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::Nishinoya Yuu X Reader:: Underwear [ 4 ]
Slender fingers gently rubbed over the purplish blue spots spread out all over his skin, a gasp passing the male's lips. His girlfriend [Y/N], always had the tendency to touch the bruises he had earned from skidding across the floor as a libero, but her touches were always tender, and it made his pale cheeks turn pink.
"You work so hard.."
She murmured, [H/C] locks falling in front of her face. Nishinoya looked down at her, raising a hand to tuck the tresses behind her ear, and a small smile turned up at the corners of his mouth.
"Ngn.. Yeah."
[E/C] hues flickered up to her boyfriend, her thumb ran along the smooth but bruised skin, and she lowered herself, lips hovering over the injury. He felt a small hand run down his bare chest to the hem of his boxer shorts, and he swallowed, turning his head from her out of embarrassment.
A warm mouth pressed to his forearm, and his heart fluttered as the girl peppered his arms with sweet kisses. Her head seemed to raise itself, and was now at hi
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PS Blood Bruises and Cuts :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 263 3 Positive Space :iconsaccstry:Saccstry 1,353 51 christmas lights :iconfukari:Fukari 6,861 119 panther :iconfukari:Fukari 3,736 75 Grumpy much :iconzenithomocha:ZenithOmocha 2,369 40 almost Alice :icontheluckynine:theluckynine 558 38 Miss America :iconophelia-overdose:Ophelia-Overdose 1,219 51 Spacey :iconsaccstry:Saccstry 1,513 85
To Accept and Forgive (Akabane Karma x Reader)

When you suddenly got bruises and cuts that appeared out of nowhere, it's actually your soulmate's pain being inflicted on you; unless if your soulmate meant to hurt themselves on purpose to feel the pain. It will be gone once you found out who your soulmate is and accept them.

For My 5th Anniversary as an Author (September 10)
Warning: OOC
Karma stared at the razor he held coldly. How many times had he done this? Cutting and bruising himself to punish his so-called soulmate?
Oh, how he loathed that word.
He wanted to be free, choosing his own partner for life. While some people would say that this soulmate system was really good since you don't have to worry about finding the wrong person, karma thought that it was a nuisance.
After all, bruises? Cuts? Pain? Why would you choose your soulmate based on pain?
Karma wanted to be free.
He'd seen what happened with his parents.
:iconaoririhito:AoriRihito 283 43
Portal 2: You're Not Sorry :iconmuminika:muminika 210 11
She wears long, baggy clothes
Because she says they're comfortable.
But roll up her sleeves
And you'll see nothing
But cuts and bruises.
:iconcollateral-damage666:Collateral-Damage666 161 94
VolSa: Babu Ilquinis :iconriingo:riingo 1,452 113 A Guide to Gore: Bruises :iconhannapaulson:HannaPaulson 262 6 Roller Derby Sheej :iconqueenashi:QueenAshi 1,262 44 Miss Libertine :iconophelia-overdose:Ophelia-Overdose 2,082 157 Sunao ref :icontesazombie:tesazombie 1,160 98 Ink/GrossTober 1: Bruises :iconrejuch:Rejuch 1,021 46
Artistic Abuse
I color your words in shocking reds
with undertones of purple to show
the bruises they create
Each syllable like a stab in my chest
I know you meant for them to hurt me
but the physical wounds are brightly colored
In mocking tones of lively colors
They pain me
even though I catch myself staring
unable to look away from the mutilated beauty
Mark me
Beat me
Paint me green, blue, black
Hurt Me
Scathing words thrown at me like rocks
Bouncing off my flesh
And all I can do is beg you to paint me
No matter how much it wounds me
because I am your canvas
And you are a master artist
:iconlestatmalfoy:LestatMalfoy 74 46
B, B, and a Broken Heart
Blood is red,
bruises are blue.
My bones are broken,
thanks to you.
My heart is bleeding,
my tears are black.
And I can't believe,
I want you back.
:iconpepolesukbawls:pepolesukbawls 646 120
lie to me.
am the way a child knows without being told that her father will never return home. (I am the reason why the fatal moment strikes her—she is too young to understand what the hurt means but old enough to feel it.)
am the way a husband's heart stops when his wife takes her last breath. (I am the reason why their hearts beat in tandem, why his arrests along with hers.)
am the way you felt when your brother died, in a cold hospital bed too many miles away from you. (I am the reason why your heart broke when you realized that your bones and marrow and prayer did not save him.)
am nothing like death. Death wants nothing to do with you, is concerned only with his own work, is only a silent whirlwind, uncaring. Death walks in the dark and leads your loves away, and does not once look back.
but I look back.
I am the one who lingers after death comes to call, who stays to whisper and to mourn. I am the one who understands you. I have tasted your sorrow, I have known your ways; I am
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Found you. :iconjaelysa:Jaelysa 618 39 The Aftertaste Of Death :iconnataliadrepina:NataliaDrepina 1,009 47 A Bloody Tutorial :iconsythgara:Sythgara 2,192 68 Hands :iconnataliadrepina:NataliaDrepina 399 7 like lullabies :iconbloodstainedmilk:bloodstainedmilk 274 22 Halloween Make Up part 2 :iconleafofsteel:LeafOfSteel 609 64 Makeup Bruise Tutorial :iconpokemon-chick-1:Pokemon-Chick-1 196 29 Wilt :iconnataliadrepina:NataliaDrepina 409 13 Ink/GrossTober 28: Advanced Decay :iconrejuch:Rejuch 762 28
bruises that won't heal
the days i will not think of you most
are the days i am in therapy.
i hate walking through the doors in
sadness so full that my heart
is begging to burst.
i won't say i've missed you,
but i have. your number is dead
in my phone, & i long for the
music of change echoing from
your heart to your
jean pockets. i don't mean to
apologise, it's only a habit,
just like your nightly smoke fix.
do you remember singing 'no surprises'
to me over the phone,
laughing as your thumbs stumble
over errant strings?
every strum feels like my heart,
i hope you know
the rumble in your throat
becomes its beat.
you are so hard to look at
and everybody looks like you.
the stultified stammer in my belly
flutters like a hummingbird
catching fire on every feather.
any photo of you i can get my hands on,
i do. i let my eyes take in breathless
mouthfuls, my fingers, clawing
daggers digging into the photo and
crumpling it with want.
the hurt is what makes it
worth it.
you were never supposed
to mean this much to me.
:iconohsostarryeyed:ohsostarryeyed 72 43
Wilted :iconnataliadrepina:NataliaDrepina 439 12 Ink/GrossTober 15: Melting :iconrejuch:Rejuch 1,006 44
A little bitter, aren't we?
A: Over here.
B: Ah, there you are. Stunning as ever, I see. {He sits down.} You -
A: Shut up.
A WAITER appears, seemingly out of thin air.
A: Black coffee, milk and two sugars.
B: Coke, thanks.
He nods, and vanishes.
A: So what took you so long to show?
B: School. Well, you know how it is; not all of us are completely adept at playing truant whenever we feel like it, you know.
A: It's a waste of fucking time. No-one bothers.
B: No-one you know. And so says the boy sitting sulky in a dark corner with a - frankly dazzling - shiner.
A does not respond, and avoids eye contact, scowling down at the gleaming tabletop. B gives up on waiting for an answer, and continues. Faux-coaxing and unashamedly curious.
B: Who was it this time? I didn't give you that one, I'm sure of it.
A: Oh, it wasn't you. May come as a little shock to you, but I do see other people, you know.
B: Can't think why. Luckily, I've never been the jealous type.
A: Yeah, you're far too ugly
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A Guide to Gore: Road Rash :iconhannapaulson:HannaPaulson 435 23 Ink/GrossTober 29: Botched Surgery :iconrejuch:Rejuch 662 15