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Snow White by Charlie-Bowater Snow White :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 10,161 384 The Frog Prince by JenZee The Frog Prince :iconjenzee:JenZee 3,265 103 Cinderella by AbigailLarson Cinderella :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 3,339 74 Sleeping Beauty by AbigailLarson Sleeping Beauty :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 1,893 33 Scraps 03 - LRRD233572adsf by sachsen Scraps 03 - LRRD233572adsf :iconsachsen:sachsen 1,826 191 Snow White by AbigailLarson Snow White :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 3,579 115 goose fun in the sun by ToolKitten goose fun in the sun :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 4,807 215 Castle by AM-Markussen Castle :iconam-markussen:AM-Markussen 561 39 Rapunzel by FrozenStarRo Rapunzel :iconfrozenstarro:FrozenStarRo 808 171 Rapunzel by chostopher Rapunzel :iconchostopher:chostopher 1,299 125 Forest by AM-Markussen Forest :iconam-markussen:AM-Markussen 433 28 Cinderella by LiigaKlavina Cinderella :iconliigaklavina:LiigaKlavina 4,887 232 little red riding hood. by coniro little red riding hood. :iconconiro:coniro 3,811 467 Hangmen by alexiuss Hangmen :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 1,650 351 Cook hut by AM-Markussen Cook hut :iconam-markussen:AM-Markussen 180 14 Rapunzel tragedy by kakao-bean Rapunzel tragedy :iconkakao-bean:kakao-bean 1,743 158 Little Red by Yuuza Little Red :iconyuuza:Yuuza 1,940 165 golden ball by LiigaKlavina golden ball :iconliigaklavina:LiigaKlavina 1,375 50 Rapunzel by sousakuteki Rapunzel :iconsousakuteki:sousakuteki 1,578 79 The Goose Girl by NicoPony The Goose Girl :iconnicopony:NicoPony 595 126 Cosfest 2011 - 18 by shiroang Cosfest 2011 - 18 :iconshiroang:shiroang 360 6 Little Red by stoudaa Little Red :iconstoudaa:stoudaa 814 86 Snow-White by meluseena Snow-White :iconmeluseena:meluseena 266 31 Sleeping Beauty by kimsol Sleeping Beauty :iconkimsol:kimsol 228 141 Little Red Riding Hood by EllaWilliams Little Red Riding Hood :iconellawilliams:EllaWilliams 3,373 202 Frau Holle by MissHeroin Frau Holle :iconmissheroin:MissHeroin 621 107 hansel and gretel. by sugarmints hansel and gretel. :iconsugarmints:sugarmints 979 169 Grimm Fairytale by JuleeMClark Grimm Fairytale :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 228 29 Snow White by Lime-Street Snow White :iconlime-street:Lime-Street 331 140 Maleficent by AEmiliusLives Maleficent :iconaemiliuslives:AEmiliusLives 342 109 EverAfter: Goldilocks by ippus EverAfter: Goldilocks :iconippus:ippus 1,679 210 Mother Hulda illustration by FunderVogel Mother Hulda illustration :iconfundervogel:FunderVogel 1,116 34 Singing Soaring Lark by AndrewRyanArt Singing Soaring Lark :iconandrewryanart:AndrewRyanArt 630 102
Feminism in Fairy Tales
      Feminism in Fairy Tales   "Once upon a time..." fairy tales were not what they have become today. Today, when the term "fairy tale" is mentioned, it conjures up images of children's stories filled with magic and fantasy, always leading toward a happily-ever-after ending. But this is not what fairy tales were originally. Stories that are now commonly referred to as fairy tales were once not even written stories. In their early incarnations, they were spoken tales that were passed down from generation to generation, usually among the women of a family.
   The term "fairy tale" is derived from the French term conte de fées, which was coined to describe a collection of 17th-century tales written for adults. But even before the stories were collected and published in the 16th and 17th centuries, many of them had already become well known throughout the world as spoken stories, what are now considered folk t
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Mirror Queen by amadiz Mirror Queen :iconamadiz:amadiz 354 36 Six Shirts of Nettles by DarkCherry Six Shirts of Nettles :icondarkcherry:DarkCherry 856 214 Forest of Thorns by kimsol Forest of Thorns :iconkimsol:kimsol 237 137 Travels by AM-Markussen Travels :iconam-markussen:AM-Markussen 229 28 Snow White by Ink-Yami Snow White :iconink-yami:Ink-Yami 480 50 The Suitor by wolfmorphine The Suitor :iconwolfmorphine:wolfmorphine 213 53 Snow White by nati Snow White :iconnati:nati 844 0 poison for Snow White by kakao-bean poison for Snow White :iconkakao-bean:kakao-bean 639 52 Kirill by Oneforni Kirill :icononeforni:Oneforni 1,617 204 -Little Red- by BlackRibbonRose -Little Red- :iconblackribbonrose:BlackRibbonRose 338 125 Snow White by jackieocean Snow White :iconjackieocean:jackieocean 555 187 Queen Ravenna's Crown by TheIronRing Queen Ravenna's Crown :icontheironring:TheIronRing 208 17 juniper tree_2 by AnnaWieszczyk juniper tree_2 :iconannawieszczyk:AnnaWieszczyk 413 40 The Mirror Queen by MrsGnob The Mirror Queen :iconmrsgnob:MrsGnob 213 33 Rapunzel by janey-jane Rapunzel :iconjaney-jane:janey-jane 367 108