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Beware of the Grouchiness - Syo x Reader (UtaPri)
     Come! Let's song! 
Kurusu Syo's eyes popped open. "What the hell is that?!" He yelled. A loud song blasted from somewhere in his room, awakening him. He propped himself up with his elbows, and searched the place for the cause. A light penetrated the darkness, and he squinted to make out a cellphone.
      Let's sing our dream! (Let's shout!) 
      Let's sing into the sky! (Let's go!) 
      Let's make it into an unbelievable story!
      Let me sketch the map of my future (Yes x2) together with you.

Is phone? Syo thought. The ringtone filled the air, its catchiness making him almost hum along until he realized that it must mean someone is calling him
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