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Sweet and Sour [Trafalgar Law x Reader]
Trafalgar Law x Sanji's sister!Reader
It had already been a while since the Strawhats' started to head over to Dressrosa from Punk Hazard, and everyone could see the captain was getting restless. The young man with a scar under his left eye knew there was a fight waiting for him, which made him pumped with energy. This of course meant torture for the rest of the crew, as their captain wouldn't stop bugging them about getting there faster. Not to even mention how the guest on the ship felt.
Poor Trafalgar Law had no idea what he signed up for when he proposed an alliance with Monkey D Luffy. The dark doctor had expected something much more serious and helpful, the exact opposite of what he currently had; a childish boy with little to no space for strategies in his head.
Of course, the crew also had some people that were close to sane. After all Law doubted they would have made it so far if they were all complete idiots.
For example, Nico Robin seemed to be normal. She was calm an
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Mommy's Little Girl (Part 1)
    My parents had left for their business trip to Egypt, and being an only child, my parents had no choice but to have me live with an old neighbor of ours, who now lived on the other side of town. Here I was, standing on the porch of the house of the former neighbor, ready to live an entire year there, and I was nervous as crap.
    The door opened, and in the doorway stood a lady, who looked to be in her thirties. I didn't recognize her at all, probably meaning I was too young when she lived by us. My parents waved to me from their car, and sped off, leaving me with the lady.
    "Come in! It's too hot outside." I didn't think so, but whatever. "So how old are you?" She asked me as soon as I stepped into the house, "Twelve." I said, not looking at her. She kind of stared at me for a few seconds, making me uncomfortable. "Well, okay then! Make yourself at home." I began to wander the house, but very soon after the lady told me it was time for bed, and she showed me a bedroom to sleep
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My Brother and I
"One more question?"
"About what?" he chuckled.
"It is kind of personal," I warned him.
He laughed, kissing my forehead. He was very open to me tonight, for I realized he was kissing my forehead much more than usual.
I took a deep breath. "What of your own affairs? Is there a young woman who has caught your eye?"
I was very curious, especially after the closeness he was displaying to me tonight.
He smiled.
Francis's arm tightened around me, pulling me closer.
"There is, and she is a very beautiful young woman," he told me.
"Is that all?"
He sighed.
"We are too close to ever have a relationship that is intimate," he admitted.
I gasped with interest.
"You want to be her lover?" I gasped, turning to face him.
He chuckled and nodded.
"I do. Very much. I throb with lust whenever I see her! It is t
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Sibbling Love -Vore-
"I'm Just too tired!" I yelled to my dumb ass brother Brent.
"Come on sis! Just one more time!" He yelled, begging like a 6 year old, not a 16 year old.
"Fine! But I'm going to bed after this and you're just going to have to deal with it!"
"Sure! I can sleep in there easy!" He said, walking over to me, laying in bed, as I sat up.
He put his arms out in front of me and I put them in my mouth. I gulped down his arms slowly as I really wanted to make this easy and lubricated as possible. I gulped down his head, and torso. Then His pants and worked my legs down his long skinny legs. Then I closed my mouth and gave a final gulp to get his shoeless feet down.
"I'm going to bed" I said, laying back down and unhooking my bra.
"Me too" He said, sounding much too hyped to sleep.
I closed my eyes and went to sleep.
I saw down in my sister's stomach as I slowly heard her drift off into a deep sleep, I could hear her breathing and her heart beat, going slowly. Her arm moving on its own as it
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Unwitting Accommodations
(Warning: Contains Vore)
     "Goodnight, Sophie," I said, tucking in the last kid. This was my first overnight babysitting job, and I was proud of how smoothly it had gone. If only every kid was as well-behaved as these four! I made my way to the guest room and got ready for bed. Good or not, they'd still tired me out, and I was ready to hit the sack. I changed into my nighty and went to sleep.
     "Do you think she'll wake up?" "Shh!"
     It was dark. I was half-aware of whispered voices around me. what kind of dream was this? I was about to turn and look at the clock when something touched my lips. "Mmh? Wha'zit," I muttered, blinking in the dark. The voice whispered "She's waking up! Hurry!" and then something was shoved into my mouth. That woke me up! I tried to sit up, but something heavy was on my head, and then the thing in my mouth pushed itself down my throat! I gagged on the obstruction and tried to reach up and pull
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Helping out sis -Vore-
Helping out sis!
(Most resent sequal to A child's innocent curiosity and what are friends for? Saga)
Oww! My stomach hurts so bad! What happened? I haven't eaten anything weird in forever! Ahhh! It hurts so bad!
I staggered down the hall from my bedroom into my brother Jeff's room. He was sitting in his favorite chair playing his Xbox.
"Jeff" I moaned
"Yeah?" He said, watching his screen
"I'm in soo much pain! Can you help me?"
"Yeah sure, whacha need me to do?"
"Go in my stomach and find out why its hurting so bad!"
"Yeah okay, gimme a sec, go lay on my bed"
I walked over to his bed and laid down. I liked his bed alot, it was really soft and warm. It reminds me of when I was a kid, and my mom would swallow me and Jeff, and alot of other places in her body we've been in too for that matter. I miss the good old days.
I beat the level in Too Human I was on and I saved and quit my game. I stood up and stretched out. I saw my sister laying on my bed, I walked up to her and put my arm
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Sister and Brother moment
warning: vore, transfomation, brother and sister vore
Mike was out cool sleeping on the couch he was very tired from a hard day at school.
His older sister Emma was coming into the room she was bord and had nothing to do and saw Mike sleeping "Mike," she said trying to wake Mike up Emma pushed on him and moved him around on the couch, "ummmmm," Mike mound not even waking up, Emma was so bord she hated being bord not even going on the computer or watching TV sounded fun,
"ahhhh, I'm so bord," Emma said
she sate down on the edge of the couch thinking of something to do she look at Mike and had some idea hatching in her head she got up then walked into her room, her room had a lot of posters and a book shelf with a TV she reached down under her bed and pulled out a suit case, she unlocked the suit case inside of it was bottles of potions she had created she got a bottle of her favorite one it was one that could turn her into a dragon but she wasn't going to use it at least not yet.
She ca
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