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TG - Hit A Girl
Hit A Girl
Darren kicked at the desk with his feet and balled his hands. Shannon gave a smug look and laughed to her friends when the teacher turned away. He fumed through his nose and glared.
It had been group day in class and nothing had gone right for Darren. He liked making jokes in his usual circle of friends. But, from the moment he stepped into the room, Shannon Gray was on him and he had no idea why.
The teacher had been at the door. When Darren walked through, Shannon gave it a push from behind. Because the teacher saw Darren right next to the door and "good, reliable Shannon" had confirmed he did it, despite all his protests, he was moved from his usual group.
But Shannon was relentless. She kept making up stuff which she claimed Darren was doing and the teacher just ate it all up until Darren had been exiled from groups to the time-out at the back of the room to do demerit writing.
As he sat there and imagined wringing the neck of a little voodoo doll in his hands, a
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