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Kamen: Pt. 1
Name: Kamen
Nickname(s): Faceless; the Mannequin; the Kenpachi's White Shadow (White Shadow)
Age: 8 (3 Years in Production)
Sex: Androgynous (Identifies as Male)
Sexual Preference: Asexual
Species: Artificial Shinigami
Alliance: 11th Division Lieutenant
Appearance: The ultimate creation of the Gotei 13's greatest mind, Hanjimono Kin, Kamen is a triumph of technology born from a union of unbridled imagination and countless hours of single-minded development. His production and assemblage were completely unique. Never before had there been an artificial being created only by inanimate material, cybernetics, and other forms of cold Seireitei technology; bio-mechanics and Kidō-influenced genetics had been at the forefront for the creation of artificial souls until their ban nearly a century ago. To manufacture a mechanical being that so perfectly mimicked a S
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NI Desktop / Reina Armor Study by Tekka-Croe NI Desktop / Reina Armor Study :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 822 40 Powerpuff Girl Builder by steffne Powerpuff Girl Builder :iconsteffne:steffne 646 352 Deus Ex Machina 'Orchid Armor' by Tekka-Croe Deus Ex Machina 'Orchid Armor' :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 750 54 Elephant (Command Variant) by Tekka-Croe Elephant (Command Variant) :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 778 43 Figure Study- Reina by Tekka-Croe Figure Study- Reina :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 388 23 Trent Valimund (Timberwolfe) Armor Concept by Tekka-Croe Trent Valimund (Timberwolfe) Armor Concept :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 433 15 Louhi Kiseki - Halloween by LuluSeason Louhi Kiseki - Halloween :iconluluseason:LuluSeason 5,561 255 Force choke by rayn44 Force choke :iconrayn44:rayn44 382 130 Ask - Question #58 by GingaAkam Ask - Question #58 :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 1,061 870 Reina Cloude (2012) by Tekka-Croe Reina Cloude (2012) :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 541 18 Additional God-Tier Aspects and Classes by Lucheek Additional God-Tier Aspects and Classes :iconlucheek:Lucheek 981 368
Ideas for Character Pasts
Life-Changing Events
- Rite of passage (birth, adolescence, marriage, joining a religion or club, etc.)
- Death of a family member, mentor, lover, pet, or best friend
- Committing a crime; murder, stealing, break-in, kidnapping, arson, rape, drugs, adultery, forgery, treason, etc.
- Victim or witness of a crime
- Falling in love
- Converting beliefs
- Switching jobs/careers
- Switching lifestyle
- Saving a life
- Scientific discovery
- Personal discovery; destiny, spiritual goal, family secrets, hidden potential, power, or talent
- Fighting in a war
- Winning or losing a battle
- Being recognized for a skill, trait, endeavor, or heroic deed
- Falling into/out of an addiction or habit
- Gaining an inheritance or gift: money, a weapon, armor, jewelry, privilege/rights, property, pet, etc.
- Moving to a new residence
- Going to live with a different family member or guardian
- Achieving a long-term goal
- Earning an award, winning a prize, trophy, certificate, badge, etc.
- Separat
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Good Morning Phoebe by johnjoseco Good Morning Phoebe :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 1,732 137 The 5 Goddess by Eternal-S The 5 Goddess :iconeternal-s:Eternal-S 4,568 293 Flash dump by Hapuriainen Flash dump :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 666 407 OC - Last Farewell by Cataclysm-X OC - Last Farewell :iconcataclysm-x:Cataclysm-X 4,491 1,196
Okada Ayano: Pt. 1
Name: Okada Ayano
Nickname(s): The Butterfly; the Hooded Master; the Jewel; Grandmaster Okada
Age: 298
Sex: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Species: Shinigami
Alliance: 3rd Division Captain

Appearance: Okada Ayano, now a striking, inexplicably stunning woman at the forefront of Soul Society's military, was born among mortal men in the realm of the living—a jewel hidden in coarse sand. The patriarchal, sexist cultural norms of her home village manifested themselves in the men around her, who found her fragile voice irritating and her soft skin incapable of helping their society run, confining her to the most basic family chores. They saw her as a piece of property, a girl lucky enough to be destined for prettiness in a way that would eventually attract a husband, yet poor enough that her dowry would be insubstantial and troublesome for any ho
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Karic Gunship by Tekka-Croe Karic Gunship :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 544 30 Punk girl design, Kotsu (Commision) by Precia-T Punk girl design, Kotsu (Commision) :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 2,257 63 The White-Gold Tower by the-Orator The White-Gold Tower :iconthe-orator:the-Orator 746 38 Monster High Rita Grimmson by Shadow-People Monster High Rita Grimmson :iconshadow-people:Shadow-People 1,789 359 OC meme by Schandmaeulchen OC meme :iconschandmaeulchen:Schandmaeulchen 1,768 186 Commission - OC Avatar Aisha by Aleccha Commission - OC Avatar Aisha :iconaleccha:Aleccha 1,367 80 Captain Jerid Bannon by Tekka-Croe Captain Jerid Bannon :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 289 14
How to Make an Awesome Series
Wanna know how you can make your original works popular? Want people to salivate over every other thing you push out, regardless of how seemingly outlandish or silly? In a few easy steps, you, too, can have every fanboy and girl from North America to Japan licking the festering shit that spews forth from your anus delicious golden fame that drips from your very fingers.
1. No Adult Main Characters The key to a successful series is to never have the main character be a day over 17 years of age. It makes it more accessible to a more general audience and thus gives it more popularity through a wider fan base. Only young people in the prime of life can go on and join the military action-packed adventures of a lifetime and have the imagination capacity to sit through hours and hours of colorful drug-inspired bullshit that anyone over 30 would most likely scoff at. Also, adults are colorless and have no souls, thus why they can't ride unicorns or wield keyblades.
Have you ever seen a
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Gii designing by BloodlineV Gii designing :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 1,557 107 Coloring Tutorial by kureo95 Coloring Tutorial :iconkureo95:kureo95 3,522 480 Things to Come by Tekka-Croe Things to Come :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 632 29 Nova Akosah by Raikoh-illust Nova Akosah :iconraikoh-illust:Raikoh-illust 472 70
Original Quiz 2
1. For each number, put down two of your characters and say how they are associated (friends, siblings, lovers, etc)
2. Answer the questions using both characters in the pair.
3. Each number refers to both characters in the pair. (8=Pair 8)
4. You may use other people’s characters if you wish (be sure you have permission)
Example: (Pair) 7 (Jon/Jane) fights (pair) 9 (Tim/Tony). Who wins?
1. 4 has tickets to a movie, but find 7 sitting in their seats. What do they do?
2. 5 is at home and hears a newsflash that 10 is out killing people on the streets. How does 5 stop 10?
3. Pair 6 decides to get married. Why would 2 object?
4. 8 is walking through a bad neighborhood at night when 9 jumps out and demands their money. What does 8 do?
5. 1 and 3 get into a car crash. What happens, and does anybody die?
6. 7 finds that pair 2 have been murdered! Which pair is most likely to have done it?
7. 8 and 4 are in an elevator when it suddenly breaks down? Wha
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Character Sheet

Don't get too extravagant with this. Description of appearance is one of the most commonly overdone things with OCs. Keep it simple – no one will remember a word you say if you describe everything from the shape of his/her nose to the color of his/her toenails. Also, keep this within the realm of the fandom. In a fandom where characters all have naturally colored hair, it would be strange if your character had naturally pink hair.
Do note the weapon depends on the fandom, the age, the time, the place, etc. Your character may also not have weapons, it all depends. If your character does have a weapon, what type of weapon it is depends largely on the fandom. For example, it would be quite bizarre if your Rurouni Kenshin OC used a light saber as a weapon.  And it would be a plot-hole…
Special Ability:
Similar to weapon, the ability of your character depends on the fandom. If the canon characters of the fando
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The Archivist by Tekka-Croe The Archivist :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 809 46 Sketch 4/3/2014 by Tekka-Croe Sketch 4/3/2014 :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 373 9 OC Age Meme- Liester by HenarTorinos OC Age Meme- Liester :iconhenartorinos:HenarTorinos 825 77 Monster High Wednesday Wendigo by Shadow-People Monster High Wednesday Wendigo :iconshadow-people:Shadow-People 1,573 281 Flechette by TheMichaelMacRae Flechette :iconthemichaelmacrae:TheMichaelMacRae 1,066 31 Cadaver dogs by rivaste Cadaver dogs :iconrivaste:rivaste 3,342 354 VolSa: Spring, won't you come? by riingo VolSa: Spring, won't you come? :iconriingo:riingo 7,228 864 Mary Sue TEST - 15 questions by Aqua999 Mary Sue TEST - 15 questions :iconaqua999:Aqua999 1,784 1,777 NI Sketchdump 2013 by Tekka-Croe NI Sketchdump 2013 :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 599 52 Lucius PV pic1+VB 2.1 download by Ruri-dere Lucius PV pic1+VB 2.1 download :iconruri-dere:Ruri-dere 3,236 128
Huge character profile of completeness TEMPLATE
Huge character profile of completeness
    This character profile template was made by compiling a whole lot of templates made by other artists that I felt were not specific enough and adding many more questions to make everything more specific. The links are in the description, please visit their versions too. This profile is ginormous, not every question may be relevant to your character. The main goal is to have a profile that is as complete as it can get, so not every question will need to be filled in. Add and remove as is needed as there's only few characters every question is relevant for. If you think questions should be added, comment and suggest! 
Physical information 

Full birth name: 
Meaning of this name: 
Who gave them this name? 
Why this name? 
Does your character
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