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Bulma by Fire-Akra Bulma :iconfire-akra:Fire-Akra 397 19 Bulma by KizKen Bulma :iconkizken:KizKen 43 6 Dragon Ball Super Theme by xXx-iroCc-xXx Dragon Ball Super Theme :iconxxx-irocc-xxx:xXx-iroCc-xXx 31 7 Bulma enjoying the sun by ereves Bulma enjoying the sun :iconereves:ereves 65 1
Bulma and Chichi's 'Revenge'
On a sunny day at Kame House. Upstairs, Bulma and Chichi were sitting next to each other, both angry at what Maron, Krillin's girlfriend, said to them earlier. "I can't believe she called us middle-aged ladies!" Bulma said, angrily. "I know right! We're not that old!" Chichi said with the same tone as Bulma. "Yeah!" Bulma shouted. "Even though, you are older than me." Chichi said, silently. "What?!" Bulma yelled. "Well, it's true!" Chichi yelled. Bulma and Chichi started to argue again when Bulma stopped it. "OK STOP! You don't like me right now and I don't like you right now, but we both don't like Maron. So, let's stop arguing and work together to get back at Maron, alright?" Bulma said. "Alright." Chichi said as she nodded her head. "OK now, what do you think we should do to get back at Maron?" Bulma asked. "I don't know." Chichi answered. Bulma and Chichi were thinking aboout a plan. Chichi stood up and looked out the window as she saw Maron in the ocean. "Look at her in that bikin
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Bulma by abc09827 Bulma :iconabc09827:abc09827 32 6 Fan Art: Bulma by PolishedBrain Fan Art: Bulma :iconpolishedbrain:PolishedBrain 67 0 Witch Bulma! by NekoLover628 Witch Bulma! :iconnekolover628:NekoLover628 40 17 Bulma and Vegeta Head Swap \SwappyShira by SwappyShira Bulma and Vegeta Head Swap \SwappyShira :iconswappyshira:SwappyShira 14 6 Bulma~ by EmmersDrawberry Bulma~ :iconemmersdrawberry:EmmersDrawberry 16 0 Bulma Briefs by ghdmv Bulma Briefs :iconghdmv:ghdmv 22 0 Sleepy by N2VIX Sleepy :iconn2vix:N2VIX 16 1 MMD - capsule hoi poi WIP by CogetaCats MMD - capsule hoi poi WIP :iconcogetacats:CogetaCats 11 7
The Vegeta I Know, Chapter 1
In the aftermath of the cataclysmic battle with Cell, one warrior loses everything. His morale, pride, self-esteem, resolve and that flaming desire to be the strongest, have all been extinguished by the death of his rival, a crushing defeat at the hands of his enemy and his failure to protect the son he'd grown to care for. Can Bulma help Vegeta reclaim his lost pride and honor?
Chapter 1: Respect
A forgotten warrior stood aimlessly, long after everyone had fled the scene of the cataclysmic battle that had occurred, feeling more at odds with himself than ever before. Everything went so fast, it was like a blur. He was still unable to piece it all together. The moment he saw his son impaled right through the sternum at the hands of Cell, a painfully agonizing feeling began to stir in the burrows of his chest, thrashing about more and more violently with each and every passing second. As he saw Mirai Trunks coughing out globs of blood, he stared wide-eyed, abhorred by the sight. A n
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Vegeta X Bulma by SirWolfgang Vegeta X Bulma :iconsirwolfgang:SirWolfgang 13 1
The Vegeta I Know, Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Exile
Against his plans and wishes, Vegeta had decided to see off Trunks, before the latter went away to face the Androids of his time. Of course, he wouldn't have, but Bulma persistently nagged him to the point of insanity and he'd finally caved in. He wasn't sorry though. Though the Prince didn't show it, his crushed pride and morale were assuaged to some degree when he saw the boy smile at him. He, as usual, shrouded any hint of emotion behind a stoic, stone-cold, nonchalant façade.
"Father." Trunks offered Vegeta a dazzling smile. With all the effort he could muster, the Prince avoided the urge to smile back and instead just gave his own farewell gesture with two fingers, which was of course, reciprocated in kind.
After Trunks left, Vegeta spent his days in solitude, cramping himself in his quarters of Capsule Corporation's residential complex, doing absolutely nothing, except moping and wallowing in his own self-pity. He hardly even ate and when he did, it was duri
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[2016] No. 2 Tool Paint Sai Review by FurrPurrv [2016] No. 2 Tool Paint Sai Review :iconfurrpurrv:FurrPurrv 16 0 Bulma - Dragon Ball Z - She's a cute by Naimly Bulma - Dragon Ball Z - She's a cute :iconnaimly:Naimly 11 2
The Vegeta I Know, Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Failure
The battle was over and he'd lost it all. Kakarot was dead and his drive to surpass him, to be the best there was, had died with him. Then he'd failed to right the wrong perpetrated against Trunks, by Cell's monstrous hands. He'd failed to give the monster his comeuppance and in the end, the only credit he could take was managing to distract Cell with a Ki blast, long enough for his rival's whelp to obliterate the beast single-handedly.
He was nothing. Nothing but a footnote in this great battle. All the glory that should've been his was stolen from him. His pride was ground into the dirt and blasted away into the abyss. The third-class had humiliated him at every turn, first when he and his allies had defeated him on Earth, then when he'd been the one to avenge the Saiyan race by defeating Frieza and now, when both he and his son had surpassed his strength and left him in the dust. His mind was in shambles, clogged with only contempt, scorn and derision, directed so
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Bunny Bulma by thehandle18 Bunny Bulma :iconthehandle18:thehandle18 9 4 I Am The Hope For All Who Cry For Peace by mydreadsswang I Am The Hope For All Who Cry For Peace :iconmydreadsswang:mydreadsswang 8 0 Bulma by Gearys Bulma :icongearys:Gearys 7 0 Bulma and Bulma by SailorUsagiChan Bulma and Bulma :iconsailorusagichan:SailorUsagiChan 7 0 Bulma by Under-8000 Bulma :iconunder-8000:Under-8000 5 2 Face Swap: Vegeta - Bulma by TestFunny Face Swap: Vegeta - Bulma :icontestfunny:TestFunny 5 2 Dragon Ball FMG by muscle-fan-comics Dragon Ball FMG :iconmuscle-fan-comics:muscle-fan-comics 282 18 Opal Athena Maris by ValGaavTheDragon Opal Athena Maris :iconvalgaavthedragon:ValGaavTheDragon 49 14
Why did he have to leave me?
Just over three years had passed since Cell met his end at the hands of the young prodigious demi-Saiyan... Gohan, the son of Goku, the child who followed in the footsteps of his father and idol and saved the planet from meeting its intended destruction.
Bulma and Vegeta got married a couple months earlier and now was one of several occasions when Chi-Chi visited Bulma at Capsule Corporation. The Saiyan Prince as usual was training vigorously in the gravity chamber, while Goten and Trunks were playing together outside, under the supervision of Gohan.
"You take that back!" Chi-Chi yelled, "Vegeta is not stronger than my Gohan!"
"Oh yes he is!" Replied Capsule Corporation's heiress, "All he ever does is train like crazy, while Gohan does nothing but study all day long!"
"So?!" Replied the Ox Princess, "At least he spends his time productively!"
"Apples and oranges, Chi-Chi, apples and oranges."
"You can say what you want, but it was my son who defeated Cell and saved the planet!" Argued
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Bulma by Seiya-Fantasy Bulma :iconseiya-fantasy:Seiya-Fantasy 4 0 DBZ Son Yuki And Bulma Freezing PC by bells123 DBZ Son Yuki And Bulma Freezing PC :iconbells123:bells123 4 2 Bulma Playboy Bunny by JesseOfficialSketch Bulma Playboy Bunny :iconjesseofficialsketch:JesseOfficialSketch 4 0 Bulma, Videl, Chi-Chi and Android 18 dancing by KaijuBoy455 Bulma, Videl, Chi-Chi and Android 18 dancing :iconkaijuboy455:KaijuBoy455 4 0 Bulma and Bulma by SailorUsagiChan Bulma and Bulma :iconsailorusagichan:SailorUsagiChan 4 0 mini comic de whis y vados durante el torneo by wildo123 mini comic de whis y vados durante el torneo :iconwildo123:wildo123 3 5 Bunny!Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z by Piperonni-Cosplay Bunny!Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z :iconpiperonni-cosplay:Piperonni-Cosplay 3 0 15Pedido-De-Portada-One-Piece-ByPitufiPucca  by PitufiPucca 15Pedido-De-Portada-One-Piece-ByPitufiPucca :iconpitufipucca:PitufiPucca 3 4 Bulma by wuhgeeen Bulma :iconwuhgeeen:wuhgeeen 2 0 Bulma searching for Dragon Balls [very rough] by ereves Bulma searching for Dragon Balls [very rough] :iconereves:ereves 2 0 Together again by Hirpina81 Together again :iconhirpina81:Hirpina81 0 0 Happy New Years! by NekoLover628 Happy New Years! :iconnekolover628:NekoLover628 5 2 Videl and Bulma ~ Dragon Ball Z by Gwenwhyvar Videl and Bulma ~ Dragon Ball Z :icongwenwhyvar:Gwenwhyvar 1 0 Bulma by josuemedina92 Bulma :iconjosuemedina92:josuemedina92 1 0 Mother and son bonding  by Deepalibh5 Mother and son bonding :icondeepalibh5:Deepalibh5 1 0 Beach Time by NekoLover628 Beach Time :iconnekolover628:NekoLover628 11 1 Bulma Angry by vegetaloverforever Bulma Angry :iconvegetaloverforever:vegetaloverforever 1 0 Bulma with the aquamarine hair by Vuxovich Bulma with the aquamarine hair :iconvuxovich:Vuxovich 0 0 Bulma and Vegeta by banyay Bulma and Vegeta :iconbanyay:banyay 1 0