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Censor by escume Censor :iconescume:escume 1,858 72 Censorshit by Honest-Lies Censorshit :iconhonest-lies:Honest-Lies 445 35 how to censor your artwork by Fukari how to censor your artwork :iconfukari:Fukari 1,928 259 Love is blind by writevli Love is blind :iconwritevli:writevli 648 175 Judgement (London) by Rhyn-Art Judgement (London) :iconrhyn-art:Rhyn-Art 831 163 Faery Dress-Up v.2 by EsmeArmitage Faery Dress-Up v.2 :iconesmearmitage:EsmeArmitage 492 84 Silent All These Years... by prettyfreakjesper Silent All These Years... :iconprettyfreakjesper:prettyfreakjesper 303 183 Silenced by AustenMengler Silenced :iconaustenmengler:AustenMengler 308 31 Too Hot for TV by MoonYen Too Hot for TV :iconmoonyen:MoonYen 254 70 Censorship by wickedalucard Censorship :iconwickedalucard:wickedalucard 1,052 28 Censored by ElifKarakoc Censored :iconelifkarakoc:ElifKarakoc 1,033 238
I tuck my thumbs into belt loops and listen
to friends’ syllables, and it’s all right. But then
mutewords slip between my teeth in droplets,
and everyone watches the rivulet of consonants
spill over my chin like I am a toddler gurgling
and maybe I am. I clamp my lips shut before
more can dribble down my shirt, and the letters
taste like day old coffee. Everyone blinks long and slow
to forget, but I remember that they heard my words,
their hollow dissonance, but did not want to listen,
and it’s all right, and it always is all right.
:iconsaltwaterlungs:saltwaterlungs 37 36
The contents of this poem
Have been omitted
Due to the following reason(s):
Contains unwanted information
Provokes thought
May cause a disruption
[And we couldn't have that, could we?]
:iconirrelephantlovesyou:Irrelephantlovesyou 51 69
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They tell me what to say.
I do it every single day.
I take all of their tips.
Their words on my lips.
Language should be free,
As free as can be,
But the ****** says no,
That's how it must go.
Well I *** no more.
***** open this door.
I’ll say ******** I want.
**** those ******** a taunt.
How ***** ****** be crimes,
When *** can *** it for dimes.
It’s ******** what **** hide.
What **** keep *******.
So *** will ***** know.
The **** that **** ***.
**** the **********.
**** all **** such ****,
But *** can’t ****.
It’s **** **** as ***.
:iconthemetheydontsee:TheMeTheyDontSee 17 3
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