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~Who to Betray~ Bertholdt x Titan-Shifter!Reader
No. Nononononono. This isn't real. "Shut up," you said, breaking out into a cold sweat. Standing mere meters away from Eren, Reiner, and Bertholdt, you heard their entire conversation. They wanted Eren to run away with them. Not exactly uncommon, considering the state of the world at the moment. It was their reason for asking that chilled you to the bone. Reiner had just proclaimed himself to be the Armored Titan, and revealed Bertholdt, sweet, shy Bertholdt, to be the Colossal Titan.
Stepping towards them hesitantly on the top of wall rose, hands shaking and lips tight, you stared at Bertholdt with wide, (e/c) eyes. He was your friend, no matter how odd and quiet he was. But he was more than that to you. Unspoken words had lingered in the air about you two, as clear as day, yet never expressed. Was everything a lie? Did you fall in love with a master manipulator who only pretended to care? Looking away, feeling somewhat ashamed, you thought of your own
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Detailed Character Sheet
Basic Statistics 
Full Name: 
Reason or meaning of name
How'd they get it?
Date of Birth
Zodiac: Species:
Sexual Orientation:  
When did they realize this?:Nationality: 
Current Residence: 
For how long?
Do they like his/her job?
If they had an element, what would it be?: 
Can they use it?: 
What animal best represents them?: 
Hand-to-Hand capability: 
When did they start learning?:Who taught them?:Weapons training: 
When did they start learning?:Who taught them?:Physical strength: 
Any significant ancestors?: 
Grandparents (descr
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100 Questions to Ask Your OC
Hello, folks! The purpose of this exercise is to delve deep into a character's mind and tease out interesting eccentricities about them, the bits and pieces of unique information that make them special. Each question is designed to help think about the character more and understand them. Whether you're responding to one question or all of them, hopefully your character speaks to you all through it!
   1. People don't behave the same way all the time. In fact, they generally have a mask for every social group -- friends, family, business. Sometimes they have a different mask for different groups of friends. How does your character act around different people? How does their personality shift and change?
   2. Your character has been brought to a party and promptly ditched. They don't have a ride back home. How does this work? How comfortable are they around all of these strangers? Do they interact?
   3. It's kind of awkward - what subje
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~Epiphany~ Levi x Reader Chapter 1
"It hurts, doesn't it?"
"A little," Eren responded.
You alone entered what looked to be a sitting room, with three people wearing jackets emblazoned with the wings of freedom on their jackets. Erwin had led you to the room, then claimed that he had some business to take care of, leaving you to bravely enter the room alone. Off to the side sat Eren, on a couch and having his wounds tended to by a woman with glasses and a brunette ponytail. Not like he really needed it. Most of his injuries were already healed, and the ones that weren't were halfway there.
Eren jumped up when he saw you. "_____!" he blurted out, rushing over to you and grabbing you in a tight hug. "It feels like I haven't seen you in years," he whispered in your ear.
"Ow, ow, watch the head," you said, cringing when he accidentally nudged your head.
Pulling away, he looked at you questioningly, taking in your thinner appearance and the shadows beneath your eyes. "What happened to you?"
"Hit my head at Trost," you said, w
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~Kissing You Better~ Erwin x Reader Chapter 1
"Ouch! Watch where you're-oh!" Shit, it was higher-up. Double shit! It was Commander Erwin himself. Great. How am I supposed to advance the ranks in the Corps if I disrespect the commander on my first day as a member of the scouting legion? you thought. You bowed your head slightly, you entire tone of voice changing. "I'm so sorry sir! it won't happen again!"
When you did not hear him say anything, you looked up to see a smile on his lips, a sparkle in his bright blue eyes. "I see, cadet. If I were anyone else, you would have chewed me out, am I right?"
You began to squirm under the intensity of his gaze. He was calling you out on you behavior. Wonderful. Slowly, you began to nod, feeling that admitting to it was better than standing there, frozen in fear.
He patted you on the shoulder. "I'd much prefer if you'd treat me like you do everyone else. I am just another person, after all. Or, better yet, treat everyone like you treat me. Kindness and compassion is more likely to solve probl
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~Kissing You Better~ Erwin x Reader Chapter 3
This was an absolute nightmare. You stood high up in a ridiculously tall tree at the entrance to a forest of even larger trees, looking down at the grotesque faces of titans, all too eager to tear you limb from limb. What the hell was going on in the forest, where Erwin's group had entered not to long ago, followed by Squad Levi and most lately by that Female-type titan?
After a single glance at her, you were immediately unsettled and confused. Why did she look so familiar to you?
Snarling as an aberrant titan began climbing between two trees to say hello to you and eat you for dinner, you surveyed the surrounding area. After seeing no other titans in the immediate vicinity, you lunged downwards with your gear and a slashed a wide chunk out of its neck. It fell to the ground with a dull thump!
You maneuvered your way closer towards a group of people. Soldiers were supposed to stay with their squads, but considering yours was dead, you'd have to make do. Being placed on the right flank
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