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Ferrari 512BB Street Racer :iconvsdesign69:vsdesign69 166 52 Renault 5 Turbo Funky Five :iconvsdesign69:vsdesign69 189 57 Manta Mirage Street Racer :iconvsdesign69:vsdesign69 145 39 BRP MONSTER by EH :iconemrehusmen:emrEHusmen 85 19 Ultima Can Am :iconvsdesign69:vsdesign69 63 16 Chevrolet Corvette CanAm :iconvsdesign69:vsdesign69 72 31 HAPPY HUG-A-CANUCK DAY :icondakt37:Dakt37 338 121 Sandeman :iconsharkharrington:SharkHarrington 94 58 Sandeman II :iconsharkharrington:SharkHarrington 46 15 Porsche 917/10 Streamlined :iconvsdesign69:vsdesign69 45 7 McLaren :iconcapndeek373:CapnDeek373 54 73 Porsche 917 10K :iconklem:klem 48 16 Rennsport Reunion IV :iconsharkharrington:SharkHarrington 53 31 Sleepy Heads :iconphoenixii:PhoenixII 333 25 Ferrari 712 :iconklem:klem 24 15 Historic McLaren M6B :iconsharkharrington:SharkHarrington 38 22 Keel Concept :icongarycampesi:GaryCampesi 38 3 the Shadow :iconcapndeek373:CapnDeek373 33 65 Can-Am Racer :iconbritt8m:Britt8m 21 4 McLaren Mp4-28 :iconhanmer:hanmer 17 12 1968 McLaren M6B :iconsharkharrington:SharkHarrington 28 9 Ferrari FXX :icontigergts:tigergts 39 7 Audi :iconcapndeek373:CapnDeek373 24 27 REVSON :iconjuancmendez:JuanCMendez 22 8 Just some USCan Fluff :iconravendunbar:RavenDunbar 58 13 Rearrangements :icongarycampesi:GaryCampesi 103 11 Back in Black :iconsharkharrington:SharkHarrington 20 11 Bunny Pete :iconjomione:Jomione 25 7 1971 Shadow MKII :iconsharkharrington:SharkHarrington 19 14 (1977) Pontiac Can Am :iconauroraterra:auroraTerra 24 1 1971 Shadow MKII Wallpaper :iconsharkharrington:SharkHarrington 17 21 (1977) Pontiac Can Am :iconauroraterra:auroraTerra 18 0 Biker :iconsimpspin:simpspin 18 1
Terra-Firma Chp. 1
Terra-firma Chapter 1
“…is any bot out there?” came a voice almost desperate over the Autobot’s comm. frequency, “My ship’s sustained heavy damage, if there’s any bot out there–” the transmission erupted in a crackle of static, “will be crash landing” static fluctuated again, “Decepticons,” another ripple, “medical supplies.” The message began again, static making it barely understandable. “Repeat, this is Autobot Rift, is any bot out there?”
            “Rift this is Optimus Prime in Autobot outpost Omega One, we have you on Radar do you copy?” questioned Optimus, he and Ratchet were alone at the base while the other autobots had gone to pick up the children they were now responsible for.        
:icontclindsay:TCLindsay 21 40
TF Prime Jaggid :iconjaggid-edge:Jaggid-Edge 16 12 Can-Am Spyder Pixelcar :iconscottahemi:ScottaHemi 12 1 Frack :iconsenko-wakimarin:Senko-Wakimarin 18 13 1969 Toyota-7 CanAm V8 :iconcompaan-art:compaan-art 13 7 Terra Akala ID 2011 :icontclindsay:TCLindsay 13 23 1973 McLAREN M8FP :iconsharkharrington:SharkHarrington 11 0 McLaren -detail- :iconcapndeek373:CapnDeek373 11 5 1 Year Wonder :iconselamat-serigala:Selamat-Serigala 11 4 Awesome :iconsharkharrington:SharkHarrington 11 1 Rift Full Body wip 4 :icontclindsay:TCLindsay 13 10
Terra-Firma Chp.2
Terra-Firma Chapter 2
Terra threw her arms up in the air in exasperation and slammed the plate shut. If it weren’t for the fact she knew the damn thing would be a bitch to de-wire she’d have ripped it off, but from the looks of it her basic knowledge of computers wouldn’t be enough.
“To hell with it,” she muttered before hefting up her garage door and walking inside to get changed into her painting clothes. If she had cleaning to do, if she was going to get filthy doing it, she wanted to keep her nicer clothes for nicer days. Once she was changed she walked back outside, started up her music, and began hauling things around including a large lift. She pulled it outside and off into the grass before she grabbed her shop broom and a smaller regular broom and started cleaning the floor. She picked up all the large bits of metal and paint flecks with the large broom and with the smaller the finer bits of dust and dirt that had managed to get into her shop. Onc
:icontclindsay:TCLindsay 13 6
Ferrari F430 Wheel Detail :icontigergts:tigergts 9 2 1980 Mclaren :iconcar-crazy:Car-Crazy 9 6
Terra-Firma Chp.4
Autobot Base
            “Optimus you can’t be thinking about meeting with Megatron?” demanded Arcee as they reconvened at the base. “It’s obviously a trick he won’t give up Rift or the girl,” all the Autobots and the children had been privy to the discussion and Optimus had yet to explain what he was going to do. Everyone had started talking the moment the transmission had ended, only Optimus, Bumblebee, and Raf had remained silent.
            “No disrespect ment Optimus,” said Jack, “but this is totally wack.”
            “He’s right,” said Bulkhead, “besides,” Ratchet spoke up.
:icontclindsay:TCLindsay 10 16