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Sakura's Return to Preschool
When she woke up this morning, Sakura Kinomoto never expected to find herself in this situation. She was dressed in a pink long-sleeved preschooler’s dress, with white ankle-length frilly socks, red slip-in shoes, and most notably, a cushy disposable diaper that could not be fully hidden by the dress. She was red from cheek to cheek, hugging a Kerberos plush and looking up at a caretaker with her timid green eyes, as she sat on a cushion in the middle of a preschool surrounded by children half her age and younger. “How did I ever get here?” the 4th-grader wondered...
“I have to what?!
“You heard me!” Tomoyo said to Sakura with her typical kind smile. “Dress up like a preschooler!”
The two girls were in the back of Tomoyo’s van, surrounded by various garments for her best friend to wear during her mission to capture the Clow Cards. In the purple-haired girl’s hands were a preschooler’s dress, socks, red
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