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Pearlnet.. :iconk0ns2:K0NS2 69 15 Pokemon White: Trainer :iconchoco-puddin:choco-puddin 16 10 Ryoji in Persona 4 the animation confirmed!!!!!!!! :iconriichiichan:RiichiiChan 13 0 practic 2 git gud :iconllama-senpai:Llama-Senpai 9 8 Sally Pixel Art :iconturtleeclipse:TurtleEclipse 11 4 Timmy Pixel Art :iconturtleeclipse:TurtleEclipse 8 2 Gift For Raddily :iconskyy-panda:Skyy-Panda 6 5 me gusta face paper star strips :iconharrypotterfanatic13:harrypotterfanatic13 5 0 Alphys is helping you :iconimtheaura:Imtheaura 4 0 Mikasa Ackerman :iconalydabookworm:AlydaBookworm 5 0 Eotp page 22 :iconunarla:Unarla 4 14 Violet :iconalydabookworm:AlydaBookworm 4 0 Alice :iconendhil:Endhil 3 0 Homemade dragon or something... :iconcowardforward:CowardForward 2 0 Angel (no background) :iconalydabookworm:AlydaBookworm 2 0 Medieval Knight :iconalydabookworm:AlydaBookworm 2 0 Steve the pear blossom :iconsnivychu13:Snivychu13 2 4 Naku ( Avatar for a friend) :iconally-blackstar:Ally-Blackstar 2 4 080 :iconeirikhavre:EirikHavre 2 0 Battle Angel :icontardlz:tardlz 0 9 m333 drunk :iconliam-neko:liam-neko 0 1 Adventures Of Mighty Man 1 :iconbloodshed939:bloodshed939 0 0 ~:ART TRADE:~ Terry and Speedy :iconmisterrgbpixels:MisterRgbPixels 4 7 Securr Town :iconiamherecozidraw:iamherecozidraw 0 0 Angel :iconalydabookworm:AlydaBookworm 1 3 Original Characters :iconwinter359:winter359 2 2
The Business of Feeling Good
A little bit of cocaine to frost the tips, and booze to wash the girls down
drowning what might've been a shitty existence in:
cheap and greasy love, shitty movies, and Leonardo Oscar-snub jokes.
Choice labels range from misanthrope, to hopeless,
and shitty writer,
though I don't have a recognized, legal, profession; I've got a business card,
a subtle fuck you to everyone else.
"I'm in the business of feeling good."
:iconthis-is-why-we-fall:This-Is-Why-We-Fall 0 0
Male Side Profile - Improvement :iconalydabookworm:AlydaBookworm 1 0 Fashe :iconrejamo:rejamo 1 3
Driven Batty - Part 1 (by a honey)
        Food. Pete never remembers dinner time. It's his most annoying habit. But there are many other trainers who were much worse than Pete so I should probably be grateful. I fluttered my wings a little for altitude and decided to keep looking for Pete. He was probably in the gym again failing to chat up some grunt.
        “. . .missed a treasure?”

There are few things more important than food but Treasure was one of them.
        “Yeah, caught him talking about a green orb. Guess he thought we'd go hunting for it.”

        Yena must be told! Yena must be told! Yena must be told!
I cast the boss and his informant little more than a cursory glance before zipping back. I found her pacing near the entrance to the hideout and dived. The realised I'd misjudged it an
:iconhoneywithfangs:Honeywithfangs 1 10
Stratus :iconsparks178:Sparks178 1 0
Daydream- Magician's love
The Cast:
Magician Girl:
Generic female magician with smooth, long black hair and blue eyes. Ageless but not immortal. Can brink a person from the brink of death at the expense of hers.
The Guy she fell in love with:
Generic young anime guy with brown hair and white poloshirt. Softie.
The guy was in a ICU(intensive care unit),laying on the bed and on the brink of death, around him was the magician girl and some other people. "Are you sure you want to save him? It's a tough choice." asked the guy, "Anything for my love." she replied. The machine detected he was closer and closer to death...oh no. "We don't have much time, you ready?" the man asked. The girl nodded.
She prepared herself, waving her wands to practice, getting serious and focusing, the machine is indicating he is just 0.001% alive, only seconds left to live. With a quick wave..."Hiyah!!" Then his conditions went stable, then she asked the people(doctors, nurses and a man related to him) to exit the
:icontheguardiantempest:TheGuardianTempest 0 0
My fail chibi :icontyaandasha:TyaAndAsha 1 1 Prepare Yourself. :iconrejamo:rejamo 1 5 Breaks in the foliage :iconlaw-ra:law-ra 1 0 Kenny Miku :iconsnivychu13:Snivychu13 1 0 Icon for Mega G-Man :iconelactepus:Elactepus 4 1 Peek a boo :iconrejamo:rejamo 1 5 Dont Take This Seriously :iconrejamo:rejamo 1 0
Driven Batty P2s- A stolen shade
The grunt yanked on the cord, pulling the frightened bat back into the fight, where it quickly dodged the bite of the snarling black canine. The grunt shouted at the bat to fight, the frightened pokemon simply looked around for an escape, somewhere to go. It's trainer had never been this cruel before, after the training pokemon was withdrawn, the other grunts in the room laughed and jeered at the Crobat's trainer. With a downward yank on the cord and a hard backhand, the grunt smacked his bat, which let out a surprised and pitiful squeak. The pokemon could see the pain in the human's eyes, the tears glistening on the surface but not allowed to break.
Through it's hurting ears, the Crobat could hear the human speaking to it. He didn't want to do this, he never wanted this, but he had no choice. So long had this training gone on, so long had the taunts and scolds cut at them, the bat couldn't well remember his original name. Maybe the Grunt did? Maybe by calling him something else, somet
:iconatlassniperman:AtlasSniperman 2 11
The Strange Land :iconnikoladun:NikolaDun 5 1 Crystal Thing :icontransientwhale:TransientWhale 0 0 How 'bout another photo of my cat? :iconairnearmyfingers:AirNearMyFingers 0 0 Inke And Diane :iconthelolidagger:thelolidagger 0 0 Crab :iconpunquistitor:Punquistitor 0 0 Rayver the Pikachu... kinda :iconincipienttempus:incipientTempus 0 8 Ballerina :iconbrimfulofwispa:BrimfulOfWispa 0 3