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Jungle Concept by Happy-Mutt Jungle Concept :iconhappy-mutt:Happy-Mutt 1,528 30 Stadium sunset by arsenixc Stadium sunset :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,717 78 Library Inside by arsenixc Library Inside :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 2,172 99 Medical point in summer camp by arsenixc Medical point in summer camp :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 2,312 136 Best Day Of My Life... by Mizu-no-Akira Best Day Of My Life... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 2,584 182 +Burning Brambles+ by min-mew +Burning Brambles+ :iconmin-mew:min-mew 2,377 436 Canteen inside by arsenixc Canteen inside :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 5,369 285 It is determined. by cinash It is determined. :iconcinash:cinash 2,410 180 Music club inside by arsenixc Music club inside :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 2,854 130
Kakashi x Reader III 'It was you'
As soon as you finished packing you grabbed your things, locked your door and started jumping from rooftop to rooftop eager to meet your masked partner. When you got to the gate you were once again surprised to see your partner already leaning against the gate waiting for you, the first rays of the moon cascading on his figure
‘Boy did I hit the jackpot!’
you giggled slightly and landed in front of him with a smile
“Hi Kakashi” He looked at you without moving from his place, you could tell he was smirking behind his mask
“Well you seem pretty happy tonight” You rolled your eyes
“Guess I had a good day”
“Really? Are you sure it doesn’t have anything to do with, I don’t know… Dating the super-hot copy ninja?”
“Yea- Aw crap you heard me?!” Your cheeks turned a light red while he chuckled amused
“Guess you should have made sure I was gone before celebrating huh?” You glared at him
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Glare in the night forest by arsenixc Glare in the night forest :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 3,542 142 Canteen inside night by arsenixc Canteen inside night :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 2,359 55 Campfire by nozomi-M Campfire :iconnozomi-m:nozomi-M 545 29 Medical point by arsenixc Medical point :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,398 52 Sleepless in Ponyville by Huussii Sleepless in Ponyville :iconhuussii:Huussii 4,291 271 Summer camp home Out and In by arsenixc Summer camp home Out and In :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 2,373 103 Stadium in summer camp by arsenixc Stadium in summer camp :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,372 52 Scrumptious S'more Board by birdielover Scrumptious S'more Board :iconbirdielover:birdielover 902 63 Morning in the summer camp by arsenixc Morning in the summer camp :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,687 61 Ikarus bus by arsenixc Ikarus bus :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,496 87 Hungary is base camp by Hubedihubbe Hungary is base camp :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 2,927 442 Square sunset by arsenixc Square sunset :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,585 74 Night Camp by Nele-Diel Night Camp :iconnele-diel:Nele-Diel 522 22 Campfire Stories by tamalesyatole Campfire Stories :icontamalesyatole:tamalesyatole 2,846 457 Canteen porch by arsenixc Canteen porch :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,875 101 Boat station sunset by arsenixc Boat station sunset :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,875 62 Cliff City by Nele-Diel Cliff City :iconnele-diel:Nele-Diel 1,052 59 Pioneer camp leaders house by arsenixc Pioneer camp leaders house :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 2,677 134 Summer camp gate by arsenixc Summer camp gate :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,436 66 Ahri Wallpaper by tekmon1980 Ahri Wallpaper :icontekmon1980:tekmon1980 1,866 75 leaders house sunset by arsenixc leaders house sunset :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 2,034 77 We are the Girls of Cartoon Network by xeternalflamebryx We are the Girls of Cartoon Network :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 1,256 387 Canteen day by arsenixc Canteen day :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,645 79 Sheds by arsenixc Sheds :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,399 89 Square by arsenixc Square :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,465 70
Hide and Kiss - Prussia x Reader
You glanced at yourself in the mirror. You were wearing the olive green American military uniform Ludwig's boss had stolen from Alfred's base camp. It was a little big on you but nothing a few alterations can't fix! After making a couple adjustments here and there, you buttoned up your top, picked up your matching helmet, and exited the tent. 
Around the same time, Ludwig and Gilbert walked out of their tents wearing the same uniform as you. Unlike you and Ludwig, Gilbert had a bomber jacket thrown over his disguise. "Check it out Frau!" Gilbert propped a leg onto a nearby crate and gave you one of his showstopper diplomatic poses. "Do I look American yet? Kesesese!"
Gosh dammit, he didn't look American but he looked hella hot.
You continued to stare at him with your mouth agape in awe at the fine gift the heavens had bestowed upon you while Ludwig folded him arms, unamused. "You look suspicious."
"What? But I have the bomber jacket, the laugh, and everything!"
You t
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Boat station by arsenixc Boat station :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 3,643 178 Percy Jackson V2.0 by germanmissiles Percy Jackson V2.0 :icongermanmissiles:germanmissiles 2,361 264 Tangled - Camp by ArbitraryJane Tangled - Camp :iconarbitraryjane:ArbitraryJane 1,702 188 Night Plains by danielwachter Night Plains :icondanielwachter:danielwachter 5,450 377 Dome City by Ishutani Dome City :iconishutani:Ishutani 867 21 Camping is Better with Friends by johnjoseco Camping is Better with Friends :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 4,133 240 Ulvenwald Bear by JasonEngle Ulvenwald Bear :iconjasonengle:JasonEngle 1,502 51 one time at flight camp by egophiliac one time at flight camp :iconegophiliac:egophiliac 2,162 369 Evening road in the woods by arsenixc Evening road in the woods :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,430 104 Journey's End by RichardDorran Journey's End :iconricharddorran:RichardDorran 2,889 99 Southern Crossing by screwbald Southern Crossing :iconscrewbald:screwbald 1,642 141 Chu by TsaoShin Chu :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 5,968 471