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Captain Cold by Jack-so-Slack Captain Cold :iconjack-so-slack:Jack-so-Slack 186 17 Trill League- Purple Freeze Design by ChaseConley Trill League- Purple Freeze Design :iconchaseconley:ChaseConley 507 32 Sketch 14 : Captain Cold by Cinar Sketch 14 : Captain Cold :iconcinar:Cinar 709 91 Moving Day by YaleStewart Moving Day :iconyalestewart:YaleStewart 728 100 deadshot by MiaCabrera deadshot :iconmiacabrera:MiaCabrera 385 9 Scribblenauts Unmasked by ribkaDory Scribblenauts Unmasked :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 463 22
Leonard Snart x Reader - Exhilarating
You were sitting at the bar, absentmindedly playing with your empty glass.
Suddenly, the jukebox sprang to life and started playing “Cold as Ice” by Foreigner. A man sat down about two seats from you, ordering a drink. You glanced over and noticed his heavy jacket, and his moody face.
“Something I can help you with?” he asked. You cleared your throat, aware that you'd been staring at him.
“No, I just....the song and your jacket. Are you cold or something?”
His lips slightly twitched upward as he took a drink. “I guess you could say that.”
“And yet you're drinking vodka? With ice? I sense a pattern here,” you teased. He cleared his throat and turned slightly to look at you.
“It's not the temperature I like so much as the rush that goes along with it. The cold hand grasping at your heart for a fraction of a second and the adrenaline that follows.”
You looked at the bartender. “Give me what he's having.” H
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JL8, 47 by YaleStewart JL8, 47 :iconyalestewart:YaleStewart 386 78 JL8, 33 by YaleStewart JL8, 33 :iconyalestewart:YaleStewart 415 125 Challenge of the Superfriends by AndrewJHarmon Challenge of the Superfriends :iconandrewjharmon:AndrewJHarmon 610 115 CW Captain Cold and Heatwave by BIazeRod CW Captain Cold and Heatwave :iconbiazerod:BIazeRod 46 46 DC Usual Suspects by Nszerdy DC Usual Suspects :iconnszerdy:Nszerdy 174 12 JL8, 49 by YaleStewart JL8, 49 :iconyalestewart:YaleStewart 335 45 Captain Cold by gillykins Captain Cold :icongillykins:gillykins 107 17 Captain Cold (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho Captain Cold (Earth-27) commission :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 321 33 Flash Blackest Night Cvr by manapul Flash Blackest Night Cvr :iconmanapul:manapul 317 36 DC Comic's Flash by skywarp-2 DC Comic's Flash :iconskywarp-2:skywarp-2 244 33 Daycare by Waterwindow Daycare :iconwaterwindow:Waterwindow 130 58 The Society (DCCU) by LoganWaynee The Society (DCCU) :iconloganwaynee:LoganWaynee 75 14 13 of the Most Sinister of All-Time by micQuestion 13 of the Most Sinister of All-Time :iconmicquestion:micQuestion 58 21
Leonard Snart x Reader - No One Has to Know
(A/N: Slight spoilers if you're not caught up on Legends of Tomorrow!)
Leonard grunted as you touched his cheek.
“Did that hurt?” you asked.
He peered up at you. “It's not like you can do any worse than him.”
You raised an eyebrow. The former thief was sitting shirtless on your examining table, ugly bruises and welts covering the majority of his skin. He had lost quite a bit of blood from his little scuffle with Mick. And yet, his trademark smirk was still fixed on his face.
“Fair enough.” You stepped across the room and grabbed some bandages. “I went and saw Mick first, you know. He didn't have nearly as much facial scarring.”
His smirk faded. “Facial scarring?” he repeated.
You were Captain Hunter's medical officer. While Gideon was able to offer observations about the crew's conditions, Hunter had decided that it would be best to have an actual person there when things got rough. Like right now.
“Relax, Snart. The swe
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