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At The Beginning With You :icongrodansnagel:Grodansnagel 2,799 309 Red lights :icondaroz:daRoz 5,083 192 A Stranger Like Me :icongrodansnagel:Grodansnagel 2,734 246 Shines in the Night for You :icongrodansnagel:Grodansnagel 1,944 290 I Share My World :icongrodansnagel:Grodansnagel 1,810 260 What Makes Life Divine :icongrodansnagel:Grodansnagel 1,799 166 Disney Hunger Games :iconblastedgoose:blastedgoose 3,827 862 MLP Gijinka Chibis :iconaninion:Aninion 1,975 96 Beginning. :icongrodansnagel:Grodansnagel 2,846 229 Princess and the Frog: Tiana :icondaekazu:daekazu 4,876 231 Indigo lady :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 1,787 35 London :icondaroz:daRoz 2,606 89 proposal by shoe :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 9,691 767 The Princess and the Frog :icondaekazu:daekazu 5,614 168 Twilight ep.16: Eve, SnowWhite and Bella :icondaekazu:daekazu 3,235 273 Let's Pway Dress Up :iconzamiecat:ZamieCat 1,542 1,043 From Underneath :iconwishmasteralchemist:WishmasterAlchemist 579 20 Orphiel :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 3,829 107 Prague #2 :icondaroz:daRoz 932 31 Dancing Queens :icongrodansnagel:Grodansnagel 1,254 132 Disney Power Couples :iconsiriussteve:SiriusSteve 1,503 164 Spots and Socks :icongrodansnagel:Grodansnagel 1,384 125 Silver Lady :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 2,205 47 Rain down on me :icondaroz:daRoz 1,237 29 The Menz :iconjimbopunk:jimbopunk 1,152 64 Ahri is Charming :iconmaohwolf:maohwolf 823 54 Icebound :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 2,470 314 Male Stock 228 :iconbirdsistersstock:BirdsistersStock 837 104 Garden of mystery :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 1,987 54 Natsu- The Ninja way! :iconcharmingyuuta:CharmingYuuta 416 115 Blue Dance :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 1,658 28 Imagination of Space :iconqauz:QAuZ 791 70 Piper's Pet FULL :iconnicholaskole:nicholaskole 5,293 833 Dear Snow White.... :iconmaillequeen:MailleQueen 2,920 367 Character Heights :icongrodansnagel:Grodansnagel 912 155 Greuceanu :iconyuuza:Yuuza 3,734 364
YukixReader: Prince Charming
“Is there anything else I can do to help Tohru?” You asked taking the plates down from the cabinet.
“No, I just finished.” Tohru answered turning off the stove. She picked up the first plate and started to plate the food she had made for dinner. You had done a bit to help her, but mostly it was Tohru.
“At least let me help you carry the food to the table.” You offered.
Tohru smiled. “Alright.” She finished plating the food. Then the two of you carried the food into the living room where Yuki, Kyo and Shigure were waiting. You had been staying at Shigure’s place for four months. You were a relative of Hatori and had moved in with him after your parents passed away in a car crash. Hatori was the closest relative you had and he had agreed to let you stay with him.
You had learned about the family curse when you hugged Hatori, as a thank you for letting you stay with him, and he turned into a seahorse. You had freaked out not knowing wh
:icon13youko:13Youko 373 103
Sunset in a miracle forest :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 1,947 59 Snow White and the... :icondaekazu:daekazu 6,519 338 Disney Heroes Busts :iconprincekido:princekido 5,903 342 Cinderella: New Dress :iconsonala:Sonala 610 101 Once Upon A Time... :iconrafkinswarning:RafkinsWarning 1,613 107 Snow White and Prince Charming :icondralamy:Dralamy 1,396 91 FF - Noctis Lucis Caelum :iconcataclysm-x:Cataclysm-X 4,087 390
Shantae: The snake dancer
What kind of sword was this?
Looking through her inventory, Shantae dearly hoped that she had something that could help her in this tenuous situation. Having gone through a long ordeal, vanquished multiple enemies and being a little exhausted from such a long trip, the last thing she expected to see get in her way was a gigantic wall, one that she had no way around or below. Normally, such a challenge would be easily overcome by using her talent of transformation, dancing into her monkey form to overcome this, yet the multiple spikes and vicious enemies clinging on the surface seemed to imply that this solution was unfortunately unavailable for her at this moment. Her equipment, as small as it was, didn't include any rope, or any items that could allow her to jump higher, or to protect herself against such elements, what she did find, however, was a completely useless sword that, last she recall, Bolo had crafted for her.
''This is the last time I let Bolo near a forge. I can't even at
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