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baby blue eyes :iconmeyrembulucek:meyrembulucek 3,486 656
BTLG- Because He Cares -2p France x Reader
You felt a slight pressure on your arm. “Wha-?” Your [e/c] orbs flickered open as you saw a black cat pawing your face.
*Meow meeeeeow*
When you smiled and said, “Hey little kitty~” The cat’s head cocked to the side. “How are you, cutie?” The cat narrowed its eyes. Undeterred from this obvious sign of dislike, you sat up and reached out to pet it.
The cat hissed and screeched. *Reeeeooww!* Then in a blur of motion it scratched your hand. “OW!”
The cat leapt away from you but its mouth was contorted weirdly; like it was…smirking?
“Well thank you for the scratch you-you pussycat!!” The scratch immediately turned purple and rush of dizziness hit you like a ton of cement. “N-Nuh.”
‘Damn cat’ Your sitting position was wavering that you were now supporting yourself with your elbows. ‘Ugh w
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Nobody Cares! (Spongebob comment/chat emoticon) :icongold94chica:gold94chica 936 314 Adventure Time Journal Skin :iconcolurmidna:ColurMidna 1,665 329 straight guy for gay rights :iconbeanpatrol:beanpatrol 1,108 436 fwoggies :iconmeyrembulucek:meyrembulucek 634 125 I care. :iconthis-is-the-life2905:this-is-the-life2905 1,118 174 Not That She Cares :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 719 47 I Confess :icongoneloopy:goneloopy 77 12 I'M NOT SMALL :iconmeyrembulucek:meyrembulucek 1,255 307 Who Cares? :iconhazza-6660:hazza-6660 841 128
You gave me bread on a rainy day
Such goodness took my breath away.
You told the world how you felt.
Through shallow confusion my heart melt.
We grew close and drifted apart.
I still love you with all my heart.
I found you hurt and to a cave we fled.
I could only kiss your lips but I watched as you bled.
I had to go to save your life.
I broke a promise that ended your strife.
You found some berries and ended a life.
We heard a cannon; a dog was near.
We ran for the Cornucopia and fled our fear.
Climbing the metal, making it safe.
Cato appeared but I had faith.
He grabbed you up, said it was over.
I had more luck than a four-leaf clover.
He fell to the dogs and they chewed him up.
The Capitol said, "YO MAN, WASSUP?"
"Only one victor can win in the end!"
I told him I wouldn't go without him.
So we grabbed our berries, sorry Prim.
The Capitol wailed, "NO STOP!"
"The winners are Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark!"
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babies sleep like this :iconmeyrembulucek:meyrembulucek 688 149 innocence :iconmeyrembulucek:meyrembulucek 606 109 Oh so you have an i-pad :iconlost-in-hogwarts:Lost-in-Hogwarts 207 137
It's Not Me
It's Not Me
I remember the times,
When I'd count the days,
Until you came back,
But you'd gone away
You left me here,
Lost and abandoned,
The way you dealt with me,
Was so underhanded!
Our last conversation,
Still rings in my mind,
It will stay inside me,
For the rest of my life
All the empty words,
And pointless excuses,
Meant nothing to me,
You called me useless!
It's not me!
Who holds your hand now
It's not me!
Who understands
It's not me!
Full of pity and hatred,
You're the one who sinned,
And now you have paid for it!
You told me you'd changed,
Why couldn't I see?
Well, you loved another,
When you said you loved me!
You tried to force a smile,
And woo me with words,
But I turned away,
Because of how much it hurt!
The look in your eyes,
As I walked away,
You wanted my forgiveness,
Words that I couldn't say
I started moving,
So you wouldn't see tears,
Living life without you,
Was the worst of my fears!
It's not me!
Who holds your hand now
It's not me!
Who understands
It's not me!
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 50 45
For someone I don't know
To someone I don't know:
I don't know exactly how I saw you, but you screamed a cry for help from a page that could not make a sound. I heard you. You said your life was unlived, pointless, and you were searching for its end. Would if there were someone, anyone, out there that knew how to make it stop. To make the voices silent, to take the weight off your chest so you could breathe again. If only the little hands would stop taking that knife and making you bleed.
You wish you could sleep. Not just close your eyes, and fall into darkness. No, the real thing. The kind that stupid romantic novels talk about or those babies have before they can see what kind of world they have been born into. You feel so tired, so hollowed out of anything real that you think about the Final Sleep like some kind of paradise.
There are those voices, telling you that you have no point in life, that there is no reason. There is nothing that makes the world go round, nothing to love, no one who loves you, no o
:iconcrimsonzettaiv:crimsonzettaIV 26 50
Darkness Shatters
My darkness is consuming,
Everything I see
And when it is done,
I'm sure it will come for me
(Darkness shatters!)
My life has become a mirror,
Shattered at my feet
I wonder how soon it will be,
Before my heart ceases to beat
The lost lessons of life,
Mean nothing to me!
Darkness shatters!
Everything is breaking,
Including me...
Darkness shatters!
No-one seems to understand,
That the end is at hand
My darkness shatters!
Everything, I once was,
And am...
They say the soul is a living vessel,
That can never be denied
But mine seems to be missing,
It's the one thing I can't find
(Darkness shatters!)
I don't waste my tears,
And my conscience is clear,
But I can't seem to escape,
This undercurrent of fear
Every single breath that I breathe,
Means nothing to me!
Darkness shatters!
Everything's insane,
And I am the one to blame!
Darkness shatters!
No-one seems to understand,
That the end is at hand
My darkness shatters!
Everything, I once was,
And am...
jlp September 19, 2008-Revised May 25, 2
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 48 20
Typo Like Who The Hell Cares :iconeugeniaclara:eugeniaclara 118 15 Pokemon X and Y- Chespin and evolutions :icontornaroundtheedges:TornAroundtheEdges 598 108
Nobody Hears
Nobody hears
I am screaming,
In the depths of my mind,
But nobody hears
I have feelings,
Trapped, kept inside,
But nobody cares
All I receive,
For my efforts,
Are stares
My voice is gone,
From all my screaming,
That nobody heard
My throat is raw,
From all the words,
This is not what I deserve,
But nobody cares
I don't want to give you my pain,
I only want to share
I have started believing,
That I am unloved
I can't see it any other way
I'm giving in to my fears,
Because nobody hears
This has been going on for years,
For as long as I can remember
Yes, I am aware,
That nobody cares
I am ending,
My pathetic attempts,
At trust
I am sending,
A message to all those I must,
And I hope that your understanding,
Is so very clear
I have done all of this,
Because nobody hears
jlp September 27, 2008-Revised march 23, 2010
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 77 122
Cast Your Cares :iconpoppycorn99:PoppyCorn99 73 7
Nobody Cares
"Nobody cares"
The white spray paint
In stark contrast
With the green door
On which it resides.
"Nobody cares"
A spiteful response
To the engravings
Of "I was here"
And "So was Sam"
"Nobody cares"
This door I stand by
And read the statement
5 times and each time
It reads differently
"Nobody cares"
-That you were here
"Nobody cares"
-That Sam was too
"Nobody cares"
-That you stand here
"Nobody cares"
-That you read this
"Nobody cares"
-That I am Nobody
:iconcrimson-shine:crimson-shine 41 38
You say...God says
You say: “It’s impossible.”
God says: All things are possible. (Luke 18:27)
You say: “I’m to tired.”
God says: I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28-30)
You say: “Nobody loves me.”
God says: I love you. (John 3:16)
You say: “I can’t go on.”
God says: My grace is sufficient. (2 Corinthians 12:9)
You say: “I cannot do it.”
God says: You can do all things. (Philippians 4:13)
You say: “I am not able.”
God says: I am able. (2 Corinthian 9:8)
You say: “It’s not worth t.
God says: It will be worth it. (Romans 8:28)
You say: “I can’t forgive myself.”
God says: I forgive you. (1 John 1:9)
You say: “I can’t manage.”
God says: I will supply your needs. (Philippians 4:19)
You say: “I’m afraid.”
God says: I have not given you a spirit of fear. (2 Timothy 1:7)
You say: “I’m always worried and frustrated.”
God says: Cast all you ca
:iconheavencalling:HeavenCalling 29 10
Rarity Really Cares :iconpoptart36:poptart36 270 11
Listen eating disorder
Can anyone hear it.
Shhhhhh, I said.
Do you hear it?
Don’t move,
just listen..
The heart pounds heavy
the hands grow shaky
the anxiety rips through
her tightening insides.
Can you hear it yet?
She’s helpless
It’s so loud,
It echos in her head
pounding off the sides.
Vibrating her pounding heart.
Can’t you hear her?
She’s screaming,
She’s screeching,
She’s reaching,
out for you
our for anyone
anyone to hear her.
But noone will
noone does
they can’t.
They don’t know how.
Her life is a shallow
schedule of events.
Knowledge of every
food product
she could ever want
or ever reach for.
Always pinching skin,
Mirrors stalk her,
Food haunts her.
Obsessive measures
her waist,
her hips,
her ass.
Obsessive measure
how much food
how less food
when to purge
Obsessive measures
her crunches
her miles ran
her push ups...
She tries so hard to
find the normal life
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Nobody cares about Fast Zombies :icon600v:600v 208 5 lately.. :icondevils-horizon:devils-horizon 237 19 Art Demotivational :iconnodlupetianwolf:NodLupetianWolf 242 118
Broken Smile
Just like yesterday
I feel the same
Sorrow and pain
My dreams are dead.
Everything falls apart
My heart is in pain
One look into mirror
Shatters all of my dreams.

I don't know what to do
The demon inside me is alive
I'm so confused.
This empty feeling
That no one cares
I'm all alone.

No one feels what I feel
No one knows who I am
No one can see my tears.
So look for this girl
Which you see every night
The girl with a broken smile.

She's lost
Alone in the darkness
She's waiting for help
To find her own way.
Don't ask why
She's so fragile
Her heart is trembling
Just let her cry.
:iconayumifey:AyumiFey 22 31
It's a frickin' skull or something :iconmedli20:medli20 210 36 ID time :iconirenemartini:IreneMartini 305 24 Morgendrache :iconoksara:Oksara 243 17 Commission no. 12 :iconapricotknight:ApricotKnight 453 14
Painting Roses Gray
You've colored all your roses gray.
Have you lost your passion
And tossed aside your cares?
You've sprinkled dust upon your heart.
Have you forgotten
To let it beat?
You've sewn your lips with silence.
Did you ever realize
That they sing lullabies to me?
You've bleached your eyes with blindness.
Were you sick of seeing reality
Or sick of seeing me?
You've stuffed your ears with silence.
They will never hear "I love you" again.
Did you memorize my voice?
You've made yourself a book of weather worn pages.
Each feathery leaf rippled like wood,
Their words blotted and wearing away.
:iconleaving-my-mark:Leaving-My-Mark 23 39
Tweeter :icontinypen15:TinyPEN15 112 21 Fluttershy and BigMac... :iconbrownie-12:Brownie-12 207 108
True Beauty
It's not in her eyes.
It's not in her hair.
It's in the fact
she'll always be there.
It's not in her lips.
It's not in her chest.
It's in her warm heart
beating within her breast.
It's not right here.
It's not over there.
It's in a simple fact.
The fact that she cares.
:icontimesfire90:TimesFire90 14 3
Who knows who cares :iconbasistka:Basistka 189 37
The Man in the Box
there once was a box in the sky
it was way up high
I went in my yard to see
and wondered how can this be
I watched as the box descends
this is something I kept trying to comprehend
then all if a sudden it appears on the ground
not even making a sound
I thought this can't be true
but there it was and it was blue
"Police Public Call Box?" I asked thought
Then a door opens and I see a man looking distraught
As I get closer I see he's wearing a suit and bow tie
Then I wonder "Who is this guy?"
He begins walking up to me
I notice he's a rather attractive man from what I can see
Then I hear "Hello i'm The Doctor."
In a voice so sincere
In response I say "Hello to you too."
Then think for a second and say "Doctor Who?"
He opens the door to the box and says "Come with me and you'll see"
I laugh and say "you're insane"
Entering the box I stare in shock and wonder what's wrong with my brain
I run back outside
and wonder how could it possibly be so big inside
The he says "This is a TARDIS which s
:iconxblissfulxnightx:XBlissfulXNightX 20 88
what you want. :iconxglassraindrops:xglassraindrops 144 19
What I Get
I was back there
And you were
Fighting over me
I'll never forget
The sudden pain,
The agony...
Struggling to escape
In vain,
Only to realize
There is no way
Out of here...
So here I remain,
Trapped deep inside
My nightmare...
She kept me
Under her
Cold, cruel thumb,
You were not
Much better...
But at least
You cared for me,
Or so I thought...
That's what I get
For believing
In anyone
Who's only human,
Nothing more...
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 18 10
Making Deals with the Wind
I used to make deals with the wind.
She'd blow for me, and I'd sing for her.
She'd take the sound of my voice and immediately whisk it away to some far-off place
like a secret only she could hear.
Perhaps she would deliver the message to some unknown someone far away.
One who truly cared.
She'd softly blow away all my cares and worries with my song,
and I felt she was the most loyal and caring friend I had.  The only one I had.
Sometimes I thought she might be angry with me.
She'd blow my hair so hard it would whip my face
and sting.
It felt like a lashing.
But the times I really knew she was mad were when she held so still
I wasn't certain she was even there.
I would say she was giving me the cold shoulder
but deep down I was afraid she'd left me. Like everyone else.
To test the air I would softly sing my song once more
and at first my voice would hover around me in the air,
crowding against me, suffocating me, pulling me down.
Then just when I was so uncomfort
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[REQ] Mutagems :iconsolar-paragon:Solar-Paragon 171 10 being different - a Scootaloo story :iconchibi95:chibi95 593 294 who cares :iconchimy-rainbow:chimy-rainbow 156 8 Vaporeon :iconangelwaveo6:Angelwaveo6 133 25 Bee cares not for flower :iconmrjosef:MrJosef 200 22