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Giganotosaurus - The Isle by TyrantTR Giganotosaurus - The Isle :icontyranttr:TyrantTR 148 99 The Dry Season by Sketchy-raptor The Dry Season :iconsketchy-raptor:Sketchy-raptor 179 23 Carcharodontosaurus saharicus by PaleoPastori Carcharodontosaurus saharicus :iconpaleopastori:PaleoPastori 367 20 Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis skeletals by SpinoInWonderland Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis skeletals :iconspinoinwonderland:SpinoInWonderland 80 60 Carnosauria I by AntarcticSpring Carnosauria I :iconantarcticspring:AntarcticSpring 392 22 Allosaurus Showcase by Sketchy-raptor Allosaurus Showcase :iconsketchy-raptor:Sketchy-raptor 111 22 Carcharodontosaurus saharicus skeletals [2015] by SpinoInWonderland Carcharodontosaurus saharicus skeletals [2015] :iconspinoinwonderland:SpinoInWonderland 62 35 Biggest - Baddest REVISED by Kronosaurus82 Biggest - Baddest REVISED :iconkronosaurus82:Kronosaurus82 250 302 Carnotaurus III sketch by AntarcticSpring Carnotaurus III sketch :iconantarcticspring:AntarcticSpring 314 24 Carcharodontosaurus saharicus skeletals by SpinoInWonderland Carcharodontosaurus saharicus skeletals :iconspinoinwonderland:SpinoInWonderland 40 8 Carnotaurus Concept - colors by ArtOfNoxis Carnotaurus Concept - colors :iconartofnoxis:ArtOfNoxis 97 85 -Siats meekerorum- couple by PaleoPastori -Siats meekerorum- couple :iconpaleopastori:PaleoPastori 127 4 022--SAUROPHAGANAX MAXIMUS by Green-Mamba 022--SAUROPHAGANAX MAXIMUS :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 153 11
Taking a bite out of the brontokillers
Most people seem to be aware that comparing the predation of carnosaurs on sauropods isn't analogous to that of modern big game hunters like lions, but I've never seen a detailed post explaining quite why this is so. So I went and did it myself (well, tried.)
The difference between lions and large theropods is quite substantial. To begin with is size; adult male lions rarely exceed 220kg in weight, with 130kg for females. Even Allosaurus fragilis, one of the smallest brontophagous predators, could have been ten times as large. The square-cube law determines that a certain impact (like, say, falling) would be much more damaging to the theropod than the cat.
Cats also have a fast ''recovery'' system, which so far has not been identified in theropods. They are essentially springtraps (no pun intended); a lioness can recieve a full-on body slam by an adult giraffe and get back on her feet in seconds if it's lucky. ( This situation, when applied
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Charcarodontosaurus Saharicus by FutureAesthetic Charcarodontosaurus Saharicus :iconfutureaesthetic:FutureAesthetic 51 14 Allosaurus fragillis skeleton by ZeWqt Allosaurus fragillis skeleton :iconzewqt:ZeWqt 36 28 Big Al et al. by Vrahno Big Al et al. :iconvrahno:Vrahno 131 37 047--ACROCANTHOSAURUS ATOKENSIS by Green-Mamba 047--ACROCANTHOSAURUS ATOKENSIS :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 139 5 Spinosaurus by zakafreakarama Spinosaurus :iconzakafreakarama:zakafreakarama 45 20 Every Fucking Allosauroid by Veterufreak Every Fucking Allosauroid :iconveterufreak:Veterufreak 41 44 065--YANGCHUANOSAURUS SHANGYOUENSIS by Green-Mamba 065--YANGCHUANOSAURUS SHANGYOUENSIS :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 116 4 Stem-Bird Files: Marsh's Hatchetjaw by randomdinos Stem-Bird Files: Marsh's Hatchetjaw :iconrandomdinos:randomdinos 95 86 Allosaurus Model Sheet - The Mesozoic Project by Sketchy-raptor Allosaurus Model Sheet - The Mesozoic Project :iconsketchy-raptor:Sketchy-raptor 87 7 Acrocanthosaurus taking a rest by c-compiler Acrocanthosaurus taking a rest :iconc-compiler:c-compiler 45 22 TheArchosaurQueen's original carnosaur species by TheDubstepAddict TheArchosaurQueen's original carnosaur species :iconthedubstepaddict:TheDubstepAddict 41 16 The great family of Dinosaurs by ZeWqt The great family of Dinosaurs :iconzewqt:ZeWqt 134 46 Shinya's Gualichu by PLASTOSPLEEN Shinya's Gualichu :iconplastospleen:PLASTOSPLEEN 130 57 A Cartoonized Allosaurus by c-compiler A Cartoonized Allosaurus :iconc-compiler:c-compiler 35 10 Mapusaurus roseae skeletal diagram. by Franoys Mapusaurus roseae skeletal diagram. :iconfranoys:Franoys 76 46 Giganotosaurus vs Amargasaurus by PaleoPastori Giganotosaurus vs Amargasaurus :iconpaleopastori:PaleoPastori 100 16 Allosauroidea Cladogram by Veterufreak Allosauroidea Cladogram :iconveterufreak:Veterufreak 17 14 Hunt in the Lowlands by c-compiler Hunt in the Lowlands :iconc-compiler:c-compiler 55 14 Bring down the titan!  by TheDubstepAddict Bring down the titan! :iconthedubstepaddict:TheDubstepAddict 50 55 The Neovenatorines by Veterufreak The Neovenatorines :iconveterufreak:Veterufreak 25 13 Carcharodontosauridae by SameerPrehistorica Carcharodontosauridae :iconsameerprehistorica:SameerPrehistorica 22 0 Neovenator in 3D - feathered version by c-compiler Neovenator in 3D - feathered version :iconc-compiler:c-compiler 34 4 The Lost World - Carnotaurus by March90 The Lost World - Carnotaurus :iconmarch90:March90 75 11 Mapusaurus by Frank-Lode Mapusaurus :iconfrank-lode:Frank-Lode 45 6 Tyrannosaurus rex by zakafreakarama Tyrannosaurus rex :iconzakafreakarama:zakafreakarama 37 4 Acrocanthosaurus atokensis by TrefRex Acrocanthosaurus atokensis :icontrefrex:TrefRex 31 8 Theropods Greatest Hits by Kronosaurus82 Theropods Greatest Hits :iconkronosaurus82:Kronosaurus82 72 83 A Place to Stay by c-compiler A Place to Stay :iconc-compiler:c-compiler 101 31 Acrocanthosaurus (Coloured) by Dekerrex Acrocanthosaurus (Coloured) :icondekerrex:Dekerrex 59 4 Walking by the shore by c-compiler Walking by the shore :iconc-compiler:c-compiler 27 4 Gualicho shinyae by MicrocosmicEcology Gualicho shinyae :iconmicrocosmicecology:MicrocosmicEcology 131 22 Giganotosaurus Model Sheet 1 by Kronosaurus82 Giganotosaurus Model Sheet 1 :iconkronosaurus82:Kronosaurus82 112 4 Ceratosaurus by zakafreakarama Ceratosaurus :iconzakafreakarama:zakafreakarama 30 8 Acrocanthosaurus atokensis figurine project by TheDubstepAddict Acrocanthosaurus atokensis figurine project :iconthedubstepaddict:TheDubstepAddict 44 16 Neovenator sketches - body and posture by c-compiler Neovenator sketches - body and posture :iconc-compiler:c-compiler 70 6