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Zuko + Katara: 'Changed' :icontobuishi:TobuIshi 3,946 883
When you lose a best friend
When we said friends forever and
crossed pinkies like grade-schoolers,
I could only believe those words
lodged in your heart
like they did mine
because every time I think back
I can't help but remember the
late-night conversations
under star lit constellations,
and study sessions where we
learned more about each other
than we did Biology  
but now it's clear
that each beat of your heart
has made those words fade,
and you could care less
about crossed pinkies
but I'll still see you,
and hear your voice
and I'll still wish
the meaning hadn't changed-
like you.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 1,201 541
Pink Note - TG
Zach slumped in his chair, playing with the pen they'd given him with a yawn. It was inlaid with gold, he noticed, a tiny grunt of disgust escaping from his lips. It was probably worth more than the entire paycheck he'd be getting from this thing.
He blinked in surprise when the paper was pushed towards him, a tight lipped blonde smiling in a way that was no doubt meant to be friendly as she tapped the contract. "Sign, initial, and date if you don't mine? Then we can get on with the testing."
"Which is just listening to some tunes, right?" he demanded, squeezing down on the pen. It vibrated in his hands, skittering out of his slackening grip as he stared at it in surprise. It vibrated across the table as Ms. Bryants sighs, clicking it off before handing it back.
"Tones, Mr. Thomson, and you don't have to click it to make the pen come out. That's just to make sure we don't get tendonitis from all the paperwork we have to work with, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't run down the batter
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Scotney Castle for Nick :iconevelivesey:EveLivesey 3,320 576 Casa de la Julianeta, Portal de Molina, Albarracin :iconevelivesey:EveLivesey 803 197 Scotney Castle Blue Two :iconevelivesey:EveLivesey 253 169 Trendy Doesn't Whine, He Complains (Animation) :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 599 310 swapping roles :iconmajigoma:majigoma 2,220 87 Season Of Apples :iconlora-vysotskaya:Lora-Vysotskaya 252 304 .:Adventures:. :icononixa:onixa 710 94 Play With Mei :icondctb:dCTb 1,846 74
To Be Different
1. The First Scientists
A single flame burned in the night.
After a hundred thousand years of avoiding it in fear, one man approached.
Others ran from him in shock
Claimed it was death to touch the flame
But they were silenced as he held the torch aloft
Into the darkness he brought the light, and into the cold he brought the warmth.
A single grain grew in the soil.
After a hundred thousand years of destroying it in ignorance, one man approached.
Others stood around in surprise
They claimed it was a waste.
But they were silenced when more began to rise.
Into the wild he brought order, and into a world of hunger, he brought food.
But if the myths tell us true
Then Prometheus was bound in pain
For challenging the dark with light
And challenging the gods with the flame
Cain was banished from his lands
His gifts ignored and disgraced
For challenging the hunter with his grain
And natural chaos with order
The Light of God was cast from heaven
And will always be condemned
For the good it broug
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Pale :iconariel87:Ariel87 181 95 Disney princesses: Briar Rose :iconwhynotfly:Whynotfly 1,097 78 Turned :iconcircesilver:CirceSilver 185 50 The Blue Metamorpho Butterfly :iconnothere3:nothere3 59 4 Something has changed :iconharuniji:HaruNiji 988 87
Quotes that changed my life
"I would like to say a few words, and here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!"
-Albus Dumbledore
"...riding a horse is like flying, why deny someone else their wings?"
-Valerie Valenti
"Life is like a box of coloured pencils. I have yet to figure out why!"
-Heidi Powell
"It is not our abilities that show us who we truly are, it is our choices."
-Albus Dumbledore
Frank: "Has goldfinger ever had a flock of mooses advancing on him? It's a terrifying sight."
Mikey: "That's not the plural of moose, it's moosi."
Gerard: "F**k off, it's meese."
-My Chemical Romance
"The one's we love never truly leave us. They are always with us... in here."
-Sirius Black
"Hope can be found in even the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."
-Albus Dumbledore
"Normal? What's normal? All I see is Potter."
"Not all who wander are lost."
-J.R.R. Tolkien
"When life hand you lemons, you say, 'Oh yeah, I like lemons, what else ya got?'"
-Henry Rollins
"I like Popsicles."
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Naruto + Hinata gender bender :iconfaustsketcher:faustsketcher 1,791 151 Stairway To The Skies :iconariel87:Ariel87 172 61
My mother doesn’t wear her wedding
ring anymore. Instead, it sits on the
counter above the kitchen sink, like
she took it off while washing dishes
and forgot to put it back on; but I’ve
seen her pick it up and wipe the counter
and walk away, like she no longer
recognized it as her own.
She and I have the same long, slim
fingers, except hers are clean and
manicured and tanned, they’re used
to flipping through old books, still
delicate and fragile, with arthritic
veins tracing through; Mine have
always been pale and torn up and
raw from anxious nerves, tough
callused finger tips from encounters
with cello strings and piano keys.
She takes care of herself, but I think
she’s given up on taking care of me.
Sometimes, we leave, just her and I;
we get into her car and drive and
drive and drive until we’ve lost the
things that are dragging around our
ankles and weighing us down; Our
“adventures” tend to lead us where
the thoughts drown the fastest
:iconsirenseranade11:sirenseranade11 104 77
I'm Not the Same
I used to laugh openly,
I used to cry in someone's arms,
I used to smile at jokes,
I used to love people,
I used to care,
I used to be human,
But I'm not the same as I was, then.
:iconcollateral-damage666:Collateral-Damage666 53 30
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Blueberry Idol - unfinished
Blueberry Idol
A story by Uruseiranma
  Yoko Miyake was just an ordinary girl living in Tokyo's Shinjuku district.  Already 18 years old, she was living the life of an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl, which included getting ready to enter into the city's fast-paced society.  Yoko was a bright girl, who usually scored in the upper 20% of her class.  She was always polite and courteous, and most of the neighbors would comment on what a nice girl she was.
  But being nice didn't exactly win you marks around your schoolmates.  Around the school, Yoko would usually hear others talking about her using the phrase hira.  Used by the boys, it meant 'flat.'  That's because of all the girls in the district's private school, she was the most underdeveloped 18-year-old in school.  While the other girls had filled out their school uniforms respectively, Yoko's sailor-suit barely registered her feminine at
:iconuruseiranma:uruseiranma 76 13
Canine Cola :iconnothere3:nothere3 109 9 Late evening. Nightfall :icondoubleagent2005:doubleagent2005 223 58 TRON - the game has changed :iconandrewss7:AndrewSS7 177 27 Things Have Changed :iconimperatoralicia:ImperatorAlicia 449 169 The switched bodies !! :icondeiviscc:DEIVISCC 790 141 Solitude :iconariel87:Ariel87 127 34