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Lets Play A Game || Dark!Bertholdt x Reader
A/N: There are mild themes towards the end hinting towards something, but nothing too bad as to be labeled mature content.
Anyways, enjoy!
He couldn't stand it. He couldn't stand watching him put his disgusting hands all over you.
From afar, Bertholdt silently watched as you and Reiner were out on the training grounds sparring. To anyone else, it would've looked like another pair training in the hot sun like the rest of the people around them, but not to Bertholdt. No, it was quite the opposite really. He could see all the subtle hints Reiner was giving you, ranging from the 'accidental' brush of the hand, to full on invading your personal space.
Sure, Reiner was classified as one of his only friends, but as of late, he started to question whether it was really true or not. His blood started to boil when he saw the blond tackle you to the ground, straddle your hips and hold your arms above your head. He saw how close he was to you, and he hated it. Every inc
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