calmed down and began to speak.
“I…I didn’t mean to deceive anyone,
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AFA 2012 - Lollipop Chainsaw 01 :iconshiroang:shiroang 343 8
Journal (Cheerleader TG)
Journal Entry 1:'ve decided I'd start writing in this journal my grandma got me a few years ago. I found this thing under a pile of old clothes. Beyond the smell, it's a pretty good journal.
Tomorrow starts my first day of detention. I've got this damn thing for a week...
Okay, explanation time. Last week the cheerleader captain Christine was...well, acting like your stereotypical blonde. At lunch I saw her whispering and laughing at my friend, (who isn't exactly the best looking) so i walked over to her and slammed my lunch tray into her face. Losing my lunch and having to suffer a week of detention was completely worth it to hear her fucking scream. Bitch deserved it.
My parents yelled at me for I'm grounded too. Which is why I bothered to even pick this journal up. I need SOMETHING to do while I wait out my punishment...
Well...looks like it's early curfew for me. I've gotta pack it in even earlier today. Whoopdy fucking doo.
Guess I'll updat
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Roles for Women: Cheerleader tg
This story is part of Roles for Women.  It contains male to female transgender and mind change.
Jon learned a very important lesson of not drinking too much while watching a baseball game, in fact he was learning it as he was walking down a hall, searching for a washroom while it felt like his bladder was going to explode.
“Why did I buy those 10 cups in one hours?” Jon asked himself as he continued searching, until he found a washroom sign and instantly became happy, walking faster to the washroom, and going into the first door, which unfortunately was the women's washroom.
Jon went into a stall when he saw that there were no urinals, and unzipped his pants to take a leak, but his mind was telling him to sit down, which he agreed to as he sat down and did his business.
The sudden desire to sit was the fact that the bathroom was magic, and that any man that went in would be turned into a wom
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Of Cheer and Howls_Part 1
Of Cheer and Howls
By NinetailWynfox
Part 1:
Jack and Nicole's POVs
Jack: Hold it right there readers. If you haven't read "Just for Today" yet, then you're missing out on a lot already. Please, read "Just for Today" on this link ( or on my writer's gallery.  
Nicole: Yeeah! Because if you don't, I'll turn you into my maid with my awesome power.
Jack: -_-; ...All you do is spread your little pixie powder all over the place. And no you will not do that
Nicole: Hey, just kidding...Maybe.  ; P   *Giggle* Anyway, if you already have read, good for you, you're ready for a whole new plot. Let the show begin.
Narrator POV
Normally, our protagonist, Jack, wears his signature blue long coat wherever he goes. Considering it's summer, however, Jack walks the street in a blue unbuttoned shirt over a white T-shirt instead. Just a moment ago, he just finished kendo practice and was on his way home trying to figure what to do next.
"Yawn," sighed Jack as he took o
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Cheerleader TG
Ben was at high school one day and he and his friend John decided it would be fun to sneak into the girl's locker room, little did they know would they come out looking the same.
"Wow." Ben said in awe,"The girls sure take care of their room, don't they?"
"Yeah." John said, looking around, suddenly he picked up a girl's panties,"Check these out!" He yelled throwing them to Ben, he sniffed them.
"Still fresh." He laughed. There was giggling from outside."John?" Ben asked but his friend had made good his escape through the Fire Exit and he did the same just as the Cheer Squad came in, a hand held tightly onto his shirt and forced him back into the room.
"Hey, Girls only!" The Cheer Captain told him sternly,"But there is a place on the Squad and you are just the person we need."
"Me?" He asked. But he never got a reply, the Cheer Leaders giggled and smiled as he began to change.
Ben's hair became long, tied with red ribbons into pigtails, his outfit changed to a white and blue tank top wi
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Welcome to the Team :iconkannelart:KannelArt 1,787 91 Commission - Damsel Minigame Recruits! :iconheartgear:HeartGear 3,004 169 Lollipop chainsaw :iconhelen-stifler:Helen-Stifler 371 20
Quarterback!AmericaxBand!Reader - In the Bleachers
Hmph. Stupid cheerleaders.
They always act so damn happy all the time. Sure, our team’s won every game this season, but do they have to beam at us with those stupid-looking smiles and make jazz hands while they shout out those dumb-ass cheers in the girliest voices ever?
“You’re thinking about killing the cheerleaders again, aren’t you?” said my friend Laurie.
“Oh, not just killing them,” I replied, turning to face her. “I’m thinking about peeling the skin off their hands and feet, and pulling out their pretty little French tips, and splitting their puffed-up bottom lips with my fist o’goodness, and shaving all their hair off, and then, when I’m done, I’ll take a picture and post it on all of their stupid Instagrams.”
She laughed, an eyebrow raised. “Been thinking about this long and hard, have you?”
“Since the kickoff.” I glanced at the scoreboard. We were winning seventeen to
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Switching Teams
   “Okay team, huddle up!”
   I put down my water as I jog to my coach.  My football team is on a 10 game winning streak, and tomorrow is the district championship.  I play linebacker, and so far this year I have 15 sacks,11 interceptions, and 78 tackles.  I’m the undisputed leader of the defense.  Anyway, as I reach Coach Costello, we get our end of practice speech.
   “Okay, bozos, listen up.  Tomorrow is the district championship.  If we win, we head to State Playoffs.  If we lose, we head home, and I’m sure none of us want that.  So, I’ll ask a few simple questions.  What are we?”
   “The Tsunamis!”
   “What do we do?”
   “We win!”
   Costello smiles.  “Okay, team, bring it in.  1, 2, 3, TSUNAMIS!!!”  As we break our huddle, Costello nods at me.  “Mallory
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Naruto to Cheerleader Tg Sequence Commission :iconrezuban:Rezuban 1,060 28