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Avengers on Parade (RIP Maurice Sendak) by AgarthanGuide Avengers on Parade (RIP Maurice Sendak) :iconagarthanguide:AgarthanGuide 2,316 296 Fleece Hat Tutorial by clearkid Fleece Hat Tutorial :iconclearkid:clearkid 9,394 1,617 Evolution of Link's Sword Wallpaper by BLUEamnesiac Evolution of Link's Sword Wallpaper :iconblueamnesiac:BLUEamnesiac 4,258 495 Miniature Toadstool Tutorial by vesssper Miniature Toadstool Tutorial :iconvesssper:vesssper 2,018 119 Avengers by JPRart Avengers :iconjprart:JPRart 5,465 369 Claris- A Lady's Progress by temiel Claris- A Lady's Progress :icontemiel:temiel 8,027 702 Link Cosplay hat tutorial by Eressea-sama Link Cosplay hat tutorial :iconeressea-sama:Eressea-sama 1,069 61 The Legend of Zelda by Kamaniki The Legend of Zelda :iconkamaniki:Kamaniki 5,239 455 WAKE UP LINK by Ry-Spirit WAKE UP LINK :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 12,526 1,257 Harley Reboot v. 1.0 by shoomlah Harley Reboot v. 1.0 :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 4,503 400 Pierce The Skies by KatieHofgard Pierce The Skies :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 4,764 202 Bulma by mior3e Bulma :iconmior3e:mior3e 1,931 56 Avengers: The one about shawarma by Phageous Avengers: The one about shawarma :iconphageous:Phageous 1,964 224 How to Add Ears by clearkid How to Add Ears :iconclearkid:clearkid 1,883 167 A quick guide to BJD hip joints by PuppitProductions A quick guide to BJD hip joints :iconpuppitproductions:PuppitProductions 360 45 Avengers Card Captain America by frogbillgo Avengers Card Captain America :iconfrogbillgo:frogbillgo 2,723 151 Hipscats by meago Hipscats :iconmeago:meago 7,899 314 Annie UP by dCTb Annie UP :icondctb:dCTb 4,937 268 Vaati by EternaLegend Vaati :iconeternalegend:EternaLegend 2,315 152
You wanna Play a Love Game?- Steve Rogers x Reader

Body rocked back and forth.
Shapely legs twisted and turned.
A small torso expertly maneuvered to get into a better position.
Then a feminine figure yelled….
“Woo~! I cut down my time to a whole minute!”
Let's have some fun,
This beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick
Currently you and Steve were on the ground sweating.
“You have to do better than that to beat me, Stevie~” You brought your face close to his smirking. Lips just millimeters from his own.
I wanna kiss you
But if I do then I might miss you babe
It's complicated and stupid
Got my ass squeezed by sexy Cupid
Guess he wants to play,
Wants to play
A love game
A love game
Steve was breathing pretty hard. “Ma’am it would take more than that to take down Captain America”
His hands were at your hips and you were stra
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Ahri Wallpaper by tekmon1980 Ahri Wallpaper :icontekmon1980:tekmon1980 1,865 75 Abrogated Arson by Hail-NekoYasha Abrogated Arson :iconhail-nekoyasha:Hail-NekoYasha 4,396 1,137 Link throughout the ages by Luke-the-F0x Link throughout the ages :iconluke-the-f0x:Luke-the-F0x 1,274 528 Elements - Water by CassiopeiaArt Elements - Water :iconcassiopeiaart:CassiopeiaArt 1,918 252 Pikachu Hat by clearkid Pikachu Hat :iconclearkid:clearkid 779 117 pokemon world by PriSuicun pokemon world :iconprisuicun:PriSuicun 5,299 1,152 Pikachu Hat Tutorial by nikkiswimmer Pikachu Hat Tutorial :iconnikkiswimmer:nikkiswimmer 1,385 223 Europa by JustV23 Europa :iconjustv23:JustV23 307 12 Cat Hat by KayPikeFashion Cat Hat :iconkaypikefashion:KayPikeFashion 1,688 118 Link: 25 years of the legend by Zelbunnii Link: 25 years of the legend :iconzelbunnii:Zelbunnii 11,601 1,846 Caps by NaBHaN Caps :iconnabhan:NaBHaN 4,424 233 Neapolitan by clearkid Neapolitan :iconclearkid:clearkid 1,092 163 Toothless Hat by clearkid Toothless Hat :iconclearkid:clearkid 2,325 393 Tora by AdrianDadich Tora :iconadriandadich:AdrianDadich 8,647 625 HTTYD II: Counting Stars by LucidOrange HTTYD II: Counting Stars :iconlucidorange:LucidOrange 1,222 94 Waltz with Vaati by evelmiina Waltz with Vaati :iconevelmiina:evelmiina 1,492 78 25 years of Legend of Zelda by anocurry 25 years of Legend of Zelda :iconanocurry:anocurry 2,318 291 The Complete Cartographer's Map Origami Series by Cahoonas The Complete Cartographer's Map Origami Series :iconcahoonas:Cahoonas 1,014 369 Purple likes Bottles by kevinbolk Purple likes Bottles :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 2,935 401 Pikachu - me :mnrart: by mnrART Pikachu - me :mnrart: :iconmnrart:mnrART 1,417 86
Disney Karaoke (Avengers X Reader) (One-shot)
Disney Karaoke (Avengers X Reader) (One-shot)
"Hey (Name)! Come join us!" Tony yelled, jumping off the mini stage in the center of his living room.
"What are you guy's doing?" you asked, confused.
"What does it look like? We're singing karaoke." Tony grinned. "Disney karaoke."
"Are you serious?" you asked, smirking at the mere mention of Disney.
"Yeah, and it's your turn." he said, handing you the microphone.
"Okay. You choose." you said as you took the mic.
Tony selected a tune you knew very well, Oogie Boogie's Song from The Nightmare before Christmas. The avengers all enjoyed your Oogie impression and the performance, clapping and complimenting you. Then you handed the mic off to Steve, also selecting his song, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. His LeFou and Gaston impressions were pretty amazing.
The super soldier handed the mic off to Dr. Banner next. Steve picked I'll Make a Man out of You from Mulan. His performance got very funny once he did his impressions of Chien-po, Yao, Li
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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess by TheIronRing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess :icontheironring:TheIronRing 853 164 Star Cap by dCTb Star Cap :icondctb:dCTb 3,178 27 One hat is not enough by Lethalityrush One hat is not enough :iconlethalityrush:Lethalityrush 1,686 292 The Legend of Zelda 25th year by kichisu The Legend of Zelda 25th year :iconkichisu:kichisu 1,629 200
Comatose (Steve X Reader) (Oneshot)
Comatose (Steve X Reader) (One-shot)
Six months. Six months, he has been like this. Why doesn't his condition ever change?
"Hey Steve. Nice weather we're having. I know, I know, I'm so weird because I love thunderstorms so much. Well you will learn to love them." you laughed. You sat down in the chair next to him, like you always did, and began reading (favorite book) to him.  
Six months. Nothing gets better. Nothing worsens. Six months of not hearing his voice. Six months of him lying there. Six months added to the years you never told him how you felt about him.
"Steve. Please wake up." you said, taking his hand in your hand and kissing it.
I hate feeling like this
I'm so tired of trying to fight this
I'm asleep and all I dream of
Is waking to you
Tell me that you will listen
Your touch is what I'm missing
And the more I hide I realize I'm slowly losing you
I'll never wake up without an overdose of you

"Hello again (Name)." the nurse said as she came in to check
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Ear-Flap Tutorial by clearkid Ear-Flap Tutorial :iconclearkid:clearkid 1,853 184 20 04 17 YCH 1 cropped by Rejuch 20 04 17 YCH 1 cropped :iconrejuch:Rejuch 749 18 minish by Poketix minish :iconpoketix:Poketix 1,224 142