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Day 18: Doing something together (Destiel) :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,650 169 Mine :iconnasyu:NaSyu 3,567 204
Lava Lamps and Ice Cream (CastielxReader)
"Don't touch that." Her voice cut through the silence, startling the angel and causing him to retract his hand.
Castiel glanced over at (y/n). Tilting his head to the side slightly after noticing her eyes didn't leave the book lying carefully in her lap.
He turned his attention back to the glowing lamp in front of him. The bulbous orbs shifting slowly inside the glass container.
(e/c) eyes flickered up from the words on the page to the handsome angel who crouched in front of the lava lamp. The corner of her mouth twitched slightly as his crystal blue eyes followed the slow moving lava. His hand once again moved towards the lamp.
"Cas. I said no." Her voice was stern and drew his attention again. He retracted his hand and after a moment went back to gazing at the lamp.
She sighed inwardly. Not only was she stuck in this small motel room, but she had to babysit the angel, too. Not that it was all bad. He was usually very well behaved. This time, however, the room came equipped with a lav
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Castiel :iconalicexz:alicexz 10,163 354 Supernatural - FutureDeanCas :iconnazgullow:Nazgullow 1,798 135 Day 22: In battle, side-by-side (Destiel) :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,347 127 Sam's grave :iconkittrose:kittrose 889 130 Castiel :iconjasric:jasric 994 91 Destiel Strip 2 :iconshayepurr:ShaYepurr 2,520 121 I Was Here, Where Were You? :iconslinkymilinky:Slinkymilinky 1,462 186
Dean walked into the motel, gun in hand.  He wiped the sweat from his brow and sat down on the creaky single bed.  He rested his head in his hands and ran through today's case.  Letting out a heavy sigh, he leaned back to fall asleep.
"Hello Dean." The deep raspy voice sounded from a shadowed corner.  Without getting up or opening his eyes, Dean replied quietly, "Hey, Cas.  Any news? Rogue angels? Omens? The usual?"
"Not so far" Cas said, a little hint of impatience in his voice.  "Besides," he said hesistantly," That's not why I'm here."
Dean sat up, staring at the nerdy little man wearing a trench coat.  "Ok?" he asked, "So why are you here Cas?"
Cas stared into his eyes in his typical mysterious "Angel of the Lord" way, and asked, "Where's Sam?"
Dean raised his eyebrow in question. "He's at the bar. Drinking. Meeting women.  Figured he should have one night this year to enjoy himself a bit.  Yo
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Sam was getting real damn tired of Dean's weird behavior.  The older Winchester was texting - texting - and giggling.  Honest-to-God-I'm-sharing-a-motel-room-with-a-teenage-girl giggling.
Maybe Bobby finally figured out how to text and they were joking about something.  Yeah, that had to be it, right?  Because the only other person Dean knew besides Sam and Bobby was Cas, and he barely knew how to make a call, there's no way he knew how to text.
But the Bobby explanation didn't cover Dean  receiving a text, leaping from his bed, running to the bathroom, and returning less than a minute later with a smirk on his face.
Sam couldn't take it anymore.  "What the hell are you doing?" he snapped.
Dean looked up at him, already sprawled back on his bed.  "Sexting," he said with another smirk and a tell-tale waggle of his eyebrows.
"With who?" he asked, incredulous.
"Cas," Dean said, smirk turning into a gleeful little smile.
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Surprise Adoption (Spn x Child!Reader) 4
Warning(s): None
Title: Surprise Adoption
Number in Series: Four
Pairing: Supernatural x Child!Reader (Family)
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 1,067
Years went by and you grew up. You stayed with Bobby at his house, living there permanently now. He had taken the role as your father, though you never called him your father. It never felt right if you called him your father. You just called him Bobby, since that was who he was and he liked that you called him Bobby. The other three (Dean,Sam, and Cas) you called your uncle. You had just started to call them Uncle Cas or Uncle Dean and it just seemed to stick.
You were now five and learning rapidly. Bobby was teaching you about hunting, the information part, not the fighting part. You loved to learn about new creatures, you refused the call them monsters as so many did. You didn't believe that they were monsters, just people who had different abilities than most. You also didn't believe that all of them were bad, as you really believed t
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Castiel: Gripped You Tight :iconvandorwolf:VandorWolf 578 203