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Perception - Levi x Reader
This was absolute torture.
It was yet another cleaning day around the HQ, and if you were being entirely honest you would rather saw your own arms off than clean the castle another damn time. All that scrubbing and bending over was hell on your hands and knees, you swore that one day you were going to collapse and die in the middle of the job and all Levi would say is “clean it again”.
But thankfully, as if you had the god’s own luck, Hanji pulled you away from your duties to instead ask a favour from you.
“[First], I need you to take this file to Levi,” she said before handing you a neatly sealed manila envelope.
“Not to look a gift horse in the mouth,” you started, “but why me?”
“Well, he’s angry with me! I accidentally left a cup of Titan saliva in the kitchen and Levi found out and… uh, he hasn’t spoken to me for three days.”
“Eww, why did you leave Titan spit in the kitchen?”
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The Many Faces of Chara: An Undertale Essay - Pt1
WARNING: THIS ESSAY CONTAINS BOTH UNDERTALE SPOILERS AND STUFF THAT MAY ANGER THE FANDOM; PARTICULARLY FANS OF GENOCIDE CHARA. Do not read unless you A. Have already played Undertale, and B. Can tolerate the contents of this post.

The Many Faces of Chara

A Comparison of Undertale Theories

Third Edition: Updated June 12, 2016
New in the Third Edition:
Added a hierarchy of fan theory evidence.Added the origins, major influences, and major arguments of each theory.Renamed Reincarnation Theory to Passive Frisk Theory, added new variations on the theory.Renamed Control Theory to Third Entity Theory, added new information.
Added a list of common Chara depictions by fans, plus links to examples.Expanded on the rise and current fall of Genocide Chara Theory, as well as the rise of Narrator/Passive Chara Theory.Added a section on what will happen if Toby Fox confirms one of the theor
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Monogamous Yu-Gi-Oh Ship List
This is an ongoing project that is open to contributions.
Please read the description before critiquing or asking questions.
Generally Accepted Shipnames
Admireshipping - Kotsuzaka x Mokuba
Adoptshipping - Gozaburo x Seto
Adviseshipping - Priestess Aishizu x Mana
Agileshipping - Anzu x Vivian
Airshipping - Thief King Bakura x Priest Shaada
Akinshipping - Sugoroku x Ryouta
Anagramshipping - Priest Karim x Marik
Angelshipping - Rafael x Ryou
Angstshipping - Marik x Ryou
Anruishipping - Shaadi x Yuugi
Antagoshipping - Yami Bakura x Seto
Supreme Antagoshipping - S0 Kaiba x Yami Bakura
Apparishipping - Roba x Kotsuzaka
Apprenticeshipping - Mahaado x Mana
Aptshipping - Hiroto x Isis
Aquaintanceshipping - Hiroto x Roba
Ardentshipping - Hiroto x Shizuka
Argenshipping - Pegasus x Ryou
Arrogantshipping - Seto x Mai
Artichokeshipping - Yami M
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Obsessed with Sherlock Holmes
You know you're obsessed with Sherlock Holmes when....
1.  You find yourself meticulously examining every new person you meet.
2.  You secretly wish you had a Watson 'stache.
3.  You don't hang out with your friends anymore because you're locked up in your room... solving cases.
4.  The funniest joke? Scotland Yard.
5.  You always eat toast for breakfast. Always.
6.  You sometimes watch your roommate sleep.
7.  Moriarty is your sworn enemy.
8.  You see the newest unexplainable disappearance or murder on the news, and think, Sherlock Holmes could handle it.
9.  You've picked a side: Granada, 2009, or BBC.
10.  You've named your bulldog Gladstone.
11.  Pipes and magnifying glasses are suddenly amazingly hot.
12.  Your old service revolver is your best friend.
13.  To you, Irene Adler is always THE woman.
14.  You are lost without
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