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Their hair. by sn0otchie Their hair. :iconsn0otchie:sn0otchie 18 6 pink sketchpad dump by sn0otchie pink sketchpad dump :iconsn0otchie:sn0otchie 14 6 HOW TO DRAW: Charlie Brooker by drwhofreak HOW TO DRAW: Charlie Brooker :icondrwhofreak:drwhofreak 18 33 Charlie Brooker by Lieju Charlie Brooker :iconlieju:Lieju 12 12 Complaining about his coffee by Percyfan94 Complaining about his coffee :iconpercyfan94:Percyfan94 11 8
Gurren Lagann Brooker style
I don't know about you, but looking back on 2007, it was a fairly controversial year: While it'll be remembered for slapstick terror attacks and Tony Blair's resignation, TV was pretty much in the shitter. After all, there was notorious Queen trailer cock up, and then there was the Concert for Diana (which, frankly, may as well been a promotion for Princess Diana Scalextric) and most famous of all, the BIG Big Brother race scandal, which involved Jade Goody, Smirky McChuckletits and Shilpa Shetty.
Thank god then they (the Japanese) finally did it: the greatest story ever told. Seriously, you can talk about the intricacies of Citizen Kane, but when it comes to it, I'll just drill through the damn thing. The anime that did exactly that is none other than "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann".
I started on this show just last year, and by god am I glad I did; This may just be the best damn show I've ever watched. Utterly entrancing, utterly badass to point of making your brain fry and even as funn
:iconsauberc11fan:SauberC11Fan 7 12
Mr. Tickle shirt on Screenwipe by Percyfan94 Mr. Tickle shirt on Screenwipe :iconpercyfan94:Percyfan94 10 7 Watching Dark Knight Rises by Percyfan94 Watching Dark Knight Rises :iconpercyfan94:Percyfan94 10 6 Omen. by Annie-Zapata Omen. :iconannie-zapata:Annie-Zapata 7 19 CURMUDGEONS by drwhofreak CURMUDGEONS :icondrwhofreak:drwhofreak 10 28 we're cowboys by dongpeiyen1000 we're cowboys :icondongpeiyen1000:dongpeiyen1000 10 6 HS8: Lil' Joe by Dill-Tasker HS8: Lil' Joe :icondill-tasker:Dill-Tasker 8 1 charlton b by dongpeiyen1000 charlton b :icondongpeiyen1000:dongpeiyen1000 9 1 Ado's rant about Britian by Percyfan94 Ado's rant about Britian :iconpercyfan94:Percyfan94 7 3 Go Compare This by SuperAshBro Go Compare This :iconsuperashbro:SuperAshBro 7 3 Little Chibis. :O: by Berry-licious Little Chibis. :O: :iconberry-licious:Berry-licious 9 9 Alternative Election Night by Lozyface Alternative Election Night :iconlozyface:Lozyface 5 9 Black Mirror - Season 1 Episode 2 by cecile-appert Black Mirror - Season 1 Episode 2 :iconcecile-appert:cecile-appert 5 0 kawaii charlie brooker by Bogswallop kawaii charlie brooker :iconbogswallop:Bogswallop 6 4 Mr Noseybonk's Wrath by SuperAshBro Mr Noseybonk's Wrath :iconsuperashbro:SuperAshBro 5 1 The Waldo Moment by MatRoff The Waldo Moment :iconmatroff:MatRoff 4 1 My Influence Map by SuperAshBro My Influence Map :iconsuperashbro:SuperAshBro 3 0
Loonatics Unleased Review
   Since the death Hanna-Barbera, cartoons have had many changes on the basis of story, characters, and the clinical sense of the plot summary. The late 90's introduced the modern era of cartoons; simply known as "Modern".
   Basically, there are more up-to-date characteristics in these ones. More up-to-date references; less pushy jokes, and more emphasised on total randomness; and sometimes, a little more serious.
   For a few examples, look at popular cartoons today. An iconic example would be the hugely popular "Ben 10" series. Now on personal opinions; I hate this show; it's the whole basis of idiocy that creates a boundary here. The idea of a smug 10 year being able to do what he does is ball-achingly sad; and knowing my luck, he'll still do well; even if I swear death on the creators and anyone who likes it.
   However, I also have those feelings when I'm literally smirking at this; in the idea of that this is never goin
:iconpureness999:Pureness999 2 14
Charlie Brooker by SuperAshBro Charlie Brooker :iconsuperashbro:SuperAshBro 2 0 Britchell by JanuaryVictim Britchell :iconjanuaryvictim:JanuaryVictim 1 6 Charlie Brooker space invader by TheDoctorsMineJeeves Charlie Brooker space invader :iconthedoctorsminejeeves:TheDoctorsMineJeeves 2 1 doc+nathan P by drwhofreak doc+nathan P :icondrwhofreak:drwhofreak 1 7 KING CHARLIE by Lyeekha KING CHARLIE :iconlyeekha:Lyeekha 1 0 still in progress 2 by inevitableentresol still in progress 2 :iconinevitableentresol:inevitableentresol 0 0 Charlie brooker stencil by batmadrox Charlie brooker stencil :iconbatmadrox:batmadrox 1 0 Zine 2 by drwhofreak Zine 2 :icondrwhofreak:drwhofreak 1 3 Charlie Brooker 2 by lorcan13 Charlie Brooker 2 :iconlorcan13:lorcan13 0 0 corner of table w charlieeeee by drwhofreak corner of table w charlieeeee :icondrwhofreak:drwhofreak 0 5 Charlie Brooker Art Wipe 1 by lorcan13 Charlie Brooker Art Wipe 1 :iconlorcan13:lorcan13 0 0 All hail King Charlie by drwhofreak All hail King Charlie :icondrwhofreak:drwhofreak 1 26 Brooker W.I.P5 by frasierdalek Brooker W.I.P5 :iconfrasierdalek:frasierdalek 0 1 Charlie Brooker by shin1229 Charlie Brooker :iconshin1229:shin1229 0 0 Brooker W.I.P3 by frasierdalek Brooker W.I.P3 :iconfrasierdalek:frasierdalek 0 0 Brooker W.I.P2 by frasierdalek Brooker W.I.P2 :iconfrasierdalek:frasierdalek 0 0 Brooker: The Puppet 4 by frasierdalek Brooker: The Puppet 4 :iconfrasierdalek:frasierdalek 0 0 Brooker: The Puppet 2 by frasierdalek Brooker: The Puppet 2 :iconfrasierdalek:frasierdalek 0 0 Brooker: The Puppet 3 by frasierdalek Brooker: The Puppet 3 :iconfrasierdalek:frasierdalek 0 0 Charlie Brooker Art Wipe 2 by lorcan13 Charlie Brooker Art Wipe 2 :iconlorcan13:lorcan13 0 0 Charlie Brooker Art Wipe 3 by lorcan13 Charlie Brooker Art Wipe 3 :iconlorcan13:lorcan13 1 3 Brooker gets some Sun by frasierdalek Brooker gets some Sun :iconfrasierdalek:frasierdalek 0 5 Brooker W.I.P4 by frasierdalek Brooker W.I.P4 :iconfrasierdalek:frasierdalek 4 3 Brooker W.I.P 9 by frasierdalek Brooker W.I.P 9 :iconfrasierdalek:frasierdalek 0 0 Brooker W.I.P 8 by frasierdalek Brooker W.I.P 8 :iconfrasierdalek:frasierdalek 0 0 Brooker W.I.P 7 by frasierdalek Brooker W.I.P 7 :iconfrasierdalek:frasierdalek 0 0