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My tribute - Scyther can't fly :iconrounindx:rounindx 3,006 487 MLP: Dodo :iconpostcrusade:postcrusade 1,964 330
what good are these feathers,
            if I cannot fly?
:iconworldwar-tori:WorldWar-Tori 40 67
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Wingless Hearts Cannot Fly
Oh how I wish you would remain silent,
My heart,
My butterfly.
Stop fluttering so desperately
For something that is so far out of reach.
Stop fluttering so uselessly,
I beseech you.
This pain,
This emptiness within my cavernous heart,
How I dream that it will fade away.
The slightest glimpse,
The slightest thought of you,
My star-crossed other,
Brings it back again.
If I escape this prison,
Will it cure me?
If I take a distant refuge,
Will I stop looking for you at every turn?
Oh how those memories do burn bright,
My eyes sting with the slightest mention.
These memories,
This feeling,
Uncalled for.
Why is it that even a ghost of a chance
Can set such foolish feelings,
Such foolish notions
Into me?
My heart has suffered plenty,
I cry out into the starless sky.
Leave me to my emptiness,
Leave me where I lie.
As the broken,
Wingless butterfly
Still yearns for the strength to fly.
:iconcel-dreams:Cel-Dreams 3 8
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Hold close that silver Moral Gun to your clotted Purple Hearts, because my Wings may be broken and my heart Dead and Grey, but my Sword will stand strong when I cannot fly away.
:iconlady-knives:lady-knives 0 0
Dragon character :iconspeedingfox:SpeedingFox 0 0 thicj :iconwingscannotfly:wingscannotfly 0 0 soft :iconwingscannotfly:wingscannotfly 0 0 Rolly Figure W Painting (Polymer Clay) :iconp-tiger:p-tiger 0 0 mmohl :iconwingscannotfly:wingscannotfly 0 0 Rolly Figure #2 (Polymer Clay) :iconp-tiger:p-tiger 0 0 manisfiuge :iconwingscannotfly:wingscannotfly 0 0 news man :iconwingscannotfly:wingscannotfly 0 3 Running In The Sunlight-Star :iconwingscannotfly:wingscannotfly 0 2 Girl with a bird :iconmoonlilate:moonlilate 0 0 muk one twa :iconwingscannotfly:wingscannotfly 0 2 secaf :iconwingscannotfly:wingscannotfly 1 4 Cid :icongriffkat:Griffkat 5 4 Car-rot :iconwingscannotfly:wingscannotfly 2 7 Rolly Figure #1 (Polymer Clay) :iconp-tiger:p-tiger 0 0 dayface for truedy :iconwingscannotfly:wingscannotfly 1 0 Cannot Fly, Broken Wings :icondarkinthesoul:DarkInTheSoul 4 0 At the show :iconwingscannotfly:wingscannotfly 0 0
Hold fast to dreams.
Hold fast,
Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die,
Life is a broken winged bird
That cannot fly.
I've lost and forgotten my dreams.
I only care for theirs.
I'm now a broken winged bird
While they fly high in the sky,
I just cry in silence.
When they come down to earth,
I wipe away my tears
And act like I'm happy.
I don't want them to
Stay down with
I help them fly high in the sky
And I just sink lower in silence.
Look at them.
So happy and content.
They are soaring in the bright blue sky,
Chasing each other,
Hiding in clouds,
Laughing hysterically.
Look at me.
Beautiful silver wings
Stretching thirteen feet
From wing tip to wing tip.
In one flap,
My strong wings could make me
Soar higher than them.
Higher than the clouds.
Higher that the stars.
Only if I allowed them to.
But I don't
For my dreams have died.
Now I am a broken winged bird
I never let them see
What is wrong with me.
They need not know my pain.
I let so
:iconinvictus47:Invictus47 5 6
Feeling :iconwingscannotfly:wingscannotfly 0 24
Broken wings can not fly
Heavy and soulful, they drag across the ground. Chained, beaten, once profound. Filled with love, one's sorrow is costly. "If only I could be happy again, soaring free above the clouds" the spirit thought. "My broken wings can not fly". Seeking redemption, and a life once lost. The shadow turns towards the wondering soul with no mercy, screaming and shouting. Yet she comes out of it all as a hero, a saint, a savior with broken wings.
:iconavwp:AvWp 0 0
...A Story Of Floating Rock. :iconwingscannotfly:wingscannotfly 0 10