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Her hands rubbed up and down her drum tight belly.  Her flesh quivered the growing, squirming life within.  It had only been 6 weeks since her conception, yet she was past due!  
Lana was a reluctant volunteer for the procedure.  Either aid her eccentric professor in this experiment or fail and drop out of college.  She had little choice in the matter.  Her seemingly mad professor injected her with a special serum designed to alter the human anatomy to mimic that of a fox.  Why a fox?  It is a creature of high intelligence, grace, beauty and an amazing ability to survive.  However, the serum produced unfortunate side effects.  For one, hyper fertility!  Not only was Lana now smarter, more agile and able to sense the presence and movements of anyone in the same building as her, she was now capable of breeding in litters...  Too bad she forgot to refill her prescritptio
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The Pod
Sandra's head was pounding, she lifted her head very slowly and heavily.  Looking aorund, she saw that she was sitting up-right, her hands behind her back chained to the wall, she was sitting on her knees wearing only her blouse.
"What?!  Where...?"  She darted her eyes across the room.
"Ah, at last, she's awake."  A man stepped into her view from the shadows.
"Who...  Wait...  How..."  Sandra was too confused, she didn't even know what question to ask first.
"Let me fill you in my dear:  You were chosen to take part in a marvelous moment in the history of mankind.  You alone, shall bring forth a new age.  An age of peace and knowledge, in other words, the end of the human race!"
"The end...?"  Sandra stared at her companion wide-eyed.  "What do you mean?"
"Well..."  He stepped toward her.  "My race has been living on Earth since the Roswell incide
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Just Another Victim
Lily awoke in a room with a dozen other unknown women.  Each girl was in their early to mid-twentys and each girl was naked.  Very little was in common among the girls, some were blonde, others were brunettes, one was a red-head and the others had raven colored hair.  And each girl had a different ethnicity, some didn't even speak English.  But none of the girls knew where they were or how they got where the were now.
The room was white and metallic, and cold, so very cold.  No one spoke, no one even dared to move.  The silence was deafening, each time a sound echoed in the room, all the girls would quickly turn to the noice in a panicked motion.  There was a large door at the end of the room that was sealed from the outside, if one of the girls dared to go near it, they would nto be able to escape.
Several tense minutes went by, though they seemed like days, when the door finally opened.  What the girls sa
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Being taken from her dark cell into a brightly lit laboratory was nothing new to Lori.  She, like so many others, had volunteered to join a small fleet of cadets, trained to explore the planets beyond our own solar system.  What these brave explorers didn't volunteer for:  lab rats.  
While on another day of endless bordeom, waiting for a planet to come into view, an alien ship intercepted their small vessel and took each crew member away, the seven males went to smaller planets to work as slaves, the four females were taken to the home world for experiments.  
Each test was more bizarre than the last.  Lori was the only test subject who survived the tests.  The others died from the strain put on their bodies, one girl was younger than Lori and the other two were much older than Lori.  It appeared that Lori was at the appropriate age, both physically and mentally, to handle the testing.
Despite how uncomfor
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Modern Science
Only 300 humans survived the war.  It was the year 2014 and the world was not at peace.  The economy had become so weak and the people had become so desperate that violence had become a daily struggle to stop and began to escalate further and further each passing hour.  The stress had finally made its way into the military and through the ranks, the government officials in charge of our safety, the wepaons and security programs had snapped.  They had unleased as many nuclear warheads as they could, before being reluctantly gunned down by their fellow soldiers.  The warheads devestated many countres, all innocent of any crimes against us.  They retaliated.
Only small pockets in North America escaped radiation, or at least, lethal levels of radiation.  Many had become ill and died horribly, my parents and brothers were among the dead.  I traveled alone, using cars where I could find them, until they ran out o
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Starcraft to Scale: Capital Ships (old) :iconxiaorobear:xiaorobear 282 87
Rose was excited to be attending college this summer, she never thought she'd get the chance for higher education, she was poor and her parents were unable to pay their bills.  Two days earlier Rose received a letter stating that she had been accepted into a prestigious college known as Rosewell University of County 51, this was her one and only chance to get ahead in life and she had to take it, even if it meant leaving her parents behind.  Luckily, her dorm would come fully furnished and her tuition was paid in full.  Now she was on a bus riding toward the university.
She arrived on campus and noticed that the students were predominantly female.  Odd, but nothing she couldn't handle.  Rose was shown toher room and met her roommate, who by a strange coincidence also received a letter about a full scholarship.  Her name was Linda.
The first 2 weeks of classes seemed normal, but then the professors started to act strangely.
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The New Nurse
I was nurse at the only hospital still standing in what was once the United States of America.  In 2017, a threat of nuclear war was heard around the globe, but no one took heed to its credibility.  It was a costly mistake for everyone, both guilty and innocent.
The North Korean's had finally perfected their nuclear weapon capabilities and sent off their missles to every country around the world who lived in a democracy or who seemed to threated North Korea's power.  The bombs came swiftly and mercilessly, each aimed at a major city in each country.  First New York was leveled, then soon went Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Miami.  The radiation spread quickly, those who survived the blast suffered a longer an dmore painful death as they slowly gave way to the poison ravaging their bodies.
As the United States began to crumble, the other countries also fell.  What seemed like an act of either karmic retribut
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