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Powerpuff Girls v.2 by tjota Powerpuff Girls v.2 :icontjota:tjota 2,075 271 Lets go! by TemaTime Lets go! :icontematime:TemaTime 373 45 Bubbles by TemaTime Bubbles :icontematime:TemaTime 209 65 PPG and RRB by Soraya7 PPG and RRB :iconsoraya7:Soraya7 737 126 bubby by TheDayIsSaved bubby :iconthedayissaved:TheDayIsSaved 825 29 Saving the Day - Bubbles by tjota Saving the Day - Bubbles :icontjota:tjota 836 89 My Little Switchy - Tara Strong by BerryPAWNCH My Little Switchy - Tara Strong :iconberrypawnch:BerryPAWNCH 1,031 205 PowerPuffGirls! by TemaTime PowerPuffGirls! :icontematime:TemaTime 267 35 The REAL Powerpuff girls by reijisakamoto The REAL Powerpuff girls :iconreijisakamoto:reijisakamoto 234 51 + PPG : Bubbles by Electroocute + PPG : Bubbles :iconelectroocute:Electroocute 636 78 MLP Doodle- Tara Strong! by Earthsong9405 MLP Doodle- Tara Strong! :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 814 133
Accidentally In Love
Chapter One
"Bubbles!  Watch out!" Blossom yelled as the monster swung it's tentacle.  Bubbles turned and gasped as she shut her eyes tight, preparing for the impact.  Then she opened her eyes as she heard someone grunt and her eyes widened as she saw Buttercup holding onto the tentacle as she glared into the monster's three puke green eyes, "N-No one messes with my sisters!" she yelled as she lifted the monster up into the air.  Blossom flew over to Bubbles side as they both watch Buttercup begin to spin around in a circle, holding onto the monster tight.  Soon a light green tornado formed and went up in the air as it continued until it was far above Townsville.  Then Buttercup let go and watched as the monster went flying across the horizon and disappeared.  She landed on the ground and placed her hands on her knees as she started panting.  Blossom and Bubbles flew down to her.  Bubbles gently p
:iconanimeloverwoman:AnimeLoverWoman 76 69
PowerpuffGilrz- pilot by BiPinkBunny PowerpuffGilrz- pilot :iconbipinkbunny:BiPinkBunny 364 115 Tara Strong Stamp by theneopetmaster Tara Strong Stamp :icontheneopetmaster:theneopetmaster 362 63 Right Before Fella is Grounded by mree Right Before Fella is Grounded :iconmree:mree 1,502 721 A tribute to Tara Strong by raggyrabbit94 A tribute to Tara Strong :iconraggyrabbit94:raggyrabbit94 316 115 Bubbles by Sheharzad-Arshad Bubbles :iconsheharzad-arshad:Sheharzad-Arshad 552 31 Brat by Yang-Mei Brat :iconyang-mei:Yang-Mei 425 15 Ice Blossom by PowerpuffBaylee Ice Blossom :iconpowerpuffbaylee:PowerpuffBaylee 377 89 BuBBles aNd bOOMeR aND bUbbLes by sweetxdeidara BuBBles aNd bOOMeR aND bUbbLes :iconsweetxdeidara:sweetxdeidara 571 67 Love! by glattax Love! :iconglattax:glattax 181 5 Bubbles and Spongebob Love I by dwightyoakamfan Bubbles and Spongebob Love I :icondwightyoakamfan:dwightyoakamfan 225 40 Bubbles by BloodnSpice Bubbles :iconbloodnspice:BloodnSpice 220 7 Blossom Pink Preppy by 6ninjafox9 Blossom Pink Preppy :icon6ninjafox9:6ninjafox9 236 11 Bubbles x Boomer by HobbyHorse7 Bubbles x Boomer :iconhobbyhorse7:HobbyHorse7 215 7 Bubbles as Pikachu by 10goto10 Bubbles as Pikachu :icon10goto10:10goto10 274 34 Alone in Kyoto by IanMeta Alone in Kyoto :iconianmeta:IanMeta 191 54 Sugar, spice and everything nice! by MKmiec Sugar, spice and everything nice! :iconmkmiec:MKmiec 104 13 Can I keep him by cgaussie Can I keep him :iconcgaussie:cgaussie 240 54 PPG's Jane Austen Style by 6ninjafox9 PPG's Jane Austen Style :icon6ninjafox9:6ninjafox9 259 20 Powerpuff Girls - Blossom by Hickepop Powerpuff Girls - Blossom :iconhickepop:Hickepop 121 26 Cartoon Network VS Nickelodeon by dippydude Cartoon Network VS Nickelodeon :icondippydude:dippydude 89 43 Butchubbles - Hardcore Couple by xahCHUx Butchubbles - Hardcore Couple :iconxahchux:xahCHUx 187 55 [Underpuff AU] Genocide Bubbles Battle by TheKitsuneAlchemist [Underpuff AU] Genocide Bubbles Battle :iconthekitsunealchemist:TheKitsuneAlchemist 37 26 It's All Coming Back To Me by K-El-Amrani It's All Coming Back To Me :iconk-el-amrani:K-El-Amrani 149 35 Bubbles by JunebugHardee Bubbles :iconjunebughardee:JunebugHardee 112 7 Bubbles: Powerpuff Cutie by Princess-Peachie Bubbles: Powerpuff Cutie :iconprincess-peachie:Princess-Peachie 128 10 SUMMER BREEZE - BUBBLES by uzikowa SUMMER BREEZE - BUBBLES :iconuzikowa:uzikowa 189 9 Brickubbles - S A V I O R by xahCHUx Brickubbles - S A V I O R :iconxahchux:xahCHUx 143 50 Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk by Genaleah Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk :icongenaleah:Genaleah 114 52 Buttercup by JunebugHardee Buttercup :iconjunebughardee:JunebugHardee 139 5 Bubbles by BiPinkBunny by Darkton93 Bubbles by BiPinkBunny :icondarkton93:Darkton93 120 4 gabr_powergirls17 (2) by dashcosplay gabr_powergirls17 (2) :icondashcosplay:dashcosplay 57 1 Request - Bubbles and Brick by 6ninjafox9 Request - Bubbles and Brick :icon6ninjafox9:6ninjafox9 145 41 Bubbles by Nekuromii Bubbles :iconnekuromii:Nekuromii 82 11 .:PC:. Rozell and Bubbles by KazunaPikachu .:PC:. Rozell and Bubbles :iconkazunapikachu:KazunaPikachu 64 11 PowerPuffGirls by NinayH2o PowerPuffGirls :iconninayh2o:NinayH2o 143 22 30thou2x by thweatted 30thou2x :iconthweatted:thweatted 155 24 Raven X Bubbles by Jaeh (Autographed) by greatdragonad Raven X Bubbles by Jaeh (Autographed) :icongreatdragonad:greatdragonad 219 11