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... by Life-Writer ... :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 3,440 127 TEAM FREE WILL by Life-Writer TEAM FREE WILL :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 2,090 71 Watching out the new Dean by Tsuki-Nekota Watching out the new Dean :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,009 58 Salvage by madtenka Salvage :iconmadtenka:madtenka 1,222 168 When You Open Your Eyes by NaSyu When You Open Your Eyes :iconnasyu:NaSyu 1,685 124
Sugar Fix (SPNxReader)
“Cas do you hear that?”
“Hear what (y/n)?” He asked as he watched you leaning against the vending machine, stroking the glass.
“That Rice Krispie treat, it’s calling my name,” you said staring down at the shiny blue packaging. Cas tilted his head to the side, confused at your words. He was very relieved when Dean walked by on his way to the Impala.
“Dean, I believe something is wrong with (y/n). She claims that that snack is attempting to converse with her.” Dean just laughed and reached into his pocket for his wallet.
“She’s just hungry and needs her sugar fix. Which one do you want (y/n)?”
“That chocolate Rice Krispie right there,” you said staring hungrily at the bar. Before Dean could put the dollar in the machine there was a fluttering of wings behind you.
“I hear someone’s in need of a sugar fix?”
“Gabriel!” you exclaimed running to give him a hug.
“Hey kiddo,
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Sam the poet by Tsuki-Nekota Sam the poet :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,626 162 Destiel by hermitic Destiel :iconhermitic:hermitic 5,982 324 Castiel by kaiser-mony Castiel :iconkaiser-mony:kaiser-mony 10,717 355 Day 18: Doing something together (Destiel) by Nile-kun Day 18: Doing something together (Destiel) :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,679 194
I'll Carry You (Castiel X Reader)
The thump of your school bag being dropped on the ground only made your faint headache grow. You couldn't figure out why Sam liked coming to school so much. The constant bullying and pressure of teachers was hard on you. Not to mention hunting every other day. Your teachers questioned if you were abused at home. Maybe emotionally, but nothing you couldn’t handle.
You knew your father favored Sam and Dean over you. Maybe it was because you were a girl, or because most demons came to you, attracted by your looks. You fought just as well as them all. You’d taken down your fair share of creatures, but it wasn’t enough. Sam and Dean tried to make you feel special, and you appreciated it. But you knew you would never measure up to them in your father’s eyes.
“Hey loser.”
You ignored Amy Perkins and pulled out your notebook Dean had stolen from the gas station a month ago. You had already filled it up with poems and pictures, most of them relating to your l
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destiel kisses by Life-Writer destiel kisses :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 3,219 106 Candies by Nile-kun Candies :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 980 128 What to wait next by Tsuki-Nekota What to wait next :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,531 201 Supernatural - One Piece by Kumagorochan Supernatural - One Piece :iconkumagorochan:Kumagorochan 759 60 In the Shelter of Your Wings by NaSyu In the Shelter of Your Wings :iconnasyu:NaSyu 2,367 179 Stolen kiss by Tsuki-Nekota Stolen kiss :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,239 94 Sammy is confused by Tsuki-Nekota Sammy is confused :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,494 112 Internet is a den of iniquity by Nimloth87 Internet is a den of iniquity :iconnimloth87:Nimloth87 2,712 644 It's fine Cas, It's fine by Nile-kun It's fine Cas, It's fine :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,223 121 Castiel by Life-Writer Castiel :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 2,666 52
Supernatural X Reader - Chocolate
Once they had finished up with a vengeful spirit haunting a restaurant, (yn), Sam, Dean, and Cas went back to the motel. When they got to the room, (yn) immediately plopped down on one of the chairs and pulled a fun-sized chocolate bar out of her pocket, unwrapping it and taking a bite.
Sam eyed you with an odd expression. You seemed to always have those candy bars with you. “Hey (yn), what’s with the chocolate?”
You swallowed your previous bite. “In case you haven’t noticed Sam, I am female. I cannot go without some form of chocolate for more than 72 hours.”
Cas’s eyes widened. “Is this a human disease?”
You giggled. “No Cas, I’m perfectly fine. I just really like chocolate.”
“Oh.” Cas relaxed. “So you are like Gabriel in that aspect.”
“Yeah, but she’s got a much nicer rack.” Dean interjected, grinning. Sam shot him a look, but you just rolled your eyes.
Castiel’s ey
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Just Cry (Dean x Reader)
    You sit on the bed of the Motel, waiting for them to come home.
    You’ve been friends with the Winchesters for just over a year, where they saved your ass from a Vampire. Already being a part of the hunting world, you requested they bring you with them- which they refused. So you followed them. Eventually they accepted you and allowed you to join them on their adventures. Unfortunately, they refused to let you come on the “super dangerous” hunts in fear that you would be unable to take care of yourself. Quite honestly- it pissed you off to no end.
    But you still waited. These boys were almost like family by now. You’ve been with them on their ups and downs. You’ve practically been to hell and back with them, no giving up now. 
    You groan into the pillow that covers your face. They’re late. GOD that’s annoying. 
    Suddenly the door bursts open.
    You jump up, p
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Winchesters' Laundry Day by Petite-Madame Winchesters' Laundry Day :iconpetite-madame:Petite-Madame 4,013 607 SPN - Hug by Sadyna SPN - Hug :iconsadyna:Sadyna 2,695 164 SUPERNATURAL by Life-Writer SUPERNATURAL :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 3,491 64 Day 16: During their morning ritual (Destiel) by Nile-kun Day 16: During their morning ritual (Destiel) :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,353 111 Sleepless by Tsuki-Nekota Sleepless :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,179 68 Hot chocolate by Tsuki-Nekota Hot chocolate :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,317 110 Team Free Will by jasric Team Free Will :iconjasric:jasric 2,511 138 The Angel's Hunter by Elentori The Angel's Hunter :iconelentori:Elentori 1,534 83 Castiel by AmandaTolleson Castiel :iconamandatolleson:AmandaTolleson 6,553 613 Day 20: Dancing (Destiel and Sabriel) by Nile-kun Day 20: Dancing (Destiel and Sabriel) :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,506 97
Castiel X Reader (Suicidal)
"I'll miss you, and I'm sorry" you whispered quietly in Dean's ear when he finally fell asleep, you got out of the motel room quietly and went outside, you knew every nice spot around that place, so you chose one, your favorite, in the middle of the field a few miles away, just when the sky became a bit lighter and the fog didn't fade away yet, you took a deep breath and pulled out a gun.
You thought about it for a long time and you decided you just couldn't do it anymore, it's not a life, it's hell, and you knew there was nothing else left for you as every day seemed to get darker in you felt closed inside your own mind, and all the things you hanged on to seemed to fade away slowly, you put the gun against your temple.
You started thinking, you shifted from sitting to lying on the slightly wet grass and stared at the grey sky above you,
Sam and Dean, they would probably be sad at first, just a little, you felt like nothing but extra weight to them, always having to protect you and ta
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She's beautiful (Castiel x Winchester!Reader)
She's beautiful ( Castiel x Winchester!Reader + Brother!Dean&Sam)
(y/n) = your name (example: Ellie)
(e/c) = your eye color/colour (example: green)
(h/c) = your hair color/colour (example: black)

Castiel was confused. The reaction of his vessel when he saw you – the fast beating of his heart – his thoughts – He shouldn't have those filthy thoughts – thinking about you that way – it was wrong. He was an angel – it was so very wrong and at the same time it felt so right – so utterly right. It had all just started when he first saw you, when your brother had introduced you to him.
”(y/n) this is Castiel – he got me out of hell” Dean's voice made you turn your head in his direction. You smiled at the man.
“Nice to meet you Cas – Like my brother said I'm (y/n)!” you said cheerful. Castiel's heart started to beat in an unhealthy rhythm.  His cheeks turned red and he gulped. In that moment you seemed
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Don't let the morning take him by glaringstar Don't let the morning take him :iconglaringstar:glaringstar 2,293 224
Rib Fractures (Team Free WillxReader)
Summary: The reader is injured from a previous hunt and the medicine Sam gives you makes you a little loopy.
The motel bed you were laying on was lumpy and uncomfortable, but you barely noticed because of the pain you were in. You were still pretty banged up from the last hunt and your arms and ribs were covered in aching bruises. Anytime you moved shooting pain could be felt running up your back and sides, which was why you were laying facedown, trying your best not to move an inch.
“Everything hurts and I think I’m dying,” you said, the pillow muffling your words.
“Well that’s what happens when a witch throws you into a wall and down concrete stairs,” Dean said from across the room. “I’d bet good money that you have about three fractured ribs.”
You groaned into the bed, knowing Dean was probably right judging by the pain that was present in your sides. You heard Sam get up and, judging by all the noise, he beg
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 517 84
Jailbird (SPNxreader)
You and Cas were watching some random movie waiting for Dean to come back.  He was supposed to make a quick stop at the burger joint around the corner and come right back but he had been gone for nearly an hour. You were starting to think of all the things that could have gone wrong when your phone suddenly rang.
“Hello?” you asked as you quickly answered the phone. 
“Hey (y/n), it’s James Stark—“
“Oh my god Dean, what did you do? How did you manage to get arrested you literally had to drive 5 blocks away!”
“Yeah um well I did get to the place but this guy tried to cut in front of me in line and things escalated and long story short, he’s got a broken nose and I’m in jail. Can you please come get me?”
“Fine, but only because you said please. Where’s the car? They didn’t impound it did they?”
“No she’s still at the burger place.”
“Okay me and Sam will go get
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 528 37
Carry On My Wayward Son by alicexz Carry On My Wayward Son :iconalicexz:alicexz 9,391 312
SPN: Reader x angel boys: ice bucket challenge
Supernatural: reader X angel boys: ice bucket challenge
A/n: with all the ice bucket challenges going on why the hell not XD
You sat there in the bunker, two buckets of ice water next to you, Castiel had been browsing the internet for a while after you learned him how to and came across something called “the ALS ice bucket challenge”  and wanted to try it out. You had decided to join him; hey it was for a good cause anyways. You turned on your camera and began to talk
“Hi everyone, my name is (Y/N) and this is my friend Cas” Cas made a little wave to the camera “And we’ll do the ALS Ice bucket challenge for you” you looked at him “ready?”  “I’m ready (Y/N)” you picked up one of the ice buckets and he did too “On three, one, two three!” on three you each poured the buckets empty over one another. You gave a little shriek of how cold it was, cas just spluttered some. You laughed some “wow,
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SupernaturalxReader - Nightmares
Supernatural x Reader
A/N: In all honesty, I’m only up to season 4 right now. Sooo.... All of this happened before the apocalypse c:
The motel door flung open in rage by no other then Dean Winchester.
“Damn it (y/n)!!” Dean shouted. He set down his weapons on the bed. Sam followed into the room with you from behind. Dean was currently bandaged up from a few wounds. The three of you were taking care of a spirit when you let your guard down by accident. And well, this happened. Dean saved you but he got hurt in the process.
“I-I’m sorry!” You apologized, on the brink of tears.
“You could’ve gotten one of us killed. I don’t think an apology is gonna make it up.” Dean turned around to face you. Sam was standing near the two of you in case he needed to interrupt anything...
“... I know I almost got one of you killed, it’s entirely my fault for it!” You yelled at him, already having tears fall down. Your legs soon
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Just Forget the World by NaSyu Just Forget the World :iconnasyu:NaSyu 2,485 182 Out of the Cage by NaSyu Out of the Cage :iconnasyu:NaSyu 3,694 416 Dean and Castiel by doubleleaf Dean and Castiel :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 6,843 432 A Lonely Road by alicexz A Lonely Road :iconalicexz:alicexz 12,756 372 Egg by ILsama Egg :iconilsama:ILsama 1,030 48