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Passage :iconeilidh:eilidh 638 85 I'm watching you. :iconandrewdobell:AndrewDobell 211 10
Silent Trios,Gunfire Fireflies
white powder a litany of snow
heroin murder littering the black tunnels of a gun
snowflakes falling
oblique rain in the morning
fireflies swarm his mind
as eyelids flutter and close
she went down town
pennies falling silver and blue
from her hands
enough to pay the ferryman
across the deep
to the other side
she bought threaded coils
just for the promise of sleep
the promise of sleep
he wandered the arches
in the dusk of streetlights
of roads paved with rose gold
of gentle waves waiting below
in the cold of the night
his eyelashes falling into white
he took a step into the ether
just to breathe feathers
just for flight
fireflies, fireflies
the sleeping curls
touch the curves of her neck
the feeling of his feet
in nothingness
suicides running
into the dark
:iconrosary0fsighs:Rosary0fSighs 15 10
Charon's Lullaby :iconduirwaighstudios:DuirwaighStudios 71 11 Charon- the ferryman :iconimmarart:ImmarArt 56 7 Crossing the Styx :iconcaveatscoti:Caveatscoti 83 5
I saw you that day — riding out upon the Styx;
I waded in, though Charon bade me wait,
        (I was always so hot-headed)
The current dragged me down, I lost myself
amidst the stale slimy waters.
Hands outstretched; only then did you turn
        to look at me. Your eyes shone bright,
all-knowing, — they blinded me.
I watched your body wash upon the shore,
Lips bruised and mind all bloodied.
I wreathed you in blankets, warmed you;
        You were shuddering when you woke.
I asked you, "Why do you shudder so?"
You did not answer.
I remember that day, — you kissed me,
The fires of Hell blazed behind us;
        I could not speak that day.
We spoke with fingertips and eyelashes,
and touches barely felt. We spoke
        with touches that day; I swear
I've never spoken since.
:iconfathertiresias:fathertiresias 9 14
The Ferryman :iconrock0426:Rock0426 48 26 Zeus :icontwynsunz:Twynsunz 33 7 For the ferryman.. :icondaisukekuroneko:daisukekuroneko 26 11 Dungeon Hordes 8 :icondungeonhordes:Dungeonhordes 24 7 OCs - Lottie and Jo :iconangelwolfchild:ANGELWOLFCHILD 9 7 Next stop... Limbo. :icondr-rev:Dr-Rev 10 4 The Ferryman :iconrachel-ruby:Rachel-Ruby 8 2 To The Otherside :iconouiu:ouiu 10 0 Charon Sketch Card :icontwynsunz:Twynsunz 9 4 Charon, Ferryman of the River Styx :iconthe-emperors-finest:The-Emperors-Finest 6 2 The River Styx :iconkarlschulschenk:KarlSchulschenk 7 3 Wrath of the Gods 2: Cerberus :iconwafflez-mc:WaffleZ-MC 6 2 The Ferryman 2 :iconrock0426:Rock0426 5 2 Charon mirror :icondragonmun:dragonmun 4 0 Charon the Ferryman :iconlatexluv:Latexluv 5 4 Bottled Abyss :iconwreckles:wreckles 4 0 7th Circle of Hell 'Violence' :icondr-rev:Dr-Rev 3 0 The Eighth Circle of Hell. :icondr-rev:Dr-Rev 3 0 Everett as Death :iconchevyrw:ChevyRW 2 24 The Ferryman Awaits :iconrancidfetus:rancidfetus 2 1 Charon :icondemodus:Demodus 2 0 Charon Avator :iconsage5598goddesszues:Sage5598goddessZues 2 0 The Ferryman :iconzarganath:Zarganath 2 0 Tiny Terrorz - Charon :iconekow2286:Ekow2286 2 0 Heresy. :icondr-rev:Dr-Rev 2 0 The Ninth Circle of Hell. :icondr-rev:Dr-Rev 2 0 Ferryman, Page 1 :iconsequentialscott:sequentialscott 2 0 Challenge: Charon The Ferryman :iconavianmaster:Avianmaster 0 2 Charon Sketch :iconriatsila:Riatsila 0 0 Charon :iconasagiu:Asagiu 0 0 Ferryman, Page 3 :iconsequentialscott:sequentialscott 1 0 Ferryman 002 :iconarroyocreative:ArroyoCreative 2 1 Charon :iconllavaud:llavaud 0 0 Charon the Ferryman (OC) :iconflylikephoenix:FlyLikePhoenix 0 1 Ferryman v.2 - 001 :iconarroyocreative:ArroyoCreative 0 0 Charon the Ferryman (OC) #2 :iconflylikephoenix:FlyLikePhoenix 1 0
Tribute to the Gods: Charon
Guider of the spirits,
Ferryman of the dead
A lonely soul -
Cursed for eternity to transport
Those who have crossed over
To the other side of the gap.
Across the River Styx
He'll take you where you need to go:
He guards the only safe passage
So be careful to be polite
And pay for his custom,
Or you shall not cross,
And be more cursed then he.
Beware the wrath of the oarsman,
Though he doesn't seem much,
He is very much deadly,
If not in physical strength,
On the basis of he being the only one
Who can help you to pass on.
:icone-herowindmaster:e-herowindmaster 1 1
Friendly old Ferryman :iconchezwald:Chezwald 1 0 Day 29 - Charon :iconkayles-jabberwock:kayles-jabberwock 3 0 Charon :iconsvartlila:svartlila 0 0 Michelangelo's Demon :iconpnkpnther:PnkPnther 1 0 Charon :icondeadmensboots:deadmensboots 0 0 Ferryman 006 :iconarroyocreative:ArroyoCreative 0 0