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Batman by Maggotx9 Batman :iconmaggotx9:Maggotx9 1,976 188 Encounter by inklou Encounter :iconinklou:inklou 2,007 234 Inception Alternative Ending by flominowa Inception Alternative Ending :iconflominowa:flominowa 1,634 256 smoking is BAD by licchan smoking is BAD :iconlicchan:licchan 1,227 168 Grey wolf by SheltieWolf Grey wolf :iconsheltiewolf:SheltieWolf 3,415 815 oh boy more corny stuff by licchan oh boy more corny stuff :iconlicchan:licchan 1,246 228 1/6 sacle Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth WIP by Imaresqd1 1/6 sacle Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth WIP :iconimaresqd1:Imaresqd1 440 73 WOAH THERE THIS IS GAY by licchan WOAH THERE THIS IS GAY :iconlicchan:licchan 996 231 The dark knight rises V3 by agustin09 The dark knight rises V3 :iconagustin09:agustin09 209 28 Assassin's DWEEB meme . by NevanAnxa Assassin's DWEEB meme . :iconnevananxa:NevanAnxa 365 269 Nuzlocke- Bonus- Darkglasses by pettyartist Nuzlocke- Bonus- Darkglasses :iconpettyartist:pettyartist 677 83 Deshi Deshi Bashara Bashara by PotooBrigham Deshi Deshi Bashara Bashara :iconpotoobrigham:PotooBrigham 401 129 Rises Poster by hobo95 Rises Poster :iconhobo95:hobo95 248 58 Pokepalace: Castor the Jirachi by MisChibiOus Pokepalace: Castor the Jirachi :iconmischibious:MisChibiOus 829 369 omg indecision by licchan omg indecision :iconlicchan:licchan 1,632 252
these are some reasons that horatio rocks CSI:MIAMI
1. when he takes off his sunglasses you know that there's gonna be trouble
2.never make him mad
3.he is good with kids
4.there is a hand to hold when you're dying
5.he can put a smile on anyone's face
6. he is the last thing you see before the screen goes off to the stupid commercials
7.he knows his way around a gun
8.he is a bomb expert
9.he gets though the case NO MATTER WHAT!
10.he is a great cop
11.sometimes he is never scared
12.he can find or save anyone
13.he has to do the punch-line or one-liner
14.he can get the truth out of someone easy
15.he has a shoulder you can cry on
16. he has cool clothes
17.he never has his guard down
18.he always examines the evidence to find the murderer
19.he can fight really good
20.he catches the bad guy no what the circumstances are can't escape from him
22.he will never quit his job
23.he's got cool shades of course!
24.he will find the missing person in a matter of time
25.he hates to
:iconhoratio-neji209-4eva:horatio-neji209-4eva 29 26
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