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Prime-epitome, the antagonist :iconricky4:ricky4 385 257 Corpse Bride Make Up :iconyurai-cosplay:Yurai-cosplay 1,185 142 dream of Death. :iconcristina-otero:cristina-otero 2,187 52 - Fight for freedom - :iconsandylynx:SandyLynx 885 112 Viral Being E.C. :iconalmanegra:AlMaNeGrA 780 108 Zombie 3 :iconestelle-photographie:Estelle-Photographie 290 38 forestfairy-stock324 :iconforestfairy-stock:ForestFairy-Stock 88 11 Death doesn't differ :iconacrylicdreams:Acrylicdreams 678 140 Emily Portrait- Corpse Bride :iconandersiano:Andersiano 327 53 Corpse Bride - Noiva Cadaver :iconnandomendonssa:nandomendonssa 271 36 The Arch Lich :iconmaxa-art:Maxa-art 554 47 Soulless Creature 1 :iconestelle-photographie:Estelle-Photographie 260 17 Harvest time :iconacrylicdreams:Acrylicdreams 422 83 Rain 33 :iconmoonshen:Moonshen 350 42 The Hill Overlooking Heaven :iconmischievousmartian:MischievousMartian 526 158 Roses of death :iconestelle-photographie:Estelle-Photographie 299 36 d e a t h for the d e a d :icongutterface:gutterface 331 20 53- m e m e n t o m o r i :icongutterface:gutterface 298 102 forestfairy-stock326 :iconforestfairy-stock:ForestFairy-Stock 71 9 Worms inside :iconlunaemoonlight:LunaeMoonlight 344 18 false flowers :iconbathoriya:Bathoriya 173 23 .:Whispers:. :iconleslielamadrid:LeslieLamadrid 283 38 Tim Burton custom shoes :iconraw-j:Raw-J 95 5 Invasion :iconacrylicdreams:Acrylicdreams 170 36
The unabridged memoirs of a teenage drop out
I’d be lying if I said
I didn’t want to spend those nights
Watching the moon hang between your pupils
Like a cadaver strung up high and dry
In the brittle November air.
But there’s something about that road kill smile
That was too fast, too cruel
You were intangible and indistinct
In the way you’d shake your cigarette packet
Hearing the contents rattle like a self-contained thunder storm
You were always like that,
So painfully self-aware you tried to suffocate yourself
In such a way that it was neither poetic nor beautiful
Rather disjointed in mathematics and skewed logic.
You were not romantic or tragically beautiful
You were a boy with a spine that could fracture the sky
If you pressed against it at the right angle
You had  hands like braille
That shook when you thought you were alone
Or unwatched
Slumped against a wall in an attempt to look blasé
When clearly there was a witch hunt seeping through your bones
I saw the way the knee jerk reaction
Of your carefu
:icongrew-up-a-screw-up:grew-up-a-screw-up 31 3
Soulless Creature 3 :iconestelle-photographie:Estelle-Photographie 144 8 Oficio hasta la muerte :iconakriel:Akriel 195 35 Pterodactylus :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 294 115 watching you sleep :iconmay-machin:May-Machin 306 37 Nothing Lasts Forever :iconacrylicdreams:Acrylicdreams 205 20 Death :iconacrylicdreams:Acrylicdreams 305 40 inspect. :iconmay-machin:May-Machin 100 12
Cold and lifeless
Of color devoided
Rotting in the dirt
Parting ways with the living
Soul long gone
Embrace our sad destiny
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 24 33
à baisser blanc la tête
que la pierre ouvre au ciel
jugement morne à l’aune
de tes enfouissements
morsure des batailles
tenir droit dans la roche
cassée d’air et de neige
à blanchir l’herbe de
tes os
partir vierge d’empreintes
poudrées à la va-vide
et ruminer l’hiver
à l’angle d’un cadavre
morgues batailles torves
vois le sel se dissoudre
dans un soleil
Frantz, mai 2013
:iconexnihilo-nihil:Exnihilo-nihil 23 77
Like a Surgeon :iconszydlak:szydlak 75 5
my cadaver.
you'll find me dreaming in the cemetary,
placid, sleeping in my own grave,
sending you a serenade of shivers,
in defiance of your dare-
"until death do us part",
as if it's a challenge,
as if i would cease to exist,
as if you wouldn't want me when i'm cold.
climb into my coffin, princess,
and i'll show you what it means to be alive-
how it feels to be immortal and severe and intimate,
like nothing you've ever felt,
like something that's buried beneath your skin,
that's running through your bloodstream,
but never reaching your heart.
:iconarchaii:archaii 19 16
Soulless Creature 2 :iconestelle-photographie:Estelle-Photographie 187 8 forestfairy-stock328 :iconforestfairy-stock:ForestFairy-Stock 53 11 Undead Labour 1 :iconchenthooran:Chenthooran 189 21 Cadaverous :iconporcelainpoet:PorcelainPoet 106 18 Floating Chaos :iconacrylicdreams:Acrylicdreams 195 23 Rising :iconmadstalfos:madstalfos 193 43 Commission Set 11 :iconrantz:rantz 78 11 Rottytops :iconbrendancorris:BrendanCorris 603 50 Emily and Victor :iconmareishon:Mareishon 343 114 The Evil Within :icondedosdemantequilla:DedosDeMantequilla 201 20 Renee At Rest :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 44 129