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Passage by eilidh Passage :iconeilidh:eilidh 640 85 I'm watching you. by AndrewDobell I'm watching you. :iconandrewdobell:AndrewDobell 215 10 Charon- the ferryman by ImmarArt Charon- the ferryman :iconimmarart:ImmarArt 56 7 Charon's Lullaby by DuirwaighStudios Charon's Lullaby :iconduirwaighstudios:DuirwaighStudios 71 11 Crossing the Styx by Caveatscoti Crossing the Styx :iconcaveatscoti:Caveatscoti 82 5 The Ferryman by Rock0426 The Ferryman :iconrock0426:Rock0426 47 26 Zeus by Twynsunz Zeus :icontwynsunz:Twynsunz 32 7
Magnum Opus
I wonder if there will come a time when man is surrounded solely by his own creations. Every year, every month, every day that passes man, in his insatiable curiosity, delves into the secrets of the universe. Learning is his opiate; it is his raison d'etre, to grow and change. But it was never enough to be schooled by the disciplines of science or philosophy. No, he must test his knowledge, he must be certain that the flower of the universe has opened its petals to him, has divulged every last, intimate drop of nectar from its tender blossoms. And what greater test, than to fashion the object of your studies by your own hand, what greater challenge of your understanding and wisdom than to improve upon the design? Yes, man has a lust for creation. He was indeed carved in the image of his God.
Still, God was wise enough to bless his creations with free will, that they might surprise and delight him, that he might grow to love them. Man, too, tried this-- albeit to a lesser extent. As
:icontatterdema1ion:tatterdema1ion 5 11
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Notes of the Sea: Two Coins
Journal Entry No: XX
Date: Month XX, Year XXXX Day XX
I've learned something rather peculiar in my travels. It seems, that in MANY places that I travel, whether it be the oceans or the lands of our world, I have found a surprisingly common practice, despite the diversity of religions, cultures, and all the like.
It began when I was a passenger on a ship from one island to another and I discovered that a number of the crew each carried two coins in their pockets. Now, how much money one man carries and keeps is certainly none of my business, but I found it odd later when they were given the chance to buy a bit of food or drink, they declined, saying they had no money to spare.
Again, what they have or how they use it is none of my business, but I did find it rather odd. As a man of many curiosities, I asked them, one by one, about it and received a very strange reply.
"In case I die suddenly, I have fare for the journey,"
This confused me, for no one would tell me more on the mat
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