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One Last Memory... :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 1,466 90 Role Reversal :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 1,271 83 Role Reversal 2 :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 1,141 43 AT Sad Feels :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 951 69 Hugs :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 1,081 57 Ice King's Wardrobe :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 1,049 38 AT Dump :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 996 63 You and Me 01 :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 943 54
The Monster in the Mirror
Simon stood in the bathroom of his apartment, staring at the mirror, and made mental notes of every change in his appearance. The face staring back at him was like a stranger to him, and he was disgusted by it.
Simon rarely ate these days, so now his face was gaunt. That, along with his sickly, greyish-blue complexion, made him look like a corpse. His thin face also made his milky white eyes and the long, grotesque nose stand out even more. His hair was now almost completely gray, no longer showing any hint of the dark brown it used to be. It framed his face like a dreary curtain. He had long given up on taming it, just as he had his beard. His hair grew at an unnatural rate, and by now, no matter how often he shaved and cut it, it was hopeless. Even his teeth were different; weeks ago, he lost each tooth one by one, and they were replaced by longer, pointed, shark-like teeth.
As much as it pained him to say so, there was a part of Simon that was glad Betty left before she could see wh
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AT Dump 3 :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 474 34 Naptime :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 669 27 AT Dump 2 :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 503 35 Connie :iconnatsunohuyana:Natsunohuyana 463 14 You and Me 17 :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 595 174 Makeover (3 of 3) :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 545 46 Simon's Fate :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 389 31 'New Years... (Ed, Edd n Eddy) :iconembrio:embrio 550 53 protect :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 429 35 Fade Into You - Chapter 1 sketches :icontrojan-rabbit:trojan-rabbit 343 25
Fade Into You: Chapter 1
Simon was alone. He stood in the darkness, the cold wind piercing him, and his hair whipping around his head. He blinked, trying to remember here he was; why he was standing there…but he couldn’t. He glanced around him, and saw that the grass was covered with a thin blanket of snow, and was littered with dagger-like shards of ice.
Simon suddenly noticed something on his head. Confused, he reached up and felt the cold, familiar touch of metal: the crown. He didn’t remember ever putting it on, though. As he brought his hand down, however, he noticed it was smeared with something red. Simon stared at his hand, then realized that it was blood.
“Wh-what is this?” he gasped. “What happened?!” Simon examined his body, trying to find where the blood came from, but he didn’t seem to be wounded. He frantically looked around, but it was so dark that he couldn’t see very far in front of him.
“H-hello?” Simon called out. “Is a
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Fade Into You: Chapter 2
There was a knock on the door. “Mr. Simon?” Pause. Another knock. “Mr. Simon, aren’t you awake yet? I’m hungry!” A third knock, now a little louder.
After a moment the door creaked open, and Marceline, wearing a worn t-shirt several sizes too big for her, popped her head in. “It’s time to get up, sleepyhead! When are you gonna—”
Her face fell as she opened the door wider and saw what was inside. Simon sat on the floor against the wall, his arms wrapped around his knees. The crown sat atop his head, which was bowed. He didn’t seem to have heard Marceline calling for him.
Marceline bit her lower lip, her face filled with worry. She stood by the door, unsure of whether she should leave or not. In the past, Simon warned her against touching or talking to him when she saw him with the crown on. He’d hold off as long as he could, but after a couple of days he would be so tired and weak that he had to wear it, at least fo
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