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C: Mikatsune :iconpemiin:Pemiin 1,174 80 Fionna and Cake :iconalaskayu:alaskaYU 1,560 113
TF Halloween 2016 - part 1
TF Halloween
Grey mist surged past the windows of the train. Several water droplets remained stuck to the glass, only to be blown away moments later by the airflow around the moving train. With a deep sigh, the young man glanced out of the window and watched the large skyscrapers, empty streets and the occasional leafless tree pass by. Autumn had fully and surely taken the city into its grasp. While a week ago the streets had been filled with laughter and people enjoying the warm rays of late summer sun in addition to the beautiful autumn scenery of colored leaves sparkling with morning dew. Now however, most of the colorful leaves had fallen to the ground, torn down by heavy wind and rain. Grey mist, almost as thick as water, had fallen over the city, dampening all sounds and giving even the most banal street the eerie look of a horror movie.
The intercom called out, prompting him to get up from his seat. Quietly he joined the other students in the walk towards the large university co
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TF Halloween 2016 - part 2
“So cheery.” Samantha chuckled and nudged Alex so he’d roll. Both him and Samantha passed through their turns without anything happening. When it was Patrick’s turn however, he followed in Miyu’s footsteps and landed on exactly the same field as she was on, forcing him to also pay quite a hefty sum to Stephanie.
Without even counting his money, he indicated the command deck. “Go ahead.”
“Oh my.” Stephanie chuckled as she drew the card. “Pets are always nice to have around. Can be further enhanced by command cards.”
“Damn.” Patrick cursed. “I was hoping for the enhancement thing.”
“Hoping that you’d get a tail too, were you?” Samantha chuckled.  
“Kinda…” Patrick sulked.
“Well, you got something far more amusing in return.”
“And that would be?” Patrick asked.
Samantha grinned devilishly. “Why don’t you ask Stephanie to pas
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A Hare-y Situation :iconl-exander909:L-exander909 114 11 - FancyArt 2008 - :iconkaizeru:Kaizeru 514 62 Steven Universe : Bunnygirl Peridot :iconterpa-apret:Terpa-apreT 144 20 Gift: Birthday Bunnies :iconwhplefct:WHPLEFCT 137 37 Easter Bunnies :iconbeesandbats:beesandbats 70 9 Bunny Anime Girl - Render :iconmikushooter:MikuShooter 118 4 Blaire and Daisy :iconshining-tatsu:Shining-Tatsu 163 16 FAMILIAR PATH :icontomomichan1:TomomiChan1 46 6 Shy :iconcutesia:Cutesia 48 4 Req: hunny bunny :iconpeachgelic:peachgelic 143 14 Bunny girl :iconwinick-lim:Winick-Lim 158 20 Elin Bunny :iconelazuls-core:elazuls-core 167 9 :HBD: Nieva Tundra :iconkrissehpoo:krissehpoo 46 18 Commission: Patience :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 90 13 Esdeath and Bismarck~! (Bunny Girls) :iconkelkeltang215:kelkeltang215 59 24 YCH Commission Star Rain :iconshtbunny:SHTbunny 77 11 RoseBunny GoodNightAnimal - Collab CLOSED :iconnaitei:Naitei 115 32 Shiro Usagi Studios Logo :iconshirousagistudios:ShiroUsagiStudios 15 12 baking bunny :iconwild11112:wild11112 30 1 Bunny Filly Silvy :iconsilverfox057:Silverfox057 75 6 commission Bunny :iconshtbunny:SHTbunny 121 6 Too Much Moon Cheese :iconmetalforever:Metalforever 1,911 220 My Little Bunny: Fanservice is Magic - Dazzlings :icondj-blu3z:DJ-BLU3Z 810 82 Fashion Cutie Motta :iconryousakai:RyouSakai 328 9 Taking Orders :iconscorpdk:ScorpDK 392 19 Erza Bunny :iconkunaixx:kunaiXX 513 4 Waku Waku 7 - Arina Makihara :icondanmakuman:DANMAKUMAN 379 40 The Crystal Bunnies: Lapis Lazuli :icondj-blu3z:DJ-BLU3Z 263 12 Season Bunny 2 :iconlorenzodimauro:LorenzoDiMauro 169 20 Vicky - Playboy Dust_Bunny :icongypsysquid:GypsySquid 140 35 'Dress-up In Distress' LEONA NOW AVAILABLE! 3$ :icongreenleona:GreenLeona 118 19 Babba the sexy buny :iconfranarok:franarok 360 32 Bunny Girl Jam :iconmejiro:mejiro 84 29 [Commission] Sexy Costume :iconwinick-lim:Winick-Lim 104 12 Jalissa :iconrandomboobguy-da:RandomBoobGuy-dA 141 10 i didnt mean it, i never meant it :iconkittentit:kittentit 82 3 another dream doodle :iconsilverfox057:Silverfox057 63 7 Lotsa Witches :iconshenaniganza:Shenaniganza 239 8 BUNNY SNARED Fluttershy MLP :icongodzilla713:Godzilla713 54 4 Judy Hoops :iconh-battousai:H-Battousai 100 16 Hypno Lord and the Lucky Rabbit :iconhypnolordx:HypnolordX 37 0 Character Design Prompts (August 2016) :iconshenaniganza:Shenaniganza 305 18 Headphone Bunny :iconrabbitmaskedman:rabbitmaskedman 44 5 Bunny :iconsystemarose:SystemaRose 143 11