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Maybe I LIKE Yanking Them Up by NCMares Maybe I LIKE Yanking Them Up :iconncmares:NCMares 2,154 111 The Golden City by one-tough-one The Golden City :iconone-tough-one:one-tough-one 479 145
only the undefined are infinite
not anymore.
as we approach the start/finish line, i turn on an axis of my own making.
i bleed into language like a storm lets rain, untamed, bound by none.
when we're gone, they'll tell stories about us, and it will all begin like this.
they are a definition unto themselves.
on that first day of classes
they asked me what my religion was—
i smirked and said,
differential calculus.

because i wonder about the slope of your cheekbones, the curvature of your hands in every vase of flowers you've carried and all the notebooks you've filled up. there's nothing heretical about this, loving girls as much as boys and only wanting to be their best friend. wanting, with all my being. there's nothing improper about it but they tell me i'm wrong anyway.
eventually, at some critical point, i learn to stop caring.
coincidence, perfect coincidence, that black-gray-purple are the colors i choose to dress in, that pink and blue were the first colors of pain
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 36 39
calculus by tenshi-no-pocky calculus :icontenshi-no-pocky:tenshi-no-pocky 300 156 Astrid: Not the Face by avatarmirai Astrid: Not the Face :iconavatarmirai:avatarmirai 3,011 236
abstracts and equations
our introduction was a hushed symphony composed from
arithmetic means; a blush was coloring your cheeks while
i told you that my lips plus yours multiplied by time could
equal something greater than everything we've dreamed of
i sketched euclidian geometry with my lips into the hollows
between your ribs; your head began to swim and your pulse raced
while i proved that the matching sides and included angles
of our hearts coerced and shaped them into congruent figures
we sprawled out on your covers and held protractors to our
bones; you carved a compass into your skin and measured the
sine cosine secant of your collarbones as my fingers stretched
themselves into independent vectors that lay tangent to you
during free evenings you worried about the ever-expanding universe
while i worried that it would cease to expand; the limit of us as our
integral approaches racing heartbeats and falling in love is beginning
to suspiciously resemble forever and the derivative of space an
:iconsocraticsynapses:SocraticSynapses 49 91
Number Game
2 + 2 = 5? ~~~
so you ask me to play
  the number game with
    reciprocal, you say,
   with an
  glint in
   your eyes. should i let  
     myself become numb,
:iconmodularblues:ModularBlues 42 72
Gender Swapped Tintin by pardoart Gender Swapped Tintin :iconpardoart:pardoart 294 18 Commission for Glitchwolf by Silverfox5213 Commission for Glitchwolf :iconsilverfox5213:Silverfox5213 661 14 Tintin because TINTIN by Inonibird Tintin because TINTIN :iconinonibird:Inonibird 308 114 Calculus Nightmare by SuperSecretShadow Calculus Nightmare :iconsupersecretshadow:SuperSecretShadow 74 55 Dude This Ain't Mathematical by aLameUserName Dude This Ain't Mathematical :iconalameusername:aLameUserName 540 66 Calculus of Angels by TereseNielsen Calculus of Angels :iconteresenielsen:TereseNielsen 358 57
Artist, Take Up--
Oh beautiful artist, take up your
   Dark materials and sketch
The skies,
         Hold this moment and that
Tight; Caress the grass and the
          Trees with your pencil,
     Let your pen sing love songs to
  The curves of this face,
The soft textures of hair and fur and shirt and skin-
Oh artist, take up
         The lonely calling, yours and
The child who waches in her own world,
That painting that lies on the wall...
        As a lover, woo:
  The world, our playmate and nursemaid,
      Loves to be flattered. She will
  Stand still for you for years and years,
Mountains holdingh patiently for
             Many portraits over millenia,
:iconjuliusscipio:JuliusScipio 23 27
Mathematics by tigrfire Mathematics :icontigrfire:tigrfire 108 68 AP Calculus Notes by osy057 AP Calculus Notes :iconosy057:osy057 255 278 xibAlbA by ahurashirashtiani xibAlbA :iconahurashirashtiani:ahurashirashtiani 267 40
papercut portraits
careful not to nod at her in the hallways;
if the origami flowers unfold you'll see how
there is sin written all over the pages,
notes scrawled into the corners and
unsolved, uncertain,
                     [negatives in radicals]
"that would make it unreal," she murmurs, as if it weren't, before.
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 18 14
Yet even more Tintin by NatAsplund Yet even more Tintin :iconnatasplund:NatAsplund 184 31 Starship: Taz by saladsalty Starship: Taz :iconsaladsalty:saladsalty 359 44 Tintin - Avec vous, mes amis by Atlas-White Tintin - Avec vous, mes amis :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 107 18 Bedtime Calculus by monday-weather Bedtime Calculus :iconmonday-weather:monday-weather 125 28 fanart doodles and stuff like that by NatAsplund fanart doodles and stuff like that :iconnatasplund:NatAsplund 87 39 Commission - Rush's Shield by AenTheArtist Commission - Rush's Shield :iconaentheartist:AenTheArtist 101 2 Tintin ft. Burton by Eeba-ism Tintin ft. Burton :iconeeba-ism:Eeba-ism 588 68 Tintin - I'm with you. by Eeba-ism Tintin - I'm with you. :iconeeba-ism:Eeba-ism 569 43 Tintin : Merry Christmas by seikuya Tintin : Merry Christmas :iconseikuya:seikuya 367 56 Big Mac's Fancy Mathematics by SamuelEAllen Big Mac's Fancy Mathematics :iconsamueleallen:SamuelEAllen 498 73 .:RQ:. Back to School by KazunaPikachu .:RQ:. Back to School :iconkazunapikachu:KazunaPikachu 91 66 Winter Can Be Warm by seikuya Winter Can Be Warm :iconseikuya:seikuya 404 77
Reads like an Erotic Novel...
    Casey hurried down the empty halls of the college, her bag held close to her. She looked over her shoulder down the hall. Only a few students meandered in and out of the hall. No one paid her any heed. She sped around the hall corner, her sneakers squeaking on the concrete surface. She slowed down as she approached a large green door. She tentatively turned the handle and peeked inside.
    The room was dark and the air was cool. She slid her head into he doorway until she was certain the room was empty. Satisfied at its lack of occupancy, she quickly slid into the room and closed the door behind her. She groped the wall in the darkness until she found the light switch. The room was illuminated and Casey sighed with relief. She still clutched her bag to her breasts protectively. She was all alone now. Finally. The long awaited day had finally come to pass.
    Slowly, as if in a dream, she slid into the seat of a cheap tan
:iconmangaturtle:mangaturtle 49 60
THEM NOTES by LittleLuxray THEM NOTES :iconlittleluxray:LittleLuxray 40 63 Tintin and the Golden Fleece by Microbluefish Tintin and the Golden Fleece :iconmicrobluefish:Microbluefish 53 9 Random: Adventure Time Kylee by ky-nim Random: Adventure Time Kylee :iconky-nim:ky-nim 366 58 Hurricane Planet by one-tough-one Hurricane Planet :iconone-tough-one:one-tough-one 59 65
y' equals love
Assign the equation a variable (variability: life, chance, consequence)
They just happen to use "u" (are lost)
Eightscore eight days hath passed
and not once has x (marks the
spot) been found
Take the derivative (from whence you were derived)
and divide by zero ("u" or one of the failures you've met)
And your equation, your ph(r)ase has now exploded,
what have yo("u") done?
NEVER divide by zero
before you reach the limit (the sky, perhaps?)
What, you get it now?
Well, when's the wedding?
:iconsepulchral-roses:Sepulchral-Roses 11 26
Mandelbrot Resequenced Tomograph by pifactorial Mandelbrot Resequenced Tomograph :iconpifactorial:pifactorial 34 9 Small Death Gods by Sirilu Small Death Gods :iconsirilu:Sirilu 129 13
Mathematics: Bane of my Brain
The Arabs and Greeks can take you back
O Mathematics, bane of high school pupils!
You are their source of misery and woe.
For their brains are in tizzy
--Except for those front row wizzes--
And their glazèd eyes are dizzy
(I can smell the neurons fizzing)
And the heated room is sizzling
From the foreboding sweat of
Mathematical victims.
All the wicked cruel, infernal flames
Of grimly grinning devils,
Or all the torments in Hell's forbidden halls
With their screeching, engines of torment and woe;
All these found in Hell cannot compare
With the one most suited ill to me.
For the fallen angel here is armed
With textbooks of arithmetic,
Of calculus, theoretical theorems
Cartesian graphs and an abacus of doom.
In this chamber of utmost torment
My brain is stretched and wracked.
Cerebral juices bleed upon the floor.
The silent screamings of widened eyes
Gazing with horrified affright.
Mouths agape like senseless apes,
In bestial, dreadful terror.
Oh, men may praise your constancy and tr
:icontheophilia:Theophilia 9 54
Calculus Jokes
Calculus jokes—
That’s what I see when I close my eyes:
Calculus jokes.
You scribbled them
                (I remember)
In your spiky handwriting
On my English notes.
                (I wrote around it,
                In case you were wondering)
We laughed under our breath
Half-listening to advice on synthesis essays
                (We’re AP material, after all)
And I scribbled some, too,
Blue ink next to black
—Like our eyes, only opposite—
Giggling like the schoolgirl that I am.
               (Going home to dream about you)
It’s funny,
Because I stopped dreaming a
:iconlove-me-choey:love-me-choey 9 8
Tintin bodyswapping by muffinpoodle Tintin bodyswapping :iconmuffinpoodle:muffinpoodle 155 38
A Sonnet: To Calculus
Far easier it is with thou to see
By use of thee and thy derivative
If our love doth move up or down -- easy --
But I believe us far less primitive.
I center to thy curve's x-intercept;
So well-versed am I in Newton's Method,
Thou givst me much more numerical depth
Than my graphing calculator e'er could.
Quickly I can look and see our limits --
Parabola swoops to infinity,
Plus f prime prime curvature within its
Upward accent of thy divinity.
I'm most aware: without thee, Calculus,
My education (nay, my life!) would be valueless.
:iconshiningmoon:ShiningMoon 12 19
Calculus Motivator by AmbiguousNinja Calculus Motivator :iconambiguousninja:AmbiguousNinja 22 6 KHII calculus 2 by Akuhen KHII calculus 2 :iconakuhen:Akuhen 200 75
Numbers taste like the end of my eraser,
as the clock clucks at me to finish.
I bend my arm over the icy desk but,
my pencil tip fails to drop.
I think of my brother
                          who hears two and sees blue,
peace-of-mind blue, like a glance at the summer sky,
simple, like a drop of water, that one day
will add to the rush of river rafting,
heart pounding, but with a sure-hand glued to the paddle,
charging toward the goal just around the bend.
When I hear two, I see a blank sheet of paper.
:iconmahoutragicqueen:MahouTragicQueen 19 16
Calculator Icon by TinyLab Calculator Icon :icontinylab:TinyLab 97 16 01. Introduction by XtreamCrazy 01. Introduction :iconxtreamcrazy:XtreamCrazy 207 136 Steam team by Kethavel Steam team :iconkethavel:Kethavel 128 23