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Helping Hurting People
This is a message I'm sending out to everyone in need of help with the problems, emotional and mental pains they are having. It doesn't matter who you are, what race, what kind of person you are, either you're atheist, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, straight or what you have done. Even if you killed someone, please don't be afraid, I want to help you. If we talk I'll keep it between us, so no one else knows. You are never too far away to be saved. I won't judge you. Whether you are in pain from people, have pain on the inside, you cut yourself, or even thinking of or planning on committing suicide. It's never too late to change your mind about something. Never give up on life, even when life seems impossible. I want to help. This isn't a fake, I really do wish to help. You have a purpose, you just need to find it. If you know someone who is looking for help or needs it, tell them about me. My e-mail msn hotmail account is mentioned in the description section below.
I'm not "perf
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Violet Stuffing Story (Request)
“Hello, Violet.”
Violet looked up from the cold, metal table in front of her and stared at the man who had just entered the room. He was wearing a long, white coat that he had fastened and so any clothes that he may have been wearing were out of sight. He was 5’11 and judging by how healthy he looked, weighed around 150lbs. His dark hair suited his pale green eyes and he fluttered them unintentionally at Violet. His skin was tanned which was strange considering it was winter. Maybe it was just his face; the rest of his skin was covered by his coat and his hands were behind his back. It could also be the gloomy room that they were both situated in that made his skin appear to be a different colour than it was. They locked eyes, and the pale green shone into Violet’s own dark violet-blue eyes and made her feel instantly relaxed and calm. She gave a nervous smile, and he returned it, allowing her to see his gleaming white teeth.
Instead of sitting on the chair oppo
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A morning kidnapping
Cindy was out jogging, like she did every morning before heading off to work. The 31 year old woman was dressed in running shorts and a t-shirt and had her light brown hair pulled back into a pony-tail that bounced up and down her back as she ran.
The early-morning sun had already crept up over the rooftops of the cookie-cutter suburban homes that made up the neighborhood she lived in, despite the hour, shining down out the cloudless sky. Though the morning air still held a little chill to it, the day promised to be warm and sunny.
Though she wouldn't admit it to anyone, Cindy was glad the sun was up. Sometimes during the fall or winter, this early in the morning, the sun still wasn't even a hint on the horizon. She sometimes got nervous while out running, imagining a mugger around every corner, a rapist in every shadow.
Silly, she knew. There was no safer neighborhood anywhere then this one. A single kid getting caught taking drugs was considered a crime to shock the whole town. Logic
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A Day Tied Up part 1
Part one:
Bright, early morning sunlight streamed through the open blinds of the window in Carol's bedroom. Suddenly, with a start, the teenage girl sat up in her bed. She'd slept in! Why hadn't her alarm clock woke her up?
As the young woman looked around her room, eyes blinking in the clear, early morning light, she suddenly remembered she had school off today, and had turned off her alarm the night before, so she could sleep in.
Carol lay back down on the bed, trying to decide whether or not she should get up, or try to go back to sleep. Her stomach growled loudly and Caroled realized she was starving. Breakfast it is. She thought.
Carol threw off the sheets of her bed to reveal her light blue pajamas. She quickly changed into a t-shirt and some shorts and pulled her hair up into a loose ponytail. She could take care of everything else after she'd gotten something to eat.
The smell of coffee assailed Carol's nose as she entered the kitchen. Her mom was already up and finishing her b
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Dressing Room Danger
"Ooh! This is cute!" Claudia thought to herself, spotting a pretty red dress hanging from a nearby rack. She walked over and unhooked the hanger, holding her find up. She smiled, draping the dress over one arm. It was a Saturday afternoon and the mall was bustling with people shopping, like Claudia. The 28 year old chemistry teacher had decided to take a break from grading papers and kill a weekend afternoon clothes shopping.
The young woman continued browsing through the racks of clothes, until she had found three or four outfits she liked. Carrying them over one arm, Claudia headed to the changing rooms to try them on.
In the changing rooms, she found an empty room and went in, shutting and locking the door behind her. Setting the clothes and her purse down, Claudia quickly stripped off her jeans, jacket and blouse. Grabbing one of the dresses, the young woman took it off the hanger and slipped it on, turning to look at herself in the full length mirror.
Claudia struck a pose, seeing
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The Second Burglar
"EEEELLLLPPPPMMM!!!" Kristen screamed into her gag, as loud as she could. What came out was a soft, frightened whimper in the quiet, dark room. Having been screaming herself hoarse for the better part of an hour without result, the young woman was forced to concede that no one was coming to help her. With a sigh, she slumped down in her bonds.
Kristen knelt on the seat of a hard wooden chair in her living room, facing the back. Her hands were crossed behind her back and tightly bound with rope. Her ankles had been bound similarly. A rope had been tied around her waist, the free end passed over the chair back and under the seat, before being tied off to the rope binding her feet. Another rope was looped around Kristen's upper legs, circling the back of the chair, holding the young woman tightly against the hard wood.
"mmmppphhh…" Kristen's mouth had been stuffed with a wadded up ball of cloth. A scarf had been tied between her teeth, to keep her from spitting the gag out.
She shive
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