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Immortals.icons by tsynali Immortals.icons :icontsynali:tsynali 278 21 Silver Eagle Flight by MADMANMIKE Silver Eagle Flight :iconmadmanmike:MADMANMIKE 25 9 Chaos Earth Survivors by MADMANMIKE Chaos Earth Survivors :iconmadmanmike:MADMANMIKE 23 13 Galeforce: Mission 2 Pt.3 by Insanity-24-7 Galeforce: Mission 2 Pt.3 :iconinsanity-24-7:Insanity-24-7 51 72 Plunging The World Into Chaos by devildeth Plunging The World Into Chaos :icondevildeth:devildeth 13 8 Chaos Earth battle by BrianManning Chaos Earth battle :iconbrianmanning:BrianManning 13 3 Sancti Gloria Inocentia by Hellboy777Kratos Sancti Gloria Inocentia :iconhellboy777kratos:Hellboy777Kratos 17 0 Galeforce: Mission 2 Pt. 1 by Insanity-24-7 Galeforce: Mission 2 Pt. 1 :iconinsanity-24-7:Insanity-24-7 42 39 upside down by i-Leen upside down :iconi-leen:i-Leen 11 0 Beyond the Supernatural set 2 pg3 by cerebraleye Beyond the Supernatural set 2 pg3 :iconcerebraleye:cerebraleye 8 3
Angelus Mors
They say that after the second fall the earth went into chaos. Darkness reigned and creatures thought to be non existent walked through the world unchecked.  The earth opened and spewed forth things that were long ago extinguished. Vampires, werewolves, demons, mutants, all in a moment they were released to roam and slaughter again. Now there is nothing but desolation and war. We fight to survive against the evil creatures that assail us. All because of one man's insatiable desire for power.
We live on with artificial light that is used to grow plants and keep us from perishing. Ancient history states that once there was something called a sun. It was yellow and warm and cast light like that of lamps, but so much brighter. I know nothing of it, for all I have known is black gloom and overcast shadows.
And who am I? Not a normal human by any means. I lead a solitary existence, for my family died long ago. No one knows of my presence. Perhaps they believe I too died long ago in
:iconretrubutionist777:Retrubutionist777 5 56
Beyond the Supernatural set 2 pg2 by cerebraleye Beyond the Supernatural set 2 pg2 :iconcerebraleye:cerebraleye 5 5 Beyond the Supernatural set 2 pg1 by cerebraleye Beyond the Supernatural set 2 pg1 :iconcerebraleye:cerebraleye 5 7 supernatural pages 3 of 3 by cerebraleye supernatural pages 3 of 3 :iconcerebraleye:cerebraleye 4 3 Supernatural pages 1 of 3 by cerebraleye Supernatural pages 1 of 3 :iconcerebraleye:cerebraleye 3 0
Origin of the Pony Universe: 3
As the former Karu grew more and more evil while creating exactly 100 Demons (82 were masculine and 18 were feminine), Kurayami began to create more sorts of behaviors that were against the Alicorns' will and placed these so-called "unnatural behaviors" in the minds of life forms with mental capacities. These wrong behaviors were things like anger, hatred, cannibalism, inter-species love and more that the censors would not allow.
Kurayami then made a separate dimension, apart from the physical universe and Heaven, known commonly as Hell. The lord of evil has been using this wicked realm as home base ever since.
The Alicorns were fully aware of the cloud-like Entity's betrayal and horrifying plan to undo their countless works. They continued to control the evolution of life on many planets and moons throughout the universe and did their best to protect it all from evil.
A colony of Alicorns that had decided to settle on the planet of Earth remained hidden from the advanced life forms bu
:iconwesdaaman:Wesdaaman 3 5
Glitter Boy Pilot by darkhawkcomics Glitter Boy Pilot :icondarkhawkcomics:darkhawkcomics 2 4 palladium page 2 by cerebraleye palladium page 2 :iconcerebraleye:cerebraleye 2 2 palladium page 3 by cerebraleye palladium page 3 :iconcerebraleye:cerebraleye 2 0 Supernatural pages 2 of 3 by cerebraleye Supernatural pages 2 of 3 :iconcerebraleye:cerebraleye 2 2 Lt Edward Quinten Baker by TechnicDragon Lt Edward Quinten Baker :icontechnicdragon:TechnicDragon 3 1 Palladium pages 6 by cerebraleye Palladium pages 6 :iconcerebraleye:cerebraleye 1 0 We're stronger...together. by TMNTISLOVE We're stronger...together. :icontmntislove:TMNTISLOVE 4 8 Juicer by darkhawkcomics Juicer :icondarkhawkcomics:darkhawkcomics 0 1 Page 6 by darkhawkcomics Page 6 :icondarkhawkcomics:darkhawkcomics 0 1 Ley Line Walker 2 by darkhawkcomics Ley Line Walker 2 :icondarkhawkcomics:darkhawkcomics 0 1 chaos earth boom by efilhope chaos earth boom :iconefilhope:efilhope 1 0 Page 4 by darkhawkcomics Page 4 :icondarkhawkcomics:darkhawkcomics 0 1 Chaos Earth D-Shifter by Watyrfall Chaos Earth D-Shifter :iconwatyrfall:Watyrfall 0 0 Collage of Life by HNAutumn Collage of Life :iconhnautumn:HNAutumn 1 4 Page 1 by darkhawkcomics Page 1 :icondarkhawkcomics:darkhawkcomics 1 3 Page 2 by darkhawkcomics Page 2 :icondarkhawkcomics:darkhawkcomics 0 1 Aura and Terreno WIP by Envytheskunk Aura and Terreno WIP :iconenvytheskunk:Envytheskunk 1 9 Ahtrious by ChaosBlast06 Ahtrious :iconchaosblast06:ChaosBlast06 1 0 The Chaos Sapphires by MagicDetective The Chaos Sapphires :iconmagicdetective:MagicDetective 0 2 Dance Around Chaos by StarwaltDesign Dance Around Chaos :iconstarwaltdesign:StarwaltDesign 12 10 page 5 by darkhawkcomics page 5 :icondarkhawkcomics:darkhawkcomics 1 3 Ley Line Walker by darkhawkcomics Ley Line Walker :icondarkhawkcomics:darkhawkcomics 0 3 palladium page 5 by cerebraleye palladium page 5 :iconcerebraleye:cerebraleye 1 0 Page 3 by darkhawkcomics Page 3 :icondarkhawkcomics:darkhawkcomics 1 1 Chaos by Dugvayne Chaos :icondugvayne:Dugvayne 0 2 Marfa: Chaos colo by Elica-Prin Marfa: Chaos colo :iconelica-prin:Elica-Prin 0 4 Chaos Earth- Rifts - PPE User by Elfmagic15 Chaos Earth- Rifts - PPE User :iconelfmagic15:Elfmagic15 2 1
01 - The night of Chaos
Leaf POV
I layed down on a bench by the roadside, thinking about what had caused that ugly situation.
That morning my father, the king of Meitierra, had come to tell me that it was time I found a boyfriend and get married, so to be ready to receive in heritage the crown of Meitierra. Of course my father's preferences were directed to my personal escort: Shinus Panther. That boy lived with us for .... Well, since I can remember, and had always shown a soft spot for me.
He was able to harness the energy of light to fight and many other things, a bit as I was able to use the terrestrial's power to control plants and cause earthquakes.
There are two basic energies: Dark energy and Light energy. Below these there are dozens of other types of energy.
Now, the energies that are in the same group tend to attract one another, such as Shinus'  light energy and my earth's energy. This Shinus exploited it to attract me, given that the attraction of our auras, or best, of my aura to his,
:iconyimirchaos:YimirChaos 0 1
Chaotic Storm by Maniacal-Maelstr0m Chaotic Storm :iconmaniacal-maelstr0m:Maniacal-Maelstr0m 3 2 Chaos by D-CE Chaos :icond-ce:D-CE 0 0 Art Inspired by the River God by K12pixiedust Art Inspired by the River God :iconk12pixiedust:K12pixiedust 0 2 Celeos by ChaosTheStory Celeos :iconchaosthestory:ChaosTheStory 1 0